Types of car and which ones are right for you

For many car enthusiasts, buying a vehicle is a practical choice as they are looking to fulfill their basic needs including comfort, safety and value for money. Judging a car by its features and then making the final decision is not an easy task, especially when there are tons of options available.

There are numerous body styles available including:

  • Coupes
  • Sedans
  • Station Wagons
  • Crossovers
  • SUVs

To choose the best car, you need to start by identifying your requirements and addressing a series of questions.


If you want a machine that makes a statement about you and your style than a coupe is the right pick for you. With an expressive design, these vehicles have restricted access to the back seat.


If you have children or you are planning to have children, then a four-door car would be a great choice for you. Even if kids require little space and can fit into the backseat of a Coupe or convertible, imagine the struggle of climbing into the back seat and getting out of it. Apart from foor-doors, a Sedan also has the traditional trunk.


Similar to SUVs, hatchbacks are smaller in size and offer great fuel mileage. These feature a 2-box model with an engine area and cabin. Hatchbacks are a popular option among people who are price conscious and want to have good fuel economy. Manufacturers usually come up with stunning designs and stylish bodies.

Station Wagon

Station wagons don’t have a good reputation as they are considered an old-fashioned design. These vehicles have the best features without the trade-off of more weight and large size like an SUV.

For instance, the Mazda 6 wagon can accommodate more passengers and things than a crossover like the Mazda CX-7.

It usually gave better fuel mileage and was quicker in speed. Unfortunately, due to the bad reputation of station wagons, it was discontinued after a while.


SUVs or crossovers are like hatchbacks and station wagons, but they have more ground clearance. Now when deciding to buy an SUV or Crossover, you need to make a decision if you really need that ground clearance. If you live in a city where the road is not plowed or cleared, then you should definitely think about getting an SUV or crossover.

Another advantage that SUVs have in contrast to other body types is the driving height. These cars are taller and offer a better view of the road. This helps the person behind the wheel to foresee any bad situation on the road and change their lane.

A thing to consider when buying a crossover or an SUV is the high fuel-consumption as these machines are heavier.


Minivans are again considered to decline the social status. However, minivans are exceptional for people who have large-sized families. If you have to drive with six, seven or more people then these are ideal for you.

What Size of Car Do I Need?

For people who have just started driving, we suggest starting small. There is a myth which says that larger cars are safer.

Contrary to the popular belief, light-weighted cars have better steering power and they are more agile which means you can have better control.

As the vehicles are lighter, the stopping distance is also less which makes the car stop faster. And small vehicles also come at less price.

If you have a large budget, you can consider buying a big vehicle. But keep in mind the cost of insurance and fuel consumption.

Do I Need an All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drives can be an enticing option but don’t go for it until you need it. The only distinctive feature that you would be able to notice is the increased traction on acceleration if you are an average driver.

4×4 vehicles are unprecedented when it comes to driving off-road conditions as the tyres are designed to grip soft terrains such as mud and sand. But if you mostly drive on highways and roads, you can go for smaller options like a sedan. These have tyres which offer smooth rides on roads. A tire like Dunlop SP Sport LM705 can be used on different body types including sedan, minivan and a wagon.

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