Top Points to Consider by Tutoring Agency for Online Learning

Online learning has risen in prominence for the past few years as there is convenience associated with this and hence many opt for this. In fact, online tutoring business is a lucrative one because the demand for it is constantly on the rise, as well as due to the factor that not much cost goes into setting up the business (compared to other start-ups). As long as there is technical help and a good plan as to how students will be matched with the right tutors. Everything is sorted out. tutors, everything is sort out. 

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Online tuition is a great way of learning because together with these options comes many perks such as convenience, a flexible schedule, and there is no undue commuting time to get from one place to another (be it students’ home for private tutors or tuition centres for students).

Tuition agencies are particular about the kind of tutors they choose to associate with. They are keen on providing the best education possible for students and all these require strategic plans and some procedures that ensure everything is in place. 

So, here are some points that tuition agencies consider when it comes to online learning…


No matter what the learning platform is, be it online or in person, the kind of expertise that the tutor has is extremely important. It varies according to what the tutor has done as an undergraduate degree (this is his or her qualifications), the tutor’s work experience, the tutor’s main expertise (the subject that he or she is most confident in teaching) and this pretty much influences whether the tutor will be a part-time tutor or a full-time tutor as well. 

Tuition agencies should make sure that they have a wide variety of tutors of different age groups and of different levels of expertise.

What is the main idea behind this classification and variety?

  • Students can choose which online chemistry tutor would be the best for them in terms of age group (Some prefer young and relatable tutors while others would like a formal tuition session with an older tutor)
  • Some students might need a greater push (For example, students who seem to struggle a little more would prefer ex-MOE tutors who are more experienced)
  • Some students would like a tutor to teach them one subject and others might prefer to teach multiple subjects


Online learning can be rather monotonous if the lesson is not kept interesting. Tuition agencies should ensure that their tutors have the clarity as to how lessons can be conducted in an interesting manner. Online learning has a plethora of benefits that include a flexible class timing, there are many online quizzes that tutors can arrange for their students and other strategies can be incorporated as well. 

This enables lessons to be interactive and they will be efficient as well. Classes need to be productive and efficient and that is crucial. Students are often stressed about their own school curriculum and they would generally have a small attention span. Keeping student’s attention in place is essential during a tuition session. 


Tutors have their own schedule and they have their own limits as to how many students they can take up. As compared to private tuition teachers online tutors could take up more students. This is because they do not have to spend their time commuting.

Tuition agencies need to be up to date as to how many students their online tutors are taking up. This will ensure that each student get to have efficient lessons. 


Online learning also consists of homework and assignments and these are important checkpoints for student’s learning. The benefits include,

  • Checking if the students understands the topic
  • Application of knowledge
  • Retention of information
  • Recalling information
  • Learning, unlearning and relearning

Online tuition teachers should take the necessary steps to check the progress of their students. According to that tutors may need to come up with new teaching strategies or methods to enable students to excel. 


For any student, the tutor-student relationship is essential to be strong. Students need to be able to clear their doubts and this enables them to learn and expand their knowledge. Student-teacher compatibility is of utmost importance to pave the way for academic success. Tuition agencies would display the reviews and ratings. This enables students to look out for the best tuition teacher to tutor them accordingly. 


Parents are always worried for their children when they under perform in academics. They hope for the best tutor to teach their children and that is precisely the reason why there is a huge dependence on tuition agencies because they have some of the best tuition teachers associated with them. 

Parents and students need to be well-informed about their options. This will help them make the right decision to pave their way for success! 


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