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Top UX Design Trends in 2021 That Can Strengthen Your Business Presence Online

UX design is an often-overlooked element of over half of the website active over the internet. However, it holds the power to make or break your brand’s image. Every year new lists of UX design trends appear as any other trend. It is imperative that you keep an eye on those trends and keep updating your website accordingly.

In this post, I will discuss top UX design trends in 2021 that can be helpful for almost every sort of website. Before that let’s have a look at what is UX design and how it can impact your business in both short and long-run?

What is a UX design?

UX is a feeling that users get when they interact with any website, application, software, or product. It covers practical and experimental interaction between humans and computers, that should be meaningful and valuable. On the success or failure of any business, UX design has an important role to play. To brief out in simple words, UX design consists of website architecture, visual design, functionality, branding, and usability.


Check These

A website is more than just showing your products and asking customers to buy them. You need to create a whole path where you need to impress them with the designs first and later on with the functionality and quality. Not only websites but also other things such as smartphones are also judged on their usability and ease of functionality.

“Some interesting things about UX Design”


  • Over 40% of people will stop engaging with your business when they’ve to deal with bad UX designs.
  • Almost 85% of the audience gets clicks through your entire website if they like the landing page design and features.
  • People don’t like to wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load on their browsers.
  • The audience expects your website to work on almost every browser (without any hindrance) be it mobile or desktop.
  • Every $1 invested in a UX design might bring you ROI of $100.
  • UX design can make or break your brand’s image.

Top UX Design Trends 2021

Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism is an ever-green UX design trend that stays top of the list whenever we talk about grabbing the attention of users towards our website. People come across various web portals or advertisements every day. Some of those are overwhelmed with information and some contain a single image with a clear message. For instance, in the advertisements for sales of discounts; most of the time there is a plain image showing discounts and it is noticeable from a distance as well. And, people get attracted to it.

The same approach goes for UX design as well. By making graphic designs of your website simple with minimal elements you can easily cut down the overload of a UX design. Try to limit the number of colors, elements, and text. Only include the information that is important for users.

Don’t Complicate UX Design

In 2021, you need to avoid complicated designs and functionalities on your website. Don’t complicate your design and force the visitors to perform extra actions. Minimize the number of fields, elements, and CTAs, etc. that customers need to interact with. A simple contact form or live chat or other registration can help you attract more customers.

There are multiple applications that allow users to register and get started with simple CTAs like continue with Google or continue with Facebook, or continue with Apple ID. Most of the time, users have this information stored in their devices and they can easily click and get started with you. Instead of long registration forms, displaying such CTAs not only simplifies the process but also makes UX design more attractive and clutter-free.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Since the 90s, AR or augmented reality has existed in various forms. However, the evolution of AR started when smartphone cameras launched into the mainstream. Some common examples of our interaction with AR include Instagram or Snapchat filters. In 2021, AR-powered applications are expanding rapidly due to their more practical use cases.

Nowadays, AR is applied to almost everything starting from rental properties to try on makeup. And, people love to interact with such interfaces as it allows them to feel and get real-time experiences of the products. These user experiences also cut down on abandonment and return purchases of businesses. So, Augmented reality in website UX design can help you greatly.

With more and more companies integrating AR or VR-powered solutions, it is the right time for you to incorporate the same in your UX designs. Seek help from a custom web design company and it can assist you with the best AR-powered solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another promising UX design trend in 2021 is AI or artificial intelligence. Nowadays, it has become hard to separate AI and UX design as they both are significant to enhance the quality of a website. As a designer, you need to know how powerful artificial intelligence is and how it can improve UX.

Using AI-driven design tools, the designers can reduce manual work, cut down on time, create personalized and data-driven UX design. 


Personalization is a key to success in the digital world. In terms of UX design personalization, it is an approach where you create content and recommendations for individuals based on their given information. This information can be in any form like gender, previous purchase history, DOB, and so on. The main aim of UX design personalization is to make a person feel that the content on your website is created especially for them.

UX design personalization helps you increase the user retention rate while increasing your business conversion rate. In 2021, UX personalization is one of the most followed practices amongst marketers. In the future, this user interface personalization trend is expected to grow further.

When we talk about personalization, AI or artificial intelligence plays an important role in achieving it. Let’s take the example of Youtube Music, it recommends the videos based on your past search history. Here, the recommendations are the result of AI that has already been analyzing your behavior on the application and allowing it to represent your favorite tracks or videos or anything.

VUI or Voice User Interface

Last but not least, the voice user interface has stayed amongst the top UX design trends throughout the years. In the wake of the pandemic, people have started avoiding touch with machines irrespective of their use. So, it is the best time to introduce touchless user interactions with your interfaces. And, Voice interaction is the best alternative available.

Siri is the finest illustration of a voice user interaction. Thus, you can also choose a voice integration in your UX design suiting your business model.


Today’s audience doesn’t like to read. In fact, the users simply scan the websites or pages. If they find any content visually appealing, there are fair chances that your website will be of their interest. And, the importance of the text’s fonts on your website is often overlooked.

Nowadays, websites entirely build on typography look fresh, entertaining and more appealing to the end users. To be more specific with the typography rules as per your industry niche, look for UI guidelines on imposing typography in web content.

Final Words!

In 2021, design trends are a mix of all the approaches mentioned above in this post. Hope you find this write-up helpful in your design aspirations. With this, we have come to the end of our list of top 5 UX design trends gaining popularity in 2021. This list is a work of personal research and other expert’s suggestions. Rest assured these trends will take your website UX to the next level while gaining user appreciations and conversion rates.


No matter if you already have a website or starting UI design services from scratch, you can implement these UX trends now and witness a drastic change in your business success.


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