Turkish Football Team

Turkish Football Team

Just as in many other countries football is one of the favorite and the most interesting sports to be played, same is the case in Turkey which is now getting more reputation all over the world due to its number of best players and some clubs there which are well famous and beautifully designed. In this article, we will discuss the football team, its best players and a short history of the players.

A Short History of Team

It was established in 1923 and is now ranking number 32 in the FFA international teams due to outstanding performances. In 1992 it was placed in 57th number and after some years it enjoyed its highest shiny career in the 2000s when it came to know as the world’s tops football team. The team has qualified for the FIFA international teams 3 times. In the 1950s it was officially qualified and passed as the FIFA international world cup teams. Firstly the teams make competitions at a low level and won well at a low level. After some national matches and progress, the team came into the world at the international level and performs well in its field.

Teams of Turkish Football Team

There are four teams of Turkish football teams included three from the Turkish famous and the capital city which is Istanbul and one from the black city of Turkey also known as Big Forth Soccer Team. It has won major trophies at a national and international level many times. The Turkish football league is also known as the Turkish super league because of the ultimate high-level performance.

Famous Players of Football League

Here are some major and well-reputed players of the super league who is making a lot of success in the football career and are making the team well famous all over the world. Let’s know some of these players one by one:

1.Ugurcan Cakir

He is one of the professional players who played for the super league many times and make remarkable success. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the Turkish football league. He was born in 1996 and hence he is the youngest player in the super league. At the begging of his career, he entered as the common players and after his success and performance, the team holder gives him the best goalkeeper awards. He is now playing and trying it’s best for a good performance.


Marcao is another best and well famous player who was born in 1994 and joined the team at the age of .less than 18 years. Although at that time he was not much interested in the football league due to which he quit the sport for 6 months and again joined the team of Ltuano PC with great courage and again started to play the football as the best player of the football league. In 2016 he makes a remarkable performance 2016 and till now is playing its wonderful level. He is the best center back of the team.

3.Abdulkadir Omur

Omur us another best player and right midfielder of the team who was born in 1999 and is one of youngest players of the team who joined the football team at its very young level, he scored his first goal at a very young age in just 35 minutes of playing and it was the era which makes him famous enough to get the award of the best right midfielder of team.

Final Verdicts

The Turkish football team is one of the well-reputed teams of the world that is making a lot of progress in its field now because of its amazing and highly good performing players. Now the team is playing at the international level to make him reputed and more professional. The team is now one of the leading teams of football leagues all over the world.


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