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Listed Building

Unknown Facts to Know About Listed Building Windows

Many people dream of buying a periodic property. However this history piece can bring lots of hassle too. The key one is regarding the windows. It has a vital role both on the basis of function and appearance.

Also, you are sole responsible to protect it from any unnecessary renovation and replacement as well. This guide will let you know how to make a listed building more secure without any changes to the appearances. So, read on to know them.


Before proceeding to this topic first need to know what is listed building. Listing means that a building is included on the National Heritage List as a property of ‘special architectural or historic interest’. It means that its special character must be maintained and owners have a responsibility and a duty to ensure its upkeep.


Buildings are of exceptional interest; only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I.


Buildings are particularly important, being of more than special interest; 5.5% of listed buildings are Grade II*.


Buildings of special architectural or historic interest; 92% of listed buildings are Grade II.

There are approx. 376,000 listed buildings in England.

The significance of listed buildings windows

Like windows on any property, listed building windows contribute to your building in a number of ways-

Thermal insulation

Heat retention is most important and being an important part windows act as their thermal envelope alongside doors, roof, floor and walls. They are responsible to keep warm and cold insider during winter and summer respectively. If heat retention terribly fails then heating bill will extortionate leading to cold room in winter and hot room in summer at the same time.


Any thermally ineffective windows can become victim of condensation. As a result, the home will become cold both externally and internally making it difficult to survive. Also, it draws excessive moisture from the humid air trapped inside. Therefore, it is more likely to observe misty windows! However the worst is when you experience pools of water on windows is leading to gradual decay and rot.

Sound proofing

Some heritage properties are located in country’s peaceful parts and become threat to its surroundings due to lack of security. Also some are there in middle of bustling city life. Despite of the location, one may love sound of rustling trees and chirping of bird daytime. But it is not something expected at night.


One should paramount security for any building. Due to the popularity, several listed architectures are target to the burglars. They will definitely try to break the door to breach the security and enter inside.

If they fail then windows are their next target to make their way inside. So, one has to make the windows robust and unbreakable to some extent using secondary glazing. The task must be done so that it is unable to deter or detect by the thieves.


Don t neglect the appearance as it matters too! Windows have an integral role to play for contributing to overall appeal of the listed properties. Despite of having stately home or sash windows, frescos on churches, leaded-light windows of the old-fashioned cottage everyone is distinctive.

Protection of listed building

The owners of heritage properties also know that they should protect those astonishing artwork from extension, alternation, partial or full demotion. Otherwise, it can interfere with the building’s character. The system is applicable to the entire property inside out along with external and internal features like windows, faucets, ceilings, doors, floor and chimney, internal and external walls.

So, owner should strictly adhere to the heritage building consent if any unprecedented changes become essential. One should follow it ranging from cupboards to replaces to removal of any internal features. Remember, there is little to no disruption to the main character of the building. Therefore, you have to use similar technique, style and materials if possible.

Want to replace windows in your listed building?

If you wish to replace windows in your listed building then it is dependent upon consent from your local council. It is up to the council to decide if the ‘character of the building’ will be affected. If the windows in a listed building can be repaired then it is unlikely that consent will be given.

A technician is required to confirm that a window cannot be repaired. In some circumstances the window can be replaced if it is not the original window, or as part of a renovation project where some or all of the original windows have been destroyed.

A typical local council will grant consent if the works do not have:

Any adverse effect upon the special architectural or historic interest of the building or its setting, are appropriate in terms of design, scale, detailing and materials and minimise the loss of the historic fabric of the building. A grade II listed building is more likely to receive consent for window replacement than a grade I or grade II* listed building.

New extensions with glazing in keeping with the original style can receive consent.

Windows alternation

Nevertheless, all the above-mentioned protection provides a fundamental impact on heritage windows. However, one can’t install any new windows without the consent of the listed buildings’ authority. Consent is must even if you want to change the paint of the windows. You can repaint with same colour but colour change can interfere with the building’s character completely.

Also, in most cases the application of window replacement rejects as it affects the character. Applications are accepted when building preservation becomes vital. For instance, roof can impact the appeal of the listed building. But it protects the building from rain-damage and that’s why it will keep the home in good condition for long. If the replacement intends for improvement only then the application will surely reject.

Listed buildings secondary glazing

If there is no scratch or crack in the windows of the heritage building you can enhance its performance without any replacement. That’s where secondary glazing occupies the space. With careful installation and design the property’s efficiency will heighten. In other words, secondary glazing comes with complete sealed panel to fit in discreet manner for recessing the existing windows internally. It possesses a number of benefits like;

  • Thermal efficiency- Secondary glazing enables the single-glazing windows to perform in the similar manner just through double glass panes with air gap within. It lessens heat loss up to 60%.
  • Acoustic insulation- Slight large gap will be there in secondary glazing. It makes the noise tough to enter into the too. You will have a peaceful environment with enhanced sound wave dissipation.
  • Condensation- Prevent condensation with sealed panel to the existing windows. Enhanced thermal efficiency is clear indication that the primary windows will not cool down. Hence, there is little chance of deposition of moisture.   
  • Security- Listed buildings become secure with secondary glazing due to the installation of the robust panel more likely to unbreakable.

Opt for secondary glazing for the listed building

Contact Glaziers expert to get proper information and advice so that you will able to know what you should do next.  There are many glaziers expert who supply and design secondary glazing to numerous heritage and listed properties so that they can survive for long with everlasting efficiency.

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