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Top step review: Features of top step traders

Topstep is an industry-leading proprietary futures trading firm committed to helping clients develop the necessary self-control and good habits to achieve their investment goals over the long term. Clients with funded trading accounts are eligible for a sizable cut of the profits. TopStep Trader is a highly flexible funded trader program that may be an excellent option for long-term investors.

Day and futures traders trying to predict the price of equity or another asset can benefit significantly from trading platforms like TopStep Trader. The program facilitates entry into such trading by providing necessary aid.

TopStep’s intended use is to serve as a practice account for novice day traders. Successful day traders who adhere to the Trading Combine’s guidelines get rewarded with fully funded accounts. Many companies offer forex no deposit bonus to their new clients. Traders Union offers forex no deposit bonuses to their new clients under different conditions and names. Topstep has no policy of this type even though they charge in dollars for entry by a new client and per month charges.

TopStep allows its funded traders to trade futures using the company’s money while retaining most profits. Trading participants hail from 143 different countries, making this platform accessible to people worldwide, not just in the United States. Over $3 million can get cashed out by traders who obtained access to a funding source in 2021. Here is the top-step review:

Blog and Video Library

The platform offers more than a hundred videos to assist users who already have some trading experience but would like to learn more. The videos cover a wide range of topics, from starting with TopStep Trader and placing market orders to making trading a full-time career. And it has a blog that is constantly updated with new information, making it a great resource overall. Like the video collection, the blog features articles on various trading-related topics.

 Coaching Focused on Enhanced Performance

If you’re starting, trading can be a challenging profession. That’s why TopStepTrader includes built-in coaching features for novice and experienced traders to acquire the knowledge they need to succeed. The monthly one-on-one sessions with a coach shorten the learning curve and quicken the pace at which you can secure funding.

You’ll have access to coaches like Mick Leronimo, John Hoagland, and Danny Hodgman, all of whom have extensive trading experience and knowledge of the market. With John’s 34 years of experience trading futures, Mick and Danny’s five years at the Chicago Board of Trade seem like a breeze.

Trade Forum

This trading platform’s traders’ forum is an additional feature that sets it apart and makes it so powerful. A forum is a great place to network with other traders and learn from them. At the forum, you can engage in a wide range of trading-related activities, such as asking and answering questions, discussing helpful hints, providing product feedback, and starting conversations with other traders. TopstepTrader constantly monitors the forum for user feedback and requests to improve customer service.

Low commissions

No fees are associated with using Topstep Trader’s platform to trade from a Funded Account. There is a minimal commission of $0.53 per contract for trading on other platforms. This platform is among the best since traders can keep 100% of their gains up to $5,000 and 80% over that.

Online Chat

Traders can connect in real-time and talk about market trends and strategies in the live chat. It’s a great way to keep up with trading developments because it’s helpful to like-minded traders worldwide. Novice traders can gain much wisdom from their more seasoned counterparts.

Along with the regular chat sessions, the live chat also features a daily Squawk Radio broadcast show hosted by a trader with over 25 years of experience. Guests and hosts alike are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on the markets, and the show is lively and constantly updated.

 Limit up Podcast

Limit Up is a trading podcast hosted by Eddie Horn, a trading floor veteran with over 25 years of experience. Its goal is to help you take your trading to the next level and become financially independent through trading. It’s a great way to learn about trading, practice your skills, and study the strategies of other successful traders.

Withdrawal Whenever You Like

At any time, Topstep Trader users can request a withdrawal. If a trader requests a withdrawal, they will typically send that money to them within seven business days. TopStepTrader will receive 20% of the total profit once the request is approved, while you will receive the remaining 80%.

While payments through PayPal, checks and domestic US banks are free, traders must cover the cost of wire transfers for withdrawals totaling less than $500. The platform will pay the withdrawal fee for you if you withdraw $500 or more.


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