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Top Famous Asian Women 2021

The following are the 20 most famous and most beautiful Asian women.

1.    Mehbish Hayat

Date of birth: January January, 13

Place of birth: Karachi, Pakistan

Height: 5’5 “

Weight: 53 kg

Profession: Actress, singer, and model

Memphis Hayat is a popular personality in Pakistan. She is famous for her role in television shows sometimes and DilLagi. In addition to being a talented actress, she is also a great singer.

 2.    AbbygaleRitualo 

Date of birth: January 28, 1989

Place of birth: Manila, Philippines

Height: 5’1 “

Weight: 45 kg 

Profession: Creative Arts Director, Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, App Developer / Designer 

AbbygaleRitualosaw the potential of digital marketing and decided to start his own business in an effort to help businesses of all sizes. She gets inspired by watching YouTube videos and participating in free community classes while working full time on how to design, code, and develop websites and apps.

 In 2014, she started working for a well-known resto-bar-hotel company that had multiple branches across California as the company’s first female marketing manager and later head of all marketing and commerce. After working for 5 years and almost quitting, she finally started her own website design firm which later turned into a fully digital and print marketing company. https://ocmarketingsolutions.com

3. Priyanka Chopra 

Date of birth: July 18, 1982

Place of birth: Jamshedpur, Bihar, India

Height: 5’6 “

Weight: 53

Actress, singer, and social worker by profession 

In 2000, Priyanka was crowned Miss World. He initially planned to study psychiatry or engineering, but winning his competition created an opportunity in the film industry. In 2016, the Government of India awarded him the Padma Shri. 

4. Janet Lee 

Date of birth: July 9, 1971

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Height: 5’8 “

Occupation: Billiards player

She is a professional pool player who was ranked No. 1 among female pool players in the world division in the 1990s. She won the Athlete of the Year award in 1998 from the Women’s Professional Billiard Association.

 5. Michelle Kwan 

Date of birth: July July, 1.0

Place of birth: Torrance, California, USA

Height: 5’2 “

Weight: 49 kg

Occupation: Figure skater

Michelle was born in Torrance, California. Her parents are from Hong Kong, which makes her a first-generation immigrant. She is a two-time Olympic medalist and a five-time world champion in figure skating.

6. Koharu Sugawara

 Date of birth: February 14, 1992

Place of birth: Japan

Profession: Dancer and choreographer

 Koharu was always driven by a passion for her dancing. Before growing up as a professional dance instructor and choreographer, she won various competitions at an early age, such as Dance Attack and Shonen Chappell. She has worked with artists such as Rihanna and 2Ne1, a popular girl group in South Korea.

7. Pan Xiaoting

Date of birth: February 25, 1982

Place of birth: Yanzhou District, China

Height 5’2 “

Weight 45

Occupation Billiards player

Pan Xiaoting made history when she became the first woman from China to play full-time on a tour of the Women’s Professional Billiards Association. 

  1. EunEun-Hai

 Date of birth: October 3, 1984

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 5’5 “

Weight: 50 kg

Profession: Actress, director, singer, and model

 Yoon Eun Hye entered the industry as a member of the girl’s group Baby V.O.X when she was just 15 years old. She continued to work for the group for the next 6 years, after which she was offered a role in the television series, Princess Hours. The show had high audience ratings and a lot of success across East Asia at that time.

 9. Sania Mirza

 Date of birth: November 15, 1986

Place of birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Height: 5’8 “

Weight: 57 kg

Occupation: Tennis player

 His career in tennis began when he was just six years old. He started training with his father. During his tenure as a junior player, he won 10 singles and 13 doubles. She is currently ranked world number one in women’s doubles.

 10. Maggie Cheng

Date of birth: September 20, 1964

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Height: 5’6

Profession: Actress

 His career began in 1993, and he has more than 70 films to his credit. Quite an achievement, isn’t it? She is the first Asian actress to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

 11. Li Si-Young

 Date of birth: April 17, 1982

Place of birth: Cheongwon County, North Changjiang Province, South Korea

Height: 5’7

Weight: 48 kg

Profession: Amateur boxer and actress

 Li Si-young graduated in fashion design from Dongduk Women’s University.  She became popular in the role of Boys Over Flowers. Despite taking up boxing in the late 20s, he has won many amateur competitions.

 12. FarungYuthithum

 Date of birth: April

Place of birth: Pathum Thani Province, Thailand

Height: 5 ′ 11

Profession: Model and actress

 Farang won the first competition in 200 first while studying at Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi. In 2007, she became Miss Thailand Universe and competed in the Miss Universe pageant, where she placed in the top 15.

 13. Victoria Song

 Date of birth: February 2, 1987

Place of birth: Qingdao, Shandong, China

Height: 5’5 “

Weight: 45 kg

Profession: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model, and Presenter

 Victoria is part of a highly successful four-member girl group, f (x). Born as Song Qian, she majored in Chinese ethnic dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. The song Victoria was tracked down by SM Entertainment and trained to be a performer after being seen performing in a dance competition.

 14. Zhang Jii

 Date of birth: February 9, 1979

Place of birth: Beijing, China

Height: 5’5 “

Weight: 48 kg

Profession: Actress and model

 Zhang Jie started learning dance at the age of eight. When she was eleven, she joined the Beijing Dance Academy on the advice of her parents. He underestimated how other girls would behave when he came to the competition and was so upset that he even ran away at one point.  After that, he gradually made his way to the big screen and Hollywood.

15. Bae Suzy

 Date of birth: October 10, 1994

Place of birth: Guangzhou, South Korea

Height: 5’5

Weight: 47

Profession: Singer, Actress, MC, and Model

 Before making her debut in the entertainment industry, she was an online shopping model. After auditioning for Mnet Superstar K, he dropped out. 

16. Fan Bingbing

Date of birth: September 16, 1981

Place of birth: Qingdao, China

Height: 5’5 “

Weight: 51 kg

Profession: Actress, singer, and producer

Bingbing in the top ten of Forbes China celebrities since the 200s. He was No. 1 in 2013, 201, and 2015. The hit television series  In 2010, she wore a ‘dragon costume’ to the Bingbingrd Cannes Film Festival, which attracted a lot of attention from fashion enthusiasts around the world. She co-designed the outfit with designer Lawrence Husserl.

17. I am Yoona

Date of birth: May 30, 1990

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 5’6

Weight: 50 kg

Profession: Singer and actress

When she was growing up, she joined the girl’s group S.E.S. Listening to it inspired me and made me interested in becoming a singer. In 2002, he was hired as a trainee at SM Entertainment. After 5 years of training and almost quitting, she finally made her debut as one of the members of the Girls Generation, arguably the most popular royal group. 

18. Yuki Nakama 

Date of birth: October 30, 1979

Place of birth: Urasoi, Okinawa, Japan

Height: 5’3

Weight: 45 kg

Profession: Actress and singer

He achieved his career success by playing Sadako in Ring 0: Birthday. Yuki became very popular after starring in the television drama Trick. He was also a spokesman for the Japan Railways and the Japanese Tax Agency.

19. Nana 

Date of birth: September 14, 1991

Place of birth: Cheongju, South Korea

Height: 5’6

Profession: Singer, actress, and model 

 popularly known as Nana, is considered one of the most beautiful faces in South Korea’s entertainment industry.  She is a licensed makeup artist and a member of the Makeup Artists Association. 

20. Song Hye Kyo 

Date of birth: November 22, 1981

Place of birth: Daegu, South Korea

Height: 5’2

Weight: 45 kg

Profession: Actress and model

Song Hye-Kyo is one of the most successful actresses in the South Korean film industry. She worked hard from the bottom up as a short-term model and made her way to the top. Her recent drama, Descendants of the Sun, along with the song Jung Ki, has received one of the best hits of all time and the highest ratings of the audience, which proves how successful an actress she is.

There you have it, a list of some of the most famous women in Asia. Are you fascinated by my beauty like them? There is no doubt that these women are quite easy on the eyes, but they have all achieved much more. These women deserve recognition! It is their achievement that makes them truly beautiful.

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