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Travel Tips For The Perfect Vacation Every Traveler Should Know

Great Travel Tips For The Perfect Vacation

“Are you addicted to travel or will your honeymoon be your first trip across the pond? Either way, be sure to pick a location that’s right for both you and your partner.

Helpful Tavel Tips For A Memorable Vacation

1. Pick Your Perfect Location. 

If traveling is your hobby, you may already have an exotic destination in mind. But, if staying home is your thing, picking the best honeymoon spot for you and your partner may be a daunting task.

 Have a flair for the exotic? Hop a flight to Bangkok for a few days and then relax on one, or more, of Thailand’s beautiful beaches.- Looking for a European adventure? Grab a gelato while touring the streets of Rome.- Want something more relaxing? Lounge poolside on the island of Barbados and sip a few cocktails in the sun. – Staying local? Cape May, NJ, is a quaint town with a beautiful bed and breakfasts year-round.

As you consider your location, remember to research the weather and any national holidays taking place in that region at each time of year. Whatever your choice is, make sure to pick a place that will please both you and your mate–and don’t forget to allow for plenty of private time.

2. Set A Budget. 

Now that you have a place in mind, decide how much you and your future spouse are willing to spend on this portion of your wedding. Be sure to research hotel rates, excursion prices, and airfare, and don’t forget to sign up for rewards points or airline miles.

set a budget - Travel Tips

 Most airlines won’t book flights more than a year in advance, but you should be able to find an average price for the time of year you plan to travel. Don’t forget to take into account the currency exchange of the country you will be traveling to. Although exchange rates fluctuate, the USD tends to go further in places like Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. If after all of this research you find that your preferred destination is a bit too pricey, it’s OK to go back to the drawing board. The world is your oyster, after all.

3. To Tour Or Not To Tour? 

So you’ve decided to visit Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, but how will you get there? Is renting a car the best option? Are you comfortable with public transportation? There are many travel options available for both the most adventurous and the most reluctant travelers.  A Pro Tip: Travel Magazines can be very helpful to find travel tips and budget travel destinations. 

budget travel tips

Large tour groups often offer the opportunity to see the most a country has to offer with little or no planning on your behalf. On the other hand, going it alone affords you the freedom to change your itinerary at a moment’s notice. Which option is better? There is no right answer, but Wedding Stub editors suggest the following pros and cons for each method of travel.

Tour Group: Pros

Most arrangements are made for you in advances, such as hotel reservations, airport transfers, and access to many historical and cultural sites. – Tour groups are a wonderful way to meet friends from all over the world. Most tour companies cater to specific age groups, interests, and other distinguishing characteristics. Choose the one that’s right for you.- Unless you speak the native language of the country you are headed to, the idea of interacting with your foreign hosts may be a deterrent. With a tour group, your guide will most likely be a native speaker with a great deal of cultural insight.

Group Travel

Tour Group: Cons

Since the schedule is already pre-determined, you won’t have as much freedom to change your mind at the last minute. If you decide to skip Nuremberg and head toward Füssen for a glimpse of the Neuschwanstein Castle, it may have to wait for your next trip to Germany. (And quite honestly, this is one site you DO NOT want to miss.)- If you like to sleep in, this is not the best option for you as tour groups adhere to very strict schedules. 

This is also a good point to remember when booking a flight. If you book your flight with the tour group and are delayed, most tour companies are responsible for finding a way to help you meet up with the group once they’re on the road. If you book independently, you may be on your own–and isn’t that what you were trying to avoid all along?- You may not like your travel companions. Sad, but true.

Independent Travel: Pros

 You have the freedom to do whatever you choose. Want to sleep in on Friday? Not in the mood for a museum after breakfast? Totally your choice.- You will make mistakes. Yes, this is a good thing. Making mistakes often leads to discovering something you never knew about your destination. We know it’s a vacation, but learning isn’t such a bad thing.- Some people like to mingle, others don’t. (Especially on a honeymoon.)

Independent Travel: Cons

You will have to do more independent research.- Tour groups will take you to every location possible in the time allotted, bypassing unreliable train schedules and outdated maps. Although there are plenty of opportunities to have fun on your own, there is the chance that you simply won’t be able to see as much as you would be able to on a tour. If you do decide to travel without a guide, don’t forget to ask your hotel for daily excursions. Most chains offer tours for an additional fee, which may be worth it for that day trip you’re dying to take.- You will miss out on group discounts for select vendors and cultural sites.

4. Learn Culture. 

Kimono Culture
Geisha Girls Kimono Culture

Saying thank you in someone’s native language can go a long way to pick up a phrasebook and start practicing. Most travel guides will list common words and phrases along with cultural norms and practices.

5. Shots, visas, and passports. Don’t forget to get them, if necessary.

If all of this planning has left you a little jet-lagged, have no fear. There will be more than enough time for pleasure when the wheels hit the ground. Just relax and enjoy your time together, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures.

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