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Ultimate Guide to Planning Content Marketing for WordPress


Content marketing is the process of creating and publishing valuable, unique, eye catching and high-quality content to engage, inform, and attract the audience. By doing this strategy, the marketers will be able to increase leads and finally expand their business. It is a well-known fact that the content plays an important role in today’s businesses.

If you have a WordPress website and want to attract the visitors, then you need to improve your content marketing strategy. In this post, we will explore ultimate guide to planning content marketing for WordPress website design Perth.

1. Deep Research and Plan content marketing

In order to engage in content creation as well as publication, you need to make a research and content marketing strategy. You can follow below given steps:-

Define your Goal

First and foremost thing is to define your goal for creating a content marketing plan. You should ask yourself why you want to create content and make a content marketing tactic. You should set your aims and possible risks and thus make an effort to implement it.


The second step is to do a deep research. For this, you have to use Google Keyword Planner. By using this tool, you can easily find out what folks are actually searching for on a search engine. You can make a note of relevant points which may help you to make your business different from others.

Know about Content Type

If you are a marketer and want to write the content yourself, then you should know what type of content you actually want to write for your WordPress site.

Type of content can be:

  • Entertaining

  • Tutorials

  • Promotional

  • Guides

  • News

  • Infographics

  • Business content

  • Informational

Determine CMS (content management system)

You must have CMS where you can easily manage your good and valuable content. Here are some relevant parts of content management:

  • Content analytics

  • Content publication

  • Content creation

2. Create Content

In order to succeed in content marketing, you should have high quality and unique content. It should be easy to read as well as engaging so that readers can enjoy it.

If your content bores the readers, then it will not be useful for successful content marketing strategy. So, if you want to succeed in content marketing, then you should use the valuable content. Keep reading these points:

Stick to the Title or subject

Try to choose something potentially so that the audience will be interested in and stick to it. If you use multiple subjects in one content, then there is a possibility to lose your readers.

Give only relevant and useful information

Try to provide only relevant and useful information to the readers so that they can take interest in it. You should give Call to Action content. It means that the audience can read the information and apply for it. You can make titles like “Top 10 Ways to do XYZ” for content. This type of title can be worth reading because they provide relevant information.

Keep short and Precise Paragraphs

You should break paragraphs in 3-5 lines in every 100-130 words. By doing this, your readers may easily go through your content.

Take Backup Your Facts With Links

While creating the content, it is vital to add relevant links from other sites in order to support the facts you write. It will improve the reliability of content and readers will love to visit your website several times.

Add good size images

Images will help you to explain your article effectively. If you add a high-quality and relevant image in your article, then it will poke your content. For this, you may use screenshots. Try to add good graphic at every 350 – 400 words

Use Plugins of WordPress Content Marketing

There are many WordPress Plugins which will help you in managing your content. In order to streamline your content in an efficient way, you may use any one of them.

Content Proofreading is must

The most important step is to proofread and edit your content twice in order to check small errors in writing and rectify them quickly. Thus, the readers can read an error-free content.

The WordPress users can use many ways to present content to readers. They can also use analytics in order to check what works best. Check out a few ways to make unique content in WP:

  • Buzzfeed and PlayBuzz Quizzes

  • CM Curated List Manager

3. Build an Email List

So, finally, you have got amazing content and now you want folks will read it, right? In order to promote it, you can use social media and email marketing.

Before start sending your good content through email, you should first build a relevant email list. It requires having a call-to-action (CTA) message which can easily motivate folks to sign-up. A subscription or popup box with a strong call-to-action can work amazing.

There are lots of tools via WordPress in order to make email marketing effective and easy effective. Check out some famous options:

  • OptinMonster

  • SumoMe

  • CM Popup Banners

4. Share Your Content on Social Media platforms

WordPress users can display Twitter or Facebook feeds with the use of free plugin such as Easy Twitter Feed Widget in order to improve the website readers to follow updates of your content.

It is a well-known fact that the effective social media tactic involves making it easier for audiences to share content from your WP site to their social media pages. So, this way, your content will be reached to lots of people.

Final Verdict

So, the above-mentioned checklist of basic tricks, suggestions, and Plugins which can help you to execute a great content marketing strategy for WP site and thus enhance awareness about your business in a proper way.

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