Top hairstyles ideas for styling curls and frizzy hair

Curly hair appears stunning and is comparatively easier to manage. However, improper hair care or having particular hair types leaves people to deal with extra frizziness and volume. For the best look, it is important to maintain it properly and choose the best hairstyles that would enhance the curls properly. 

Many customers search for Best Salon Near Me online and go for certified stylists for different hairstyles. You can opt for a similar tactic and flaunt your natural curls appropriately, and take at-home maintenance measures as well. 

Types of hairstyles best for curly frizzy hair 

For curly and frizzy hair, particular types of hairstyles work wonderfully to highlight their best appearance. When you search for the Hair Salon Near Me for Men or Women, the experts would suggest the following styles.  

  • Messy low bun in braids 

You can opt for the braided look, which pairs perfectly with frizzy hair. For special occasions that require a classy appearance or even casual hangouts, a low bun with braids in front is suitable.

Here, the best kind of braids you can choose are French braids or Fishtail braids. First, create one braid or two at the sides. Take the rest of the hair and tie them up in a messy low bun.

  • Beachy wavy bob-cut 

If you have frizzy curly hair or wavy textured hair, flaunt the beachy look. A shorter bob cut goes especially well with this sort of hairstyle. At this point, you can use a flat iron to create messy waves. 

Or, you can simply leave your natural hair the way it is. This style is very low maintenance. 

  • Double Dutch braids 

Another hairstyle the experts recommend for frizzy long hair is Dutch braiding, on both sides of the head. Typically, this works for both long and short hair cuts. 

For the application, divide your hair from the middle into two parts and start braiding the hair in Dutch style from the very front. End the braiding when you reach the neck. Tie the rest of your hair with hair ties.

  • Half-up knotted updo

A classic hairstyle option for every day for the half-up-half-down look. Here, only use the top-most portion of your tresses and twist it into a ball. Take two strands of hair and wrap them around from both sides. After, create many knots. 

  • Frizzy natural hair with a hairband 

If you are in a hurry, hairstylists suggest using a hairband to push the curly frizzy tresses back from your forehead. You can also alternate with a hair scarf for an additional style quotient. 

For this look, it is best to tie your hair up into a bun or an updo before putting the hairband on. 

  • Messy chignon bun 

For a glamourous event, you can style your hair into a classy chignon bun. Use multiple bobby pins to hold the chignon in place. The frizzy texture of your hair would add a messy look to the hair twists, alongside two strands of curly hair in the front. 

Overall, this style looks appealing for fancy occasions. 

  • Voluminous pony style

Tightly comb through the front part of your hair or gently push most of your curly hair downward. Then, tie the rest of your hair up in a messy high ponytail. Professionals would apply setting spray to set the look. 

  • Long and loose Curls

You can keep your hair in long and loose curls as well. Hairdressers spritz sea salt-centric spray onto the wet curly hair and then use a hairdryer to dry the hair. Keep the front smooth. 

Then, put at least half of the hair upward and separate the rest into small parts. Then, use a curling wand to curl each of the sections one by one. Also, make sure not to curl from near the roots. 

For best results, go to professionals to create this look if you do not have a lot of practice. 

  • Perfect ringlets 

For perfect ringlet curls, it is important to avoid towel-drying your wet curls after washing. Also, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the curls during the shower itself. Professionals suggest using 2-4 pumps of a good quality styling foam; spread it over the hair with your palms. 

Then, use a cotton shirt to tie the whole hair and secure it into a knot to keep the hair in place. Wait 20-30 minutes for the curls to set. 

Tips to take care of curly and frizzy hair 

You can go to the Best Salon in Noida for Haircut, and specialists would offer haircare suggestions as well. These are some of the most important ones you should focus on to improve your frizzy and curly hair look. 

  • Focus on the right cleansing technique for your hair type 

Focus on a proper cleansing ritual for the hair, starting with a rich shampoo for softening the hair fibre. If you have an oily scalp, you can skip one or more days between shampooing. Also, include a gentle cleansing conditioner in your regular hair cleansing regime. 

  • Do not scrub your wet hair with a towel 

It is important not to dry your hair with a towel by scrubbing the curls roughly. This can harm the cuticle surface, cause frizz, and swell up the strands. Instead, use a soft t-shirt or a microfiber towel for blotting the hair gently. Then, gather it in and let the fabric absorb the moisture.

  • Use conditioner and leave-in spray after hair wash 

Conditioners are very important to improve hair moisture and help control frizz. So, it is best to apply conditioners to the hair and leave it on for 3-4 minutes. In case you have an oily scalp, only apply the conditioner starting from the mid-length to the hair end. 

Also, add leave-in conditioner spray soon afterwards for optimal hair protection. Add this before hair styling.

  • Apply the high-powered serum before air-drying your curls 

For your curly and frizzy tresses, you should utilize the professional-recommended hair serums. These products perfectly fight against frizz and add shine to the hair fibres. Additionally, they add a definition to the curls as well. 

Here, take a dime-sized drop of hair serum only; rub it between your palms and uniformly apply it all over your damp hair. Then, air dry your tresses for best results. 

  • Do not use a hairbrush too much on your curls

Avoid brushing your frizzy hair highly. Instead, grab a wide-tooth comb to detangle your tresses properly, mainly during hair washing. To note, it is best to tangle your hair just after applying conditioner. 

  • Detangle your curls from the down to the top 

Instead of detangling the hair from the upward side, experts suggest removing the tangles from below. Also, slowly detangle one knot at a time. This way, you can avoid the risk of pushing your knots downwards, which ultimately enhances frizz and causes hair breakage. 

How to book a spot for hairstyling through Zoylee?

When you search for Best Hair Salon Near Me online, you should use the best service provider. In this context, Zoylee is a notable website/app which allows users to book for different services and salons online. The process, too, is very simple to complete. 

  • Online 

The online process of booking hairstylist sessions with Zoylee is quicker and easier for many clients. You can visit the app or website version and browse through the given category. Register yourself for an account and add all the necessary criteria available. 

Then, search the list of salons and services present and read the attached reviews. After you finalize the service or hairstylist you prefer, select it and set the date and time of the appointment. Also, complete the payment; this would secure your session slot finally. 

  • Offline

 A lot of the salons allow walk-in booking options as well. Additionally, you can call the hairstylist personally and book your appointment for a later date quickly. 


Overall, there are multiple hairstyles you can create by yourself or with professional help to flaunt your frizzy hair. In the case of the latter, properly check the services they provide and their skills. Then, choose the best-quality professional option.

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