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Types of Straight Hair- Type 1A, 1B, 1C Style And Tips



Let’s talk about hair for a moment. Hair may quickly become a complicated topic, even though it is something that almost everyone has. Who on Earth hasn’t dreamt of ultra-smooth, shiny, sleek, zero- frizz and zero-tangle embedded straight hair. Well, well, I am not exaggerating it. Yes, these are the lineaments or features of straight hair. Seems like all the hair woes we eternally nurtured, has annihilated in just a fraction of a second. So isn’t straight hair adorable? It is! Ladies seem to have a natural inclination towards straight hair as it makes them worth more than ordinary. But with unprecedented and prolonged use of chemical cosmetics, the hair straightening process has some harmful side effects. And it can severe in certain situations as premature greying of hair, hair loss, thinning of hair. So ladies, Why not use its natural and safer counterpart? To get your hair naturally straight with no heat damage. It’s 2021, and for the first time in what feels like an eternity, hair businesses are paying attention to—and catering to—the world’s diverse hair types. Do you have straight hair that poofs rather than waves? There’s an item for that. It’s resilient, robust, serene, frizz-free and above all, it is manageable and lends itself to different hairstyles. As we are ecstatic about the current hair revolution, we are also aware that this new information and hair-typing jargon can be overwhelming. Especially because no two hair types are alike, and there’s no universally correct hair product, routine, or even classification system that applies to every hair type on the planet. But the question arises, without exposing our hair to heavy chemical treatments, or hitting the salon for a blow-dry or straightening it with a heated iron every day, we can’t Garner this impeccable beauty. Over the decades, enthusiasts and hairstylists have managed to compress straight hair types into four very broad, very basic categories— 1 A, 1B, 1C—to assist You figure out how to care for and style your hair with the least amount of effort and amount of stress.

Please continue reading to learn how to make the most of what you’ve got, be it short straight hair or long hair.

                                            Type 1A: Straight

1A hair
1A hair

Type 1 hair is straight and lacks a natural curl. Individual strands can be fine or coarse, thick or thin, yet they all fall straight down from root to tip without waving. This straight becomes coarse, greasy and shiny easily. Straight hair becomes greasy faster than wavy hair because oil from your scalp travels down the hair shaft more quickly.

There are three subcategories for straight hair: because type 1 hair tends to get oily, many hairdressers advise that you read the label to ensure that the product you’re buying won’t make your hair oilier. Experts also advise using thick serums or butter on your hair. Texture sprays are recommended instead for straight or fine hair. Using dry shampoo is also a good idea. Dry shampoo is a godsend for people with straight, greasy hair because washing it too often might cause your scalp to overproduce oils.

The least common type of hair is type 1A; however, any type 1 hair can generate a love-hate connection. It’s silky smooth and frizz-free, but it’s also tenacious and difficult to manage. Type 1 hair has a lot of shine, which is a huge plus. Natural oils from your scalp may easily flow down each straight hair shaft, giving you that lovely glow.

Type 1A hair is pin-straight, silky, and wispy, and it doesn’t hold curls well. Type 1a hair is the flattest, thinnest, and silkiest of the straight hair types.. It takes magical abilities to keep a bobby pin or an elastic from sliding out of your straight hair. Texturizing spray is your best friend.


What Is The Distinction Between Hair Types 1 & 2

Straight hair can be thin and silky or thick and poufy, depending on thickness and puffiness. One thing that all straight hair types have in common is that they are all straight. Your scalp’s oil may just slip and glide down the lengths of your strands, keeping them hydrated and healthy and giving them that megawatt shine. While some critics say that there is just one form of straight hair, others disagree (ahem, straight), we believe there’s a spectrum of textures out there. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Let’s figure them out one by one

Type 1B


Type 1B has more body than type 1A but is essentially straight. Rather than puffiness and dry ends, your main adversary is probably greasy roots. Dry shampoo is your best friend for straight hair, be it your long hair or short hair.

                                                 Type 1C


You’ll probably fall into the 1c type if your straight hair is also damaged (thanks to chemical, color, and heat treatments). Make weekly hair masks for your BFF if you want to restore your 1C straight hair!

What Is The Best Way To Curl Or Style Type 1 Hair

In a futile attempt to curl your straight type 1, you’ve undoubtedly tried every styling tool and heating product under the sun. You can add body and texture to your type 1 pin-straight hair with the appropriate styling products. You can even make a small wavy hair. The key is to use light hair care products that won’t weigh your hair down with build-up and to make sure you’re wearing it in a style that suits your hair type.

What Are The Best Type 1 Hairstyles

layered hairstyle
layered hairstyle

You probably already know that styling products can make or break your hairstyle, but they’re not the only thing that protects from falling flat. The way you cut your hair might determine whether you look terrific or have many bad hair days. Adding many layers to your haircut, whether short or long, gives type 1 instant style. Layering may adds movement, variety, and, most importantly, body to type 1 that is otherwise flat and straight. Adding layers to short hair is a terrific technique to add volume.

What Hair Care Is Best For Type 1 Hair

When it comes to care for type 1, it’s easy to feel perplexed. It would help if you struck a balance between keeping your hair hydrated and not allowing it to get excessively oily. You should avoid shampooing too frequently if you have type 1. Shampooing too much causes your scalp to create too much sebum, resulting in greasy, shiny hair.


It’s easy to be bewildered when it comes to caring for type 1 hair toward gorgeous locks. Check out the wonderful styling opportunities and make use of them to the fullest. Now that you know exactly the types of straight hair, get your daily dose of tresses care right and flaunt your trees like never before. Style straight hair with ease and amplify your long tresses by making it luscious and healthy!

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