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Types Of Social Media Influencers To Rope-in For Your Instagram Clone App

Types Of Social Media Influencers To Rope-in For Your Instagram Clone App

Influencers are important as they are marketers of brands. Using influencers, digital marketing agencies can convince people on social media platforms to use for example apps like Instagram to spread brand awareness and purchase products.

Instagram clone apps can also be used by influencers to speak positively about brands. Despite this, marketing agencies find a lot of hurdles in finding the right influencers to associate with their products. 

Therefore, it is essential to partner with the right kind of mega influencers to promote products wisely. Let us take a look at the various kinds of social media influencers that are available today.

Website Bloggers and YouTube Vloggers

Collaborating with bloggers and vloggers is usually a highly effective way of renewing your content strategy. It is also an effective way to boost brand awareness and generate leads for your business. 

You can find popular bloggers across various domains, including travel, marketing, fashion, lifestyle, etc. The difference between bloggers and vloggers is that bloggers publish various types of content on websites regularly. Vloggers show and talk about stuff in videos that go on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

It is a good idea for digital marketers to collaborate with both bloggers and vloggers to promote the Instagram clone app. Using the Instagram clone is a perfect way for users to connect with their friends and family. 

Instagram is also a great app for sellers to sell unique products which may not be available anywhere else. Promoting the Instagram app with videos and blog posts that can backlink users to the app is a great way to spread awareness about them and build a reputation for an app like Instagram.

Micro-influencers For Social Media Pages

People always relate influencers to having a few million followers, if not more. But, that is not often the case. Just having a large number of followers is not the only factor that can affect the reputation of the Instagram clone app. 

Micro-influencers are usually quite engaged with their communities since they are smaller in number, say around 1,00,000 users. Micro-influencers also charge a lesser amount of money in comparison to mega influencers. 

Digital marketing agencies can use this to their advantage when roping in micro-influencers as they will be able to convince their followers to download and openly discuss the app like Instagram in the form of shoutouts and giveaways.

Reality TV Sensations

Reality TV sensations can be best described as overnight superstars who appear for a reality television show and become famous for their actions. Before you know it, they are famous in every household. This makes it easy for people with social media profiles to find some common ground with them.

These reality TV sensations amass millions of followers during the time they are in the show. But as fast as they become famous, their name dies down as well. Hence, digital marketing agencies need to rope them in at the right moment to promote the Instagram clone while they are at the height of stardom.

Influencers For Small Businesses

Influencers who promote small businesses are called nano-influencers. Since most mega and micro-influencers are occupied with a plethora of digital campaigns, they charge a lump sum. This is the sole reason for nano-influencers coming into existence.

Just like their micro-influencer counterparts, nano-influencers have a comparatively smaller social media following that ranges in thousands. Hence, they charge less. Since their fee is low, it is very useful for small and stand-alone businesses who cannot afford to pay the huge fees of mega and micro-influencer.

But, nano-influencers are different from the rest since they have a devoted fan following who are easily convinced to buy whatever products they promote. Digital marketers can use this to their advantage while promoting the app like Instagram.

Users need a keen eye to spot nano-influencers. They need to monitor the hashtags to find them since they are not easily discoverable. Hence, they become the face of your brand and talk positively about the Instagram clone app. The best part about nano-influencers is that almost anyone can be one, even your employee.


Photographers create high-quality photos which are sold on photo-sharing websites or posted on their social media profiles. Hence, they can be very useful for promoting their content on the Instagram clone app as well, thus bringing in more users. 

They can post photos on almost anything such as fashion or travel. Photographers are also known to partner with major camera brands like Nikon, which is equally beneficial for the Instagram clone app.

Web developers need to take care to create it with a smooth UI and easy navigation to get the best photographers to use the app. What’s more, if famous photographers use the Instagram clone app to share their work with hashtags, it serves as an automatic testimonial that the app is worth downloading and using. 

Not only that, people who create social media profiles on the clone app will get access to a plethora of amazing content generated by other users.


Fans are not actual influencers, but they can certainly perform the role of one if web developers enticingly create the Instagram clone app. Since an app like Instagram is free to download, users will download it happily. Once they see how well the app development is, they would surely encourage their friends in using it. 

This serves as a method of word-to-mouth marketing. Fans can help different types of audiences connect to their favorite brands on the app. Fans can therefore be unofficial marketers who increase the visibility of the app to much wider networks.


Traditional influencers can also include celebrities such as sportspersons, musicians, athletes, movie stars, and models. Many brands appoint them as their ambassadors and they automatically become influencers for that brand too. This is because they naturally have a huge following owing to their stardom. But the only drawback is their price tag, and they have a generic audience.

Hence, if you are looking to hire celebrities to promote their app like Instagram, then you will have to choose which celebrity they require wisely since people from around the world will associate the celebrity with the app forever.

Hiring a celebrity can have a very positive effect as well as amass a huge number of people signing up every single day. Within no time, the app excels and fills up with many social media profiles.


Journalists can be anyone from news reporters to people from media agencies. They help users shape their perspective of a brand. Many popular journalists are also active on major social media platforms.

Hence, by collaborating with the right kind of journalists, our app like Instagram becomes popular by spreading brand awareness. People are sure to sign up for the app on the journalist’s recommendations. Journalists also review certain places and destinations. So, it would highly benefit the web development agency if they were to positively review our app like Instagram too.

Final Words

Various types of social media influencers can promote and talk about your app like Instagram. All of these influencers have their advantages and disadvantages. As an app owner, one must know which type of influencer to hire for their Instagram clone app to become famous. The type of influencer chosen can highly impact the growth of the app so app owners and influencers have to choose wisely.

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