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Android Smartwatch
Android Smartwatch

Top Wearable Apps for Your Android Smartwatch in 2022

Did you get a new Android smartwatch? Are you looking for some applications to use on it? We understand that it can be a bit tricky knowing where to start, especially when you’re new.

We have compiled a list of the best wearable apps for your Android smartwatch that you must try. While the name has changed from Android Wear to Wear OS, getting those apps hasn’t.

To install these applications, you can go to the Google Play store on your smartphone or use the Play Store application on your watch.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Calm for Android Smartwatch

Do you know the secret of a creative mind? Well, it is deep sleep and meditation. The purpose of this amazing Calm app is to make you feel refreshed.

Calm offers meditation lessons for a daily meditation routine. If you have trouble sleeping or staying calm, this is one of the best apps you should install. One notable feature of the Calm app is that it has bedtime stories and a relaxing music gallery. So what’s stopping you from an ad-free meditation session?

2. Recorder

Recordr is among the most popular portable Android apps installed by millions of people around the world. This application allows users to record the sounds of the environment with a single tap on the icon on the right on their smart watches.

Recodr portable app

It has a modern and fluid design that makes it easy for people to use. One amazing feature is that it provides facilities for raw data, noise capture, lectures, and interviews.

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You can easily manage the sounds to get a louder and softer pitch. It also allows you to remove the echo as needed. The supported audio file formats are aac, wav, 3gpp, amr, mp3, and mp4. Extends support for audio at a sample rate of 44kHz, 48kHz, 16kHz, and 8kHz.

3. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps used by millions of people around the world. Did you know that it is now available for Android Wear? Enthusiastic?

Telegram portable apps

Now you can view your chats, create groups, and instantly reply to your friends and family right from the device on your wrist. One notable feature of this app is that there are no ads or subscription charges for use.

The portable version of Telegram allows you to have custom themes that you can change according to your wishes. This application is simple, fast and safe to use on all your devices.

4. Spotify

Spotify is already a very popular application that is used all over the world. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy uninterrupted music?

Portable Spotify App

What if we tell you that you can have a similar experience without having the phone in hand? You can enjoy your favorite songs in this Galaxy app and control all activities right from your wrist.

Exploring libraries and controlling volume just got better and easier with this app.

5. Bring

Did you ever think that your smartwatch could help you prepare the shopping list? The Bring app has made it doable for you. You can install it on your smartphone and smart watch to create a neat shopping list.

Bring portable apps

Now you can prepare an item list directly from your smartwatch on the go. She has a list of items in the library to help you create a list of items you want to buy on your next grocery store visit.

6. Google pay

It is one of the most useful Wear OS apps you can have on your wrist. You can simply put your smartwatch near the terminal to pay for your ticket, drink, or whatever, without reaching for your wallet or phone.

Google Pay portable apps

As long as your watch consists of NFC, you can easily set up Google Pay and use it. The latest versions also allow you to send or request money via the Send tab with a single tap. What else? You only need to tap once on any purchase to split an invoice with up to five people.

7. Corridor

Runkeeper is an extremely popular application in the fitness domain. You can install this application on your smartwatch to keep track of your exercise and running routine. Just use it to set goals for weight loss, running pace, and other fitness stuff.

Runkeeper portable apps

To get the most out of this fitness app, you need to have a subscription, which is a bit pricey.

A while ago, Endomondo was one of the best smartwatch Wear apps. But it hasn’t been updated to support Wear 2.0, which tells us a lot about how many people were using the Wear OS version.

However, RunKeeper survives and allows you to run without taking out your phone, as long as your watch has built-in GPS.

It shows you stats as you run, and there are some battery-saving on-screen settings to help conserve the stamina of your watch. And you can use it for free.

For many, the free version will do the trick. Upgrade for £ 8.99 / $ 9.99 per month, or a much more attractive $ 39.99 / £ 29.99 per year, and you get training plans, streaming your runs on social media (this will need a phone) and a feature that compares your workouts. , so you can better track the progress.

If you don’t update, the only real question is whether RunKeeper is actually much more useful than Google Fit, which is now a great Wear OS performance tracker in its own right.

8. City mapper

Citymapper is one of the most surprising applications that you should install on your android smart watch if you use public transport in the cities it covers. You can also install it if you plan to visit one of your supported cities.

City Mapper Portable Apps

You can get a lot of information about buses, trains, subways, ferries and also taxi data, right on the android smartwatch on your wrist.

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The only feature that limits its potential is that it is useful in a limited number of cities and is not useful if you do not live in any of them.

9. Infinite loop

Playing games on your wristwatch may seem illogical to you, considering the screen real estate. Correct? However, Infinity Loop is here to make you change your mind about it. It is an interesting application in the category of games.

Accuweather Portable Apps

This puzzle game can help you relax while waiting for the next subway to arrive or while traveling. Also, it is a fun way to increase your logic skills. You get an infinite number of levels for the game. You can progress through the game by creating intricate looping patterns.

10. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the widely installed smart watch applications by users. You can install it to view current temperature, weather forecast, radar, and other weather notifications.

AccuWeather Portable Apps

You will also see details related to smaller statistics such as humidity, wind speed, etc. You can easily filter the forecasts based on your needs and preferences. The free versions consist of ads, but you can get rid of them by upgrading to the pro versions.


These are some of the best Android Wear apps that you can try on your android smartwatch. Although this list has the most relevant applications, you can always find many other useful applications on the market.

Find out how mobile applications play an important role in IoT application development. And if you plan to launch a similar application on the market, you can contact an Android application development company.

These 10 smartwatch apps that we mentioned above can be used on a android smartwatch. These apps can be useful to you in your daily life and you can be without worrying about taking your phone out of your pocket all the time.

In case you are a developer and want your application to appear on blogs like these, you can contact MobileAppDaily and request that your application be reviewed. Our experts will help you with the same.

Read on for more articles related to the app!

Hope you found this article useful.

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