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Top Logo Design Mistakes You Need to Steer Clear of the Rest of the Year

As a brand owner, you must be aware of how important a logo design is for the business. It acts as the visual identity for your business on platforms where the websites or your representatives cannot reach it. It ends up being the one thing that your target demographic remembers and recognizes you with once they come in contact with your business. A business logo design says a lot about the business and what it has to offer to the clientele. It identifies your brand on a global platform and forms a direct connection with the customers. However, the one thing that no one likes is an unimpressionable design. So, today, let’s take a look at the top mistakes you should avoid when it comes to logo design.

Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

With time and what 2020 went through, the number of companies forming their identities on an online platform has increased in leaps and bounds. This means that the amount of experimentation you could otherwise do with the design has already been done, and finding something new to make your brand logo design stand out is extremely challenging. To take this off your shoulders, you can get in touch with professional and experienced logo designers to come up with a design that not only represents your brand but also steers clear of all the common mistakes other brands make. Some of those mistakes we are talking about includes:

Bright Colors: 

Yes, we understand that bright or bold colours are an instant attraction for several brands. They not only stand out but also demand attention to them. This has made several companies extremely successful when it came to their logo designs. However, the biggest drawback of such bright colours is that they are not always comfortable to the eye. They are overwhelming and doesn’t suit all backgrounds that might flaunt your logo. The limited choices you have in the design factor also comes into consideration when you think of incorporating bold colours in the design. For a successful logo design thus, you should focus on the readability factor of the same and use as natural colours as possible.

Thin Lines: 

The twenty-first century is all about minimalism in all aspects of life, and why should logo designs be far behind? This has shown a direct execution in the form of thin lines present in the logo design. However, what most brands fail to realize is that the thinner your line is, the more brittle it becomes. Yes, even lines can be brittle and fragile because they are to be, in the future, scaled to fit different places. Thin lines, in general, are extremely challenging to scale down and even when you forcefully do that, you might end up compromising on the legibility factor of the design. To come up with a successful logo, as you hire a professional logo design company in India, ask them to incorporate thicker lines in the final draft.


Logo design gives you the freedom to experiment with the typography of the text present there. The most crucial purpose of typography is to make it easier for the customers or clients to read the text information presented by you. While it might be tempting to add a mix and match of several font types to make the design look attractive, this might end up confusing your target demographic. It thus becomes crucial to find out the best font that would suit your business objective. For example, you can opt for a Comic Sans font if you are in the media line, but a Helvetica would suit the corporate brand more. Now, when you choose the font, look at it from the client’s perspective. Some typographies might be extremely difficult to understand because of the confusing hoops and twists, making the logo overwhelming to the eyes. What you can rather do is find a font that represents your business the most and then change the typeface (the size, width, slope) to personalize it.


Once upon a time, yes, it was that long back that logo designs with an asymmetrical layout were quite popular. It enables the business to portray how exciting they are and attract the target demographic to the brand. However, with time, asymmetry has taken on a new meaning and often misused. In the name of asymmetry several brands have come up with misaligned, ill-balanced, crooked, and overlapping logos that make no sense. Now the point here is, while still being attractive, asymmetry takes away the essence of the message that the brand wants to show through their logos. The clients or customers would be busy trying to figure out the meaning behind the logo, thereby distracting them from the brand itself. So, at the end of the day, it not only is something that takes a long time to create but might not even serve the purpose. As you hire professionals for logo design in Indiaask them to come up with a timeless design that meets your requirements and still manages to stand out from the crowd.

White Space Around the Text: 

To understand this section, let us take the example of the AMAZON logo. The arc under the logo is a representation of the fact that the website sells everything under their banner – from A to Z. However, this concept has inspired several other logo designs which has made it all the more cliché and unoriginal. To make your logo be the best amongst your competitors, you need to ensure that you break from the crowd and yet keep the target demographic hooked. If you have white space over or under the text part of your logo, utilize it in the right way by incorporating designs that make it whole and compact. Always keep in mind that the impact your logo design leaves on the target demographic is the one that will stay till the time they interact with you for your services or products.

Blind Trend Following:

Logo design trends have become so as a result of a lot of advertising and marketing in the global market. So much so that people across the world can identify even the brand mascots without having the business name anywhere near it. The logos of Starbucks, Pepsi, McDonald’s, KFC, Apple, or Nike are a few most popular ones that instantly come to mind when we think of iconic designs. Now, due to their popularity, several brands have tried to, over the years, incorporate the same thought process in their designs. Needless to say, the result looks like a cheap copy of the original logo, thereby making customers and clients lose interest in your brand completely.

The Cliché: 

Let’s say that we are done with seeing cliché logo designs every day. Whenever there’s something related to medicine, we are used to seeing a plus (aid) icon; a dentist will always a tooth icon in their logos. However, these only make the logos seem run-off-the-mill and copies from one another, thereby adding no uniqueness to the mix. To come up with a logo design that attracts a big clientele, you need to ensure you have the best design that stands out from the lot. It should be well thought of and include characteristics other than the quintessential ones to make it look attention-grabbing. Professional logo designers constantly perform research and development in the field to ensure the brand deserves the best results as per the requirements.

Apart from these, other mistakes that you should avoid while coming up with a successful logo design include font-only logos, usage of graphs, trying to fit in a lot of text, complex designs, special effects, raster images instead of vectors, monograms, not having the freedom to experiment, and moving outside the realms of the message the brand wants to portray, among other things.

Final Words: 

As you work around finding the best logo design for your brand identity, you need to sit and brainstorm with the designers and come up with an attractive result bereft of any cliché or common mistakes. This will end up drawing a lot of attention to your logo and your brand as well. logo Design India is one such company based in Kolkata that offers iconic, emblem, 3D, textual, and illustrative logos for brands across the world. The fact that professionals have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the field ensures that every logo design created by them are different and unique in their rights. For more information on the subject, you can request a free quote by writing to enquiry@logo-design-india.com today.

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