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Top Result-Oriented Mobile App Marketing Strategies in 2020


Nowadays mobile app marketing has become the next big thing in the field of digital marketing. It is aimed at spreading awareness of the latest applications shared by an organization and improving the mobile platform time and again in order to improve the user journey. Every company’s main aim is to identify ideal mobile users who may relate to the application and use the application often for their personal use for the long term.

If you are looking for effective mobile app marketing strategies, which may help you score well in 2020, follow the pointers mentioned below.

Focus on One Strategy at a Time

If you have just launched your mobile application online, it is important to implement limited marketing techniques for your applications. The best way to market your application to a wider audience effectively is to implement either one or two strategies and work towards it to gain success. Once you have implemented the strategies, you need to track the progress as well as the performance of the same. Check what is working and what needs to be changed immediately in order to improve the user experience.

Once the implementation works as per company standards, you can add more features to the application and make it more effective for the users who are actively utilizing the mobile application.


In order to gain a top spot in the relevant search results, the app developers have to implement the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to gain a better spot eventually. If your application tends to be video-based, then it is important to implement video SEO tactics to improve the number of searches as well as app downloads. There are four pillars of SEO, which if mastered properly, can fetch you innumerable downloads at the right point in time. They are Authority of the Application, Enhanced User Experience, Content Relevance, and Site Health. If these parameters are met, then you can easily see an improvement in the app performance.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Just like SEO tactics, ASO works in a similar way as its main aim is to enhance the visibility of the mobile application in the app store. All the application stores aim to rank apps that are relevant to users as per the search queries and ultimately reach to one of the top search queries. While implementing the latest ASO techniques, you must consider things like proper keyword infusion, optimization of the application page and quality of the application.

Using Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, Influencer-based marketing is gaining popularity due to its working strategies. This tactic also works wonders for mobile app marketing. If you reach out to a trusted figure who has multiple following across social media and they happen to promote your application, then you can witness the influx of users downloading the application and using it.

Hire a Mobile App Marketing Specialist

Marketing mobile applications may be a tedious task if you do not have a competent team that can promote it across multiple mediums. Hence, it is advisable to hire a competent expert who is specialized in mobile app marketing, to help you increase your app downloads from the app store and other mediums by marketing the application to the right audience.

Although mobile-based app marketing is functionally different from traditional digital marketing, most of the digital marketing strategies like SEO can be easily implemented for applications in order to gain more user attention from the inception. If you are looking forward to implementing these tactics, do let us know your experience after implementing it.

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