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Top Ten Property Portals in Pakistan: Find your Best Real State for Buying & Selling

Every Real Estate in Pakistan builds a very strong contact among the parties who are eager to buy and sell their properties all over Pakistan through moving towards technology. Every Real estate agency contains the websites for their customers only, so the time or era has gone when an individual goes to the real estate agency to buy or sell the property. It becomes simpler than before that every buyer or seller can find their perfect match to negotiate just clicking on the most excellent property portal in Pakistan.

The concept of launching the property portal in Pakistan is to only create the ease of use for the people who want to buy or sell their properties. Moreover, buying and selling are not enough to generate usefulness that’s why every real estate gives the opportunity to those who need a property for rent also. All happens just to facilitate the people who are hunting for a plot, house, apartment, or others for themselves. 

Increase in the Demand of Property Portals

In this century, you don’t need to worry about the distances because there is no gap in communication due to the blessing of technology. If you want to buy or sell the property and you don’t want to visit it because of the distance, so say no to worries because real estate can be accessed easily through websites by only relaxing on your comfortable couch. It is too simple for buyers and sellers that they can even sell or buy the property across the country through the utilization of the property portal in Pakistan. It is also right that everything contains the pros and cons. But somewhere cons are at the lowest rates. Here in property portals, the query may arise that these websites should have some sort of commission or share in performing the whole business activity? I agree as there are many portals presented on the search engine optimization by real estate in various numbers. Nevertheless, you don’t stress up as I know the one web portal that doesn’t fetch or seize commissions but performing their best in the functions of the business. The real estate I know is named Abaadi.com and it is not just, there are many of the real estate companies who perform the same activity. They fall under the top ten in the real estate industry all over Pakistan and are helping people who are for the sake of buying, selling, or want a house for rent.

Top Ten Property Portals

You need to build your own luxury home or want to buy or sell some of your property or want to rent a house; the overwhelming, heavenly arrangements are a couple of snaps away as the top property portal in Pakistan are getting by in giving real estate services to the national people’s either white collars or blue collar’s.

There are various property portals who are offering their best but I picked up the most trending and famous portals for you in which Zameen.com, Ilaan.com, Abaadee.com, Lamudi.pk, Graana.com, Ghar47, wall.pk, Aarz.pk, Universal Property Network, and JagahOnline fall under the esteemed property portals. Let’s go deep to learn the speed up.

1. Zameen.com

The giant and the most successful real estate in Pakistan is Zameen.com. This real estate gives the opportunity to their clients to purchase, make deals, and the chance to investors a solitary stage to interface advantageously through the website. The property website or portal is well designed in such an organized way as it provides the crystal clear information to the viewer. It offers buying, selling, and properties on rent to the clients. It contains the blog section also to engage the peoples with trends as much as they can do it. The website portal has updated with the new option of plot-finder and can enroll yourself on the website which allows you to associate with the website and can promote your business. The website earned the CMBC 2008 Award across the world.

2. Ilaan.com

This website portal has done many efforts and outstanding performance as it gains success in such a short time. llaan real estate developed the property portal in 2017 and enjoys popularity so fast. The secret of the popularity in such a meantime is that this website portal builds user-friendly interface which gives the witness clears information with no confusion. And just because of the user-friendly interface many people come to their portal through which ilaan.com generates around 0.5 million traffic a month. They are working like crazy horses to reach the goal as soon as possible.

3. Abaadee.com

Abaadee is the growing platform in the real estate in Pakistan and helps the people in finding their perfect place to make a home, sell, or rent their property. The property portal of Abaadee.com enables the various filter through the people can filter them according to their requirements and then they link with the potential buyer, seller, or any tenants. This real estate is joined with thousands of agents only to meet the need of our customers through our property portal.  The web portal also contains the blog section that helps people get in touch with the latest trends.

4. Lamudi.pk

Lamudi is the effective one in the real estate in Pakistan as it serves in 33 countries across borders like Saudi Arab, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and many other countries. The property portal in Pakistan is convenient that makes the search easy for the people and Lamudi has earned its name through effective work in giant cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and others. The web portal contains the in-depth detail of the properties, so the buyer or seller can satisfy themselves as much they can do.

5. Graana.com

Graana.com is also the giant real estate as it is well-liked among the people who are surfing property online to buy, sell, or rent a property. The property assembles information of lands, houses, apartments, or others to facilitate the visitors with their best place to select for them easily. Their marketing strategies are strong enough to make your deal confirm soon. Graana.com is becoming a strong player to compete in the market of real estate in  Pakistan.

6. Ghar47

Ghar47 is an attractive portal for the people who are seeking a property to invest or sell them as it comes with the eye-catching features and mainly easy-to-use. They have various property options for buyers and sellers as per their demand because Ghar47 is not small in the real estate in Pakistan as it operates locally as well as internationally to grab the giant marketplace.

7. Wall.pl

It is the online property portal that keenly focuses on every type of property all around the country. The web portal is practical that it enables the visitor to acknowledge about the properties easily. The property website accommodates government-based and private real estate consignments. They facilitate the visitors with the new under-construction property as well with the help of features to be filtered. The property carries details of brand new developed properties across the country and facilitates the visitor with perceived usefulness. The most effective feature of the property portal is that they hold the discussion section whereas every visitor can ask queries related to property for buying and selling with no trouble.

8. Aarz.pk

This property portal provides a fine encounter to publicize your properties and sell or buy reasonable ones through a free advertising procedure. Their sites upheld by Intellisoft solutions. You can essentially discover your wished property and make an immediate call to the vendor. They simply make you mindful of the assorted choices in the market coordinating your ideal speculations.

9. Universal Property Network

What decent land sites offer? They provide snappy ventures and most recent property postings only for the visitors who are interested in buying or selling land or property. It has an amicable look at designs and pictures with smooth substances. The thought is to generate ease of use in purchasing and selling property. You can enlist on the site and skim liberated from cost through the postings united byte site, only for you and convenience.

10. JagahOnline

Through the name of the property portal, we can understand their purpose clearly. JagahOnline is intended to advertise your property needs on the web, effectively with no trouble. In the metropolitan urban communities of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and littler urban areas like Gujranwala, Sialkot, D.G Khan and past, the property site cover a huge range to present to you the best and most sweltering postings, while helping you with an easy to understand interface to easily stamp the best arrangements.


These days every business is moving towards the online platforms, so the real estate industry also did and heavy change is that the industry is grabbing larger marketplace through the use of property portals or say real estate in Pakistan online. Here we came with the most famous property portals through which everyone can take the joy of it. 


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