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Update the latest features of Tinder Gold Apk for Android

Tinder, the world’s most popular dating software, now has a mod on our blog. Get ready to download and experience the features of Tinder Gold for free now.

Tinder Gold Review

Tinder brings us the latest world. Your love life is to be much more active even though we don’t have to go around and knock on any doors. This provides a greater opportunity to meet people who have the qualities we like.

Tinder believes that happiness isn’t too difficult in today’s busy life and that no boundaries should limit your love life. We all deserve the best, and you have to act for it. Pick up our phone and find your match!

Tinder Gold Story Mod Apk

The world is developing in almost every aspect but not dating. People found it more difficult to pursue the One because the demands for attention and happiness were no longer near the village. People need to know more people than neighbors, colleagues, friends, and blind dates so they can be sure who they are going to be with.

Tinder App Story

Dating apps were then developed to help people find dates from anywhere through the paths of acquaintance, quality, and hobbies. Tinder is a pioneer in comparing people using a free platform where people can show off and find out who they want. Tinder matches are based on important information so people have more opportunities to date.

Special Features of Tinder Gold Mod Apk

Let’s see why Tinder has reached over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and is the most popular dating software in the world.

Swipe to compare

Finding a match with Tinder is easier than smearing bread. There is only a swipe, right to match, and left to pass. Matching means you like the person and would like to chat if the person is interested. If you feel it’s not appropriate to swipe, don’t hesitate to click the “X” or tick to express your feelings.

For the first time, you may not see that simplicity. The system will illustrate the movement for you. When functional, this software is intended for all people from the age of 18 and up. We mean everyone is ready to date.

Match unlimited

This application allows us to compare with all the people we want, and there are no local numbers. You may be fine with some friends on the list, but some people can have hundreds or thousands of matches. That’s because Tinder knows we all have to carefully consider who we want to be with, and you don’t have to stop when we’re not happy.

Swipe, match and talk as much as you can so you can catch up to our soul mate here. Tinder pushes it by not giving us any boundaries.

Circle target match

You don’t have to stick to gender. Tinder is not only for dating but also for making friends. Since people are not meant for each other, they are encouraged to share other pleasures of life. However, we fit in in the first place because we saw it could be something.

You can narrow down the target in age, gender, and personality if you wish before going to the appropriate interface. Changing features can be implemented at any time later.

Circle radius

Would you like to find someone around you first? Set the radius within the city. The radius may change later because you want to expand the boundary.

Expand your community

Tinder will help you expand your circle of friends. In this platform, we will catch up with people who share the same interests or passions, meet new people outside of work and study. You make friends on virtual platforms, but you can take them to a cafe and turn them into real ones.

Order free

Once two people are matched, they can send messages to each other in the built-in SMS software. This is for users to get to know each other more easily. They don’t need to flaunt too much information like on social media when you’re not ready.

How does Tinder Gold work?

1. Enter your profile

You have to build your profile, as every user should do. Showing people your different hobbies, personalities, and goals using software helps to bring in the right people. Profiles, including pictures, will be published so viewers can relate and want to match. The more sincere you are, the better chance you have of meeting the right one.

In addition, we are encouraged to decide the demands of the person you wish to match. For example, how old is the person?

2. View people and swipe.

Now that you’re all set, head over to the main page and see what the platform has to offer you. The criteria we set will select and only show you, potential candidates. Now, I like or dislike them. Make wise choices because your Love may have one of them.

3. Talk and date

Only when two people like each other’s profile do they match. Since then, they can say a lot more about life and everything. Dating is the next step to getting out of Tinder, and it shows the software is working.

About Tinder Plus

Tinder will modernize your account to Tinder Plus if you are active enough. Ordinary won’t care that you have total freedom in dating that we may not recognize until you have the Plus package. Here are additions.

  1. Free update
  2. Hit as many as you want every day.
  3. Back to the last profile
  4. Top our profile in 30 minutes. We have never met someone for you for various reasons. One of them maybe because they haven’t seen your profile. So why not keep it on top for a few minutes?
  5. Change your place with the Passport benefit.
  6. Get 5 Super likes every day to make your profile stand out.

About Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus is still free, and we’re limited to watching who puts us on the “want to date” list. With Tinder Gold, you’ll see it in bright daylight.

  • Everything is on Tinder Plus
  • Ability to see who likes you

The latest mod from Tinder

Mod features:

  • Unlimited likes.
  • 5 Super Likes Per Day.
  • Unlimited swipe.
  • Last Swipe Replay.
  • No Ads (Ad-Free App)
  • 1 Upgrade each month.
  • Swipe around the world.
  • No Root Required.

Download Tinder Gold Mod Apk

Version 12.11.0
Size 44 MB
Android 5.0+



Nowadays, more and more dating software is available with more specific tools to help you find a person. However, Tinder remains a very close friend whenever you are looking for a date, friends, or more. The last thing we need to update new features at the link: Tinder Gold Free

Why do you have 0 Tinder matches?

So you set out on the hunt. You were rather difficult at first. After all, the man in the polo shirt Vicomte Arthur wasn’t going to afford just anyone. You have often swiped to the left. Some were cute, but you had set the bar very high. After about thirty minutes, still 0 Tinder matches. However, you have swiped to the right several dozen times.

Have you been too demanding? Surely it was – and that’s why the match counter still hadn’t started! So you decided, in your goodness, to lower the bar and say yes to a few ladies who were only 16/20. Only, thirty minutes later, still, nothing, wallow, nada, peanuts. 0 match, hell.

What happened? It must be said that you are good at finding excuses and there you had one ready. This is probably because it was your first day on Tinder and the admins “didn’t have time to get you into their system.” So, you probably never appeared in any of these ladies’ potential matches. No one had seen your profile, and that’s why no one had swiped.

3 days later, your body full of hope, you reconnected. Tinder matches are yours! It has now been over 72 hours since you signed up: you must have played in the potential matches of a few contenders. How many swiped on you? You just had to play to guess it.

It’s not hard to imagine what happened 30 minutes later. You haven’t gone past 5 matches. The Tinder match is running away from you. Plus, you ran out of excuses. Suddenly, you searched the internet for methods to accumulate matches and you arrived here. You are in the right place. Take off your Vicomte Arthur polo shirt, stop chasing the Tinder match, we give you the techniques that work to exceed a hundred matches. 

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