Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cat Cave Beds

choosing the perfect cat beds

Has a baby kitten recently become a part of your family? Or are you finally taking a step towards making your cat feel cozy and happy during their sleeping time? As cat parents, we all give in to inviting our little feline friend onto our beds and couches. As good as this is for bonding, your kitten is not as clean as you think they are.

Cats can bring detritus or fleas to your personal space regardless of proper pet caring and grooming. For this purpose, choosing a cat bed is essential. Moreover, giving your furball a resting place will promote sound sleep and provide more comfort. You can also buy cat cave beds online to give them a little private space. These beds also are easy to clean.

But what will make the perfect sleeping space for your cat? To assist with this task, we have crafted the ultimate guide to ensure your furry friend feels thoroughly pampered.

Understanding Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

Before we dive into the factors you should consider and the types of beds to choose from, you need to realize how your cat prefers to sleep. Everyone knows cats enjoy sleeping so much that they spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping.

So, no wonder it is their favorite pastime other than watching birds, playing with you, and asking for treats. The sleeping habits of cats are very different from that of humans. More than fifty percent of cats spend their day sleeping for 12 to 18 hours, with forty percent exceeding 18 hours of sleep in a single day. Moreover, the older your cat gets, the more time they spend sleeping compared to younger kittens.

Moreover, your cat will naturally have a polyphasic sleeping pattern. Hence, unlike humans, they take multiple naps in 24 hours, with every one lasting between 50 – 113 minutes. If you are wondering why cats sleep so much, it is to recharge their body, regulate emotions, conserve energy, boost the immune system, and so much more.

Besides the sleeping patterns, the cat’s napping position helps determine the cat bed you should choose. For instance, if your cat loves sleeping in a crescent position and gets all balled up to increase body heat, it can get a donut cat bed. A cozy cuddler will be ideal if your cat loves being nuzzled and tucked in blankets.

Some cats love sleeping in a box, so you can buy cat cave beds online to ensure your kitten has a safe space and a place to hide. Identifying your cat’s sleeping positions will ensure you get a bed in your cat’s best interest. Whether they sleep like a loaf of bread, with their belly up, or in a wild contortionist position, that is yours to know.

Besides cute and funny sleeping positions, you should know their temperature preferences. A cat’s standard temperature stays between 99 F to 102.5 F. Cats love a higher temperature when resting. It could range between 86 F to 100 F. Therefore, it is essential to have a temperature that works for you and your furry friend. Remember, they do not like temperatures over 100 F.

You can choose cat beds with heating systems with thermostats to ensure your cat sleeps comfortably and stays warm while sleeping.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed

Are you one of those who pop on Pinterest and spend hours browsing through several cat bed options? Almost every second option seems cute or desirable. But among so many adorable and fascinating options, you can get confused considering which one you should choose. Therefore, here is a list of considerations to navigate your final decision for the best cat bed.

A. Size and shape

No matter how tiny your furry friend is, they need a bed that is big enough to accommodate them and their sleeping habits. Many cat owners make the mistake of buying a small bed, neglecting that their cats like to alternate sleeping positions. They can go from a curled ball to full stretch in their sleep.

Therefore, choose a cat bed that is large enough to fit your cat’s needs. You may even measure your cat to ensure they are not cramped and have enough space to stand, move, and turn around. Furthermore, consider your cat bed’s shape. It could be a round or flatbed with enclosed sides.

If your cat makes a move for every cardboard box or finds them sleeping peacefully in a laundry basket, you can buy cat cave beds online to give them a familiar feel.

B. Material and construction

Another important consideration is the fabric of the cat bed you choose. Cats are vulnerable to allergies. While looking forward to giving your kitten a comforting sleep, a lack of attention to the fabric may aggravate their condition. Hence, check the stuff of the cat bed and choose one your cat loves to snuggle.

It is best to choose natural fabrics like cotton, wool, etc. These are more breathable and comfortable and do not collect moisture. Selecting the suitable cloth will ensure your cat’s bed does not build mold or odors. Additionally, fleece or faux fur is gaining popularity.

The construction of your cat bed also matters. Buying your cat a brand-new bed only to watch it tear apart in minutes is the last thing you want. So, you do not need a poorly constructed bed with loose pieces. Cats have a habit of biting and may swallow pieces that are a hazard.

C. Comfort and support

Cats love being comfortable and can end up on your bed or in the laundry basket if you ignore this. So, you can find them a comfortable bed with cushions and softer to catnap.

D. Washability and maintenance

An easy-to-clean bed is necessary for you to maintain your cat’s hygiene. You can buy cat cave beds online with removable covers that are machine washable. Select a bed with a waterproof liner for spill or accident protection. Additionally, choose an option that will not trap cat hair.

For maintenance, a durable option can endure your cat’s digging or scratching. A good quality mattress material will be easy to maintain and last longer.

E. Safety features

The safety of your cats is in your hands. Those planning to introduce a heated cat bed must also see if the option is safe for their cats. You must look for safety features like auto shut-off when the temperature reaches the maximum limit. Also, whether choosing window perches or elevated options, see if they are sturdy and do not tumble.

F. Budget considerations

Setting a price before going to select a cat bed is essential. A bed for your cat can be budget friendly to extravagant. Therefore, consider the budget. A standard option can cost anywhere between 20 to 50 USD. A heated bed solution can be between 50 to 100 USD. A cat tree or condo will cost 100 USD and above.

Different Types of Cat Beds

As a cat owner, you want a comfortable yet stylish-looking cat bed. An ideal cat bed balances cozy and quality. Here are a variety of options for you to choose from.

A. Traditional cat beds

There are two types of traditional cat beds, cushioned and nested styles.

  1. Cushioned beds

Pads or cushioned beds are hands down the best kind. They are softer and provide immense comfort to your cat. These beds have fleece, high-fiber polyester, and other stuffing to keep the bed plush and cozy for a good snooze.

  1. Nest-style beds

Many cats love the donut, round, nest-like cat bed design. Their round shape keeps your cat comfy. While the raised sides offer support. Even if you have a picky cat, they won’t be able to resist this cat bed type.

B. Enclosed cat beds

Next in line are enclosed beds, creating a burrow-like environment that helps them hide and make themselves a private place.

  1. Hooded beds

Some cats may get scared and look for a safe space for assurance. A hooded bed can create this illusion. If your cat is still new, this will make them feel safe and allow your cat to trust you.

  1. Cat caves

Cat caves will be your cat’s jam if it is shy or loves to burrow itself in freshly washed clothes. You can buy cat cave beds online, which come in several styles with padded sleeping spaces. These can be tiny frameworks with one opening or a sleeping bag.

C. Elevated cat beds

For safety, cats prefer being off the floor. An elevated bed makes a perfect option, not as high as cat trees for smaller kittens or senior cats. The cushion ensures comfier napping.

D. Heated cat beds

Like electric blankets, heated cat beds contain heating elements that utilize electricity or battery power to keep your cat warm when sleeping. Some offer thermostats to avoid overheating. You may find self-warming beds that use your kitten’s body heat to keep them warm during their slumber.

E. Window perches

If your adult cat has no problem jumping up to the window and loves looking outside, you can secure window perches to give your furry friend a view and a cozy sleeping spot. These perches can handle up to 50 pounds and are ideal for your indoor cat to interact with the outside world.

F. DIY cat beds

If store-bought cat beds are too expensive, you can try building them. Utilize a sweater, cardboard, or suitcase to create a cute, relaxing cat bed. You can find several options when assembling comfy beds for your cat from the matter you already have at home.

Matching the Cat Bed to Your Cat’s Needs

Before you buy cat cave beds online, you also need to ensure that it tends to your cat’s necessities. Therefore, there are a few additional factors you must pay attention to when purchasing a cat bed.

A. Age and size considerations

Since providing your cat complete comfort is your priority, their age and proportions are indispensable considerations. You do not want it to be too small to be uncomfortable to too big making it less cozy. Hence, measure your cat to find an ideal size.

Also, consider buying a larger future bed if you have a kitten. For adult cats, select a comfier bed to help their joint pains. Senior cats love beds with heating pads or memory foam for more comfort.

B. Special needs

A bed should provide for your cat’s specific needs. Some cats suffer from anxiety and may feel vulnerable with bolster beds, flat mats, or carpets. Instead, a hooded or tent bed for extra comfort and safety. Older cats may suffer from arthritis and have trouble climbing. You can select a short edge bed for them over cat towers or trees. Also, find a bed with thick padding, heating, or memory foam.

C. Personal preferences

Your spoiled furry friend needs the best of everything. A cat condo or tree will keep up your cat’s activity and release suppressed energy. Further, a computer perch will be the best option if you have a clingy kitten. Based on your cat’s sleeping habits, you can buy them beds that suit their needs if they prefer a warmer ambiance, high places, or windowsills.

Tips for Introducing a New Cat Bed

Once you have your bed, the next mission is to familiarize your furry fellow with its new resting place. If you want all your efforts in finding a cat bed to be worthwhile, here are a few tips:

A. Familiarizing your cat with the bed

Strange smells from the new bed can be a hindrance. Hence, ensuring your cat’s new bed is clean and has familiar scents is essential. You can place an item with your or your cat’s scent to make it easier for them to get comfortable with the place. You can also leave toys to make your kitten familiar with its bed.

B. Making the bed enticing and comfortable

To create interest, sprinkle catnip on the bed to make if your cat reacts well to catnip. You can lay your worn clothing to make the bed feel more comfortable and familiar. You can buy cat cave beds online besides elevated beds and pillow beds to encourage them to sleep in their place. A heating bed works wonders to get your cat all cozy.

C. Positive reinforcement and patience

You can give treats to your cats when it is using the bed to create a positive association. Verbal praises work like magic. If your cat does not like being disturbed when it sleeps, try not to pet it while sleeping on the bed.

Additionally, be patient with your cat. Do not force or yell at your cat to use the bed, which can be a negative association. You can place the bed in a place they like resting in so you do not have to hold it to sit there.

Additional Accessories for Cat Beds

You can add new accessories to get your kitty cozier and comfier in its new bed. These accessories will keep your kitten cushy, keep them busy, and protect your household furniture.

A. bedding and blankets

Cats who love getting tucked into sleep will love an additional blanket. These will also keep your cat warm. A blanket resembles a reassuring touch, makes your timid kitten feel safer, and helps them relax. When choosing bedding, ensure it uses natural, breathable, and chemical-free fabric.

B. Toys and interactive elements

As much as your kitten loves to nap, it also loves to play. Spending time playing with your cat helps keep them mentally happy and physically fit. Additionally, toys keep them away from your bedroom and partaking in destructive activities. Hence, numerous cat toys are available for your cat to play with. These could be mice filled with catnip, the famous flapping fish, laser pointers, puzzles filled with tasty treats, and much more. You can select these toys based on your cat’s age.

C. Scratching posts and pads

Lastly, you cannot miss out on scratching posts and pads for your cat. Cats, big and small, love scratching. If you want your furniture surfaces to be safe from this attack, when you buy cat cave beds online, you can also look for scratching pads and posts. From activity tree to board, there are all kinds of scratching posts. Some even come with toys to keep your kitten busy.


As a cat owner, you only want the best for your little feline friend, especially concerning where they sleep. Finding the right cat bed is fundamental for sound sleep, reduced stress, and better immunity, and it will keep any fleas or detritus far away from your bed.

It is essential to learn about their sleeping habits, napping positions, age, dimensions, special needs, and preferences to choose a suitable bed for your cat. Once you know about these essentials, you can consider other factors like the bed’s fabric, shape, washability, etc.

Moreover, several bed types are present, like cat caves, elevated, window perches, etc., to fit your cat’s needs. Further, follow the above tips to ensure your cat settles happily in its new bed.

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