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Tremendous Potential and Business Opportunities in On-demand Market: How To Plan An App For On-Demand Business?

Well, hello! Not even a minute passes by without us relying on technology and its solutions. The smartphones we use, the online services we avail of are all backed by technology. To be more precise, technology is feeding us with a higher level of convenience. 

With technology reaching higher boundaries, we can expect many creative solutions on the way. In this 12 minute read, you will hover through an exciting concept of on-demand technology. I can’t wait to reveal the benefits of on-demand apps for your business. We shall start.

On-demand Business Services – The Gamechanger?!

In this technologically-aided era, anyone can set up their business and easily reach out to users. The reason is the increasing usage of smartphones can easily take your business to users. Therefore surfacing your business is quite simple. But the real difficulty lies in the solution or service you offer. 

The solution you are meant to offer should be of great help to your users. Because it is users who will decide your business’s success, therefore, know what your users are longing to avail and devise solutions based on that.

In this sequence, we shall walk through the most-beneficial services of all time – on-demand services. All of us would have across these on-demand services in pandemic times. The pandemic made us lean towards these services extensively. 

On-demand services are not just a fad but have broad scope in the future. Here we present you the data that reveals the extent of on-demand services.

  • More than 42% of the population says that they use on-demand services twice every week. Out of these, half of the percentage says that we will use these services in the future.
  • Around 22 million people worldwide are captivated by these on-demand services.
  • The revenue contribution is quite surreal. Yes, the annual revenue of on-demand services accounts for more than 20% of the global economy.
  • This trend will also continue to grow in the future and will reach 335 million U.S. dollars by 2025.

I hope that these analytics would have made your jaw stuck. These data are enough to prove that venturing into on-demand services will not be a setback for your business.

Top points you have to examine before setting up your on-demand business

Audience – Will your business be worth launching without knowing your audience? Knowing who the end-users are and their expectations will set the base for your business. Conduct surveys and take insights from them. 

Competitors – Another critical consideration is the competitor analysis. By doing the competitor analysis, you cannot move forward in your business. The simplest way of examining your competitors is ranking. Do competitor’s research by entering the name of the domain in various search engines. The engine will rank the competitors. From there, you can take off to do the research. Know what they offer, are customers happy with their solutions or not, their pricing structure, etc.,

Business model – It is necessary to incorporate a feasible business model. Since we are discussing on-demand services, choose the number of services you can afford to offer. Either you can restrict with a single service or provide numerous services. It is entirely up to you and the budget you fix. It would be great if you offer more services so that you will have a chance to invite more customers.

Choosing the app developer – Once you are ready with a perfect business model, the next crucial step is to select the app developer. The developer you choose must be efficient in developing an app according to your requirements. Never get convinced by the idea of developers. It is your app, and you are the sole decision-maker. Put forth your specifications in a manner that complies with the marketing standards.

Till now, we were discussing the preliminary steps to be taken. Now, we shall discuss the right application through which you can offer uninterrupted services. 

There are many multiple on-demand service provider apps currently available in the market. But it is the Gojek clone app that has satisfied both the app owners and other stakeholders. Why does an app like this have this much hype? If this is what bothers you, then here are the app features that will answer your question.

Intuitive features of the on-demand business app

One step login – To give users more convenience, the app has the facility for social media login. Users can directly enter their credentials of social media accounts.

Schedule services – Another convenient feature for users is the schedule services. Users can mention the date on which they want to receive the benefit. The service will arrive at their location on the given date.

Track services – As mentioned before, with technology, everything is possible. Here, users can track their turn using the tracking ID generated by the app.

Take away – The takeaway option is where users can visit the store in person and get their orders.

Contactless delivery – Contactless delivery has become users’ favorite recently. The delivery person will place the order at the doorstep to enable touch-free delivery.

Push notifications – Users will get constant notifications about their orders, statuses, and several other in-app info via push notifications.

There are many other interesting and effective features for delivery persons and service providers. The goal of an app like Gojek is to provide customers with only the best.

How to launch an on-demand multi-services app?

Now you have understood the future of on-demand applications, you can start to look for opportunities in the on-demand business. First, you need to come up with a valid business idea that helps you launch a unique on-demand app. Then go with a perfect business model for the business and try to execute the idea. Here comes the difficult part where you want to research and develop the app from scratch. However, you can go with an alternative way where you can make use of a ready-made app solution. Mostly these kinds of solutions come with an inbuilt business model and a ton of exclusive features for the app

Why choose white-label apps?

The concept of white-label apps is that the app is developed and ready but go through a unique process of customization so that the app becomes unique and brandable. Also developing an app from these white-label solutions is much easier and faster than creating the app from scratch


I take much pleasure to deliver this topic regarding multiple on-demand services. The content is curated with more attention to detail so as to aid you in launching your Gojek clone app. I hope this content will inspire you to kick start your on-demand services. 

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