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Top Realtors in Pennsylvania

A seller often hires a real estate agent to list a property in Pennsylvania. A homeowner in Pennsylvania should budget for a 6% commission split between the listing agency and the buyer’s agent.

What is a flat-fee MLS company?

A flat fee MLS listing service is an alternative to using traditional real estate brokers to sell your house. If you decide to sell your house yourself, sometimes known as FSBO, a flat-fee MLS listing service will help you promote your home by adding it to your local Multiple Listing Service (for sale by owner).

How much do Pennsylvania flat-fee MLS services cost?

Pennsylvania flat-fee Costs for MLS services can range from $100 for a basic bundle to $2,000 for more in-depth ones. Instead, sellers who want more assistance but still want to save money may consider hiring a full-service discount agent.

List of 7 Top Realtors in Pennsylvania

Here is a detailed list of 7 realtors in Pennsylvania as follows:


Homeowners can list their property on the MLS with Houzeo.com’s Flat Fee MLS listing service for a small fee. It is not a brokerage or an agent matching service.

For its listings, Houzeo uses a flat rate MLS listing approach. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home sellers who desire to market their properties independently can do so by utilizing this For sale by owner website. You can list your home for a low flat fee, sometimes known as FFM, which stands for Flat Fee MLS.


  • All the features a modern house seller may require are available on Houzeo. They can effectively compete with other businesses in the market thanks to their Flat Fee MLS listing packages. The choice of whether to consider it is totally up to the seller. However, based on Houzeo evaluations, it is easy to declare that the company has unquestionably sped up and simplified real estate transactions.
  • A platform developed by the digital company allows house buyers and sellers more flexibility and control throughout the purchasing or selling process. Houzeo offers a settlement agent feature and a completely online approach.

Keller Williams Realty

In terms of size, Keller Williams is among the biggest firms in the industry. An international company with over 180,000 agents worldwide, it has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, where it was formed. It is one of the best real estate firms in Pennsylvania and globally.

Despite its global reach, Keller Williams is entrenched in its local communities. Their agents are area specialists committed to assisting buyers in choosing the ideal community. Additionally, sellers and Keller Williams Realtors collaborate closely to price and market their property for a quick sale.


  • Superior corporate culture
  • Training for all levels of agents
  • Revenue from commissions and profit-sharing for all

Simple Choice Realty

The non-traditional real estate services offered by Simple Choice Realty are available to both buyers and sellers. By using their Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, sellers can save money. 

When using Simple Choice Realty as their buyer agent for their subsequent property purchase, buyers might receive cash rebates. Simple Choice Realty can provide sellers excellent customer service, unlimited listing modifications, and prompt listing.


  • There are 25 images in the entry-level listing package. Several rivals include fewer than 10 in their lowest listing tier.
  • The listing broker will analyze your contract and walk you through every clause for an additional charge.


You’ll enjoy that XFlatFeeMLS offers several options depending on how long your home will be listed if you anticipate a quick sale. Additionally, prices are very reasonable, and XFlatFeeMLS guarantees to beat rival prices by 10%.

The possibility of getting a portion of your fees at closing is particularly advantageous for cash-strapped sellers; however, using this option will cost you more money.


  • Deferring payment until after closing is an option.
  • The business promises to undercut rivals’ prices by 10%.
  • If you list with one of its suggested full-service agents rather than selling FSBO, XFlatFeeMLS will give you a complete refund.

RE/MAX 2000

In 1973, David Lingier established RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, with a straightforward guiding principle. He thought that by enabling agents to keep more of their commissions, he would be able to recruit full-time, professional agents with more experience. 

Although at the time, it looked innovative, it was effective. Over 120,000 agents work for RE/MAX today across more than 100 nations and territories.


  • In addition to a monthly desk fee, RE/MAX offers agents the option of an 80/20, 70/30, or 60/40 split with no monthly desk fee. However, there can be variations between various RE/MAX offices. Make sure you comprehend the costs and splits you will bear before signing on as a RE/MAX agent.

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty MLS Listings provide homeowners or For Sale By Owners with a quick and efficient way to list their properties on the MLS without paying an exorbitant Realtor commission. 

For possible marketing exposure, your property will be listed on your local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and many other well-known real estate websites! It is BEST FOR Sellers on a tight budget that require a detailed, reasonable listing.


  • You will find all the necessary state seller disclosures in your ad.
  • Instead of the customary six photos, you can pay a little more to upload up to 25 photos on the MLS.

Flat Fee Group

FSBO sellers all across the country can use the MLS listing services provided by Flat Fee Group. They can connect you with a neighborhood independent real estate company that will list your home on the MLS for a small fixed fee.

Doing this allows you to sell your house independently while saving money on commission and retaining access to the MLS. It is best for sellers who require a longer listing duration.


  • The listing term for the base package is one year. Many businesses limit their basic listing options to six months.
  • Each listing package includes a for sale sign; you must pay $10 for shipping.

A few smaller flat-fee MLS firms in Pennsylvania also focus on specific cities. These ultra-local businesses are more likely to provide customizable service packages and more in-depth local knowledge than the major players. Every flat fee MLS service in Pennsylvania is unique. Always read the small print when considering offers to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

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