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Top Techniques To Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Android App

Computer technology has been developing with exponential growth since the last few decades. With the changing times, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML in Android App) are becoming more and more empowering. According to a survey, the AI market has grown up to $5.05 billion in the year 2020. While if we talk about ML’s growth, all we have to do is look at Amazon Echo or iPhone’s Siri. 

Top Techniques To Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Android App

AI and ML are the technologies that focus on building smart applications that can think like human beings. It has been striking transformations in the world of Android app development. Any organization that aims to make a meaningful impact on the business world by using technology must go for AI & ML. Here in this blog, let’s look at the top techniques to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an Android App to grow the business. 


Techniques to Use AI & ML in Android App

1. Analyze Ideas for Mobile Apps

When it comes to implementing AI ML to any mobile app, there are several ways to do it. But the most important thing to do is see what is trending? What type of app requires AI ML? What app can be beneficial to both the business and the users after implementing AI ML? These are the things that must be analyzed.

Depending on the type of the app or the task on the ground, the Android app developer can learn to incorporate AI ML to the app development project.  

2. Optimize the Search Process

The integration of AI into a search engine can make it more intuitive and less troublesome for mobile users who like to engage in a searching process, add a new voice search, spelling corrections, and perform suggestions. 

Applying AI to an Android app can help optimize the searching process for all Android phone users.

3. Study Consumer’s Behavior Pattern

When AI is combined with ML, predicting the mobile app user’s behavior and its information like search history & location becomes easier. For instance, Netflix is an app that studies the user’s searching patterns and recommends similar shows, TV series, and movies.

4. Video and Audio Recognition

Mobile apps with chatbot features are in high demand. The best example of these types of apps is Apple Siri. The use of AI technology in mobile devices is to simplify authentication by using face recognition or fingerprint features. Besides this, AI can also be used for entertainment purposes like Snapchat. 

5. Create Intelligent Digital Assistant

Calling customer service care is a tedious process. Therefore, the majority of customers do not prefer to write long query letters. To solve this problem, Android app development companies have started to adopt AI integration to help customers get all the necessary information with just one click. 

6. Secure the App

AI is used for app security purposes of controlling the increasing number of cybercrime attacks. AI can be used with a range of recognition types to pass user authentication and identification. This is possible because AI offers a fast and secure authentication process. 

7. Display Relevant Advertisements

Businesses who want to outdo their competitors in the consumer market prefer to personalize the customer experience. To do so, companies take advantage of AI & ML for managing the data for advertising through their mobile apps.

8. Take Advantage of the Available Data

AI is a technology that requires a large amount of data to function effectively. Its efficiency depends on its ability to effectively analyze a massive amount of data such as market changes, user’s behavioral patterns, app efficiency, upcoming trends, and more. 

9. Big Data Mining

Every app development company looks forward to adopting AI ML for their app development process to understand the concept of big data mining. This can help the organization improve the process of acquiring complete information by analyzing various types of data.


In today’s time, the immense growth in the technology world is known as the right period for integrating AI ML with mobile devices and applications. These two technologies make computer networks smarter by coordinating all tools, networks, and devices. This makes computers and mobile devices work as humans. The points mentioned above are tips to use AI ML in Android apps. If you want your business app to be integrated with such amazing technologies, you can contact Android app developers of OpenXcell, the Android app development company.


Vishal Unjiya

With over 9+ years of experience as a leader in digital marketing, Vishal Unjiya works as a Digital Marketing Expert at OpenXcell, a leading mobile app development company in USA & India, that provides businesses with web solutions and futuristic mobile applications that enables you to align your business for success. OpenXcell has been associated with the apps industry for more than 11 years now. He loves writing about digital marketing, technology, mobile apps, and tech trends. He is a regular contributor to leading tech publishers and magazines. He is enthusiastically writes about varied topics from the latest technologies to Startups Guide.

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