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Top Uses of Best Food Processor in India 2020


Asking about the uses of a food processor is like diving into the ocean of unlimited possibilities.

The device is so versatile and multi-tasking, that it can replace almost every appliance in your kitchen!

You read it right, the best food processor in India is that much capable!

And although a lot of us know about its basic functions already, we tend to skip some of the amazing things the device can do.

So, if you wanna discover the full potential of your appliance, read on.

Who knows, what cool tricks you might uncover!

Top Benefits of Using a food Processor in India

Although the kitchen tasks you can achieve perfectly with the help of this machine are innumerable, we are going to list out some of the most loved ones.

The food processor price ranges from 5k to 10k.

Kneading Dough

One of the most frowned upon tasks in the kitchen, homemakers hate to get their hands sticky and dirty everytime they need some dough.

This is a more common problem in Indian households where ‘Roti’ AKA ‘Chapati’ is a staple need.

What if you could get it all done within 2 minutes and without your hands getting dirty at all?

Yes! That’s the beauty of it.

All you need to do is put the raw materials in the jar, like water and flour, and press a button!

So whether it is an unexpected guest’s arrival, or a normal day where you the dough needs are more than expected, 2 minutes of time is all you need to catch on!

Grinding Meat

A great news for non-veg lovers!

Remember those times where the meat was so tough to cut in through that you ended up cutting yourself?

Especially when it had to be broken into chunks to be used as a pizza dressing, roll, or maybe for salad?

Well, worry no more.

Since grinding meat is such a messy task, we got a food processor online to handle it.

Just cut the meat into pieces and put them into the grinder.

You can also freeze it before putting it in the grinder for finer chunks.

Thank us later.

Perfect Greens for Salads

Are you a gym freak? 

Believe it or not, each one of us has a fitness enthusiast within us.

We always want to look better, as it makes us feel better.

But when it comes to eating salads and greens, we tend to ignore it completely.

And it is not majorly because we don’t want to, it’s because who will cut so many veggies!

And that too, in a perfect shape for a salad (looks help things taste better).

The time is now, to feed your inner health enthusiast the exact food it desires.

The discs that come as attachments with the best food processor in India, effortlessly cut the fruits and veggies in those perfect little slices within seconds.

No knife, no cutting board, no time to waste!

You can also enjoy wonderful homemade dressings of your choice with the use of an S-blade on the wonder device.

Butter Churning

We Indians love butter.

Be it for our ‘paranthas’, ‘dal-makhani’, or health shakes.

Put an halt to that pungent smell due to long butter-making sessions in the kitchen.

Because this appliance can not only prepare salted cream butter, but nut butters too!

Your health shakes just got more affordable!

As the food processor price is all you got to pay for.

Chopping Veggies

Personally, I hate chopping vegetables.

They seem to be a lot of work and a waste of time.

What is better than a machine that can chop, fine-chop, and grate those veggies in a matter of seconds?

And that too without a single cut on your fingers.

The food processor India is really a boon!


One who bought a food processor, never regretted it. 

We say this in confidence as per a whole lot of real customer reviews and analysis.

Though it is a little pricey, the investment is worth the high range of functionalities it offers.

You basically get a 4-in-1 device, at a very justified price.

You can find a lot of food processors online and the choice can certainly be overwhelming.

To help you zero in the perfect one for your home, we have a top 10 food processor blog posted on our website – K2 Appliances.

Don’t forget to take a look at the top model listings with explicit details and pros/cons listed to make the right decision.

Our only aim is to help you invest in the best.

Happy shopping!


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