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Update YouTube Premium Mod Apk new version without ads

Watching videos on YouTube has become a common thing to do when you have free time at home or when you are resting at the office.

Youtube itself can be accessed using various devices, one of which is the most widely accessing youtube is an android device.

As we already know, if you access YouTube on Android, there are a lot of ads that run.

Either at the opening of the video when it wants to be played, or the ad that appears on the sidelines of the video that is being watched.

Now, especially for Android users, there is good news for those who like to watch YouTube videos but don’t want to watch the ads that run.

Now the latest youtube mod apk application is available which can block youtube ads on android.

Like what is this youtube application on android without ads….? see more below.

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Download the Latest Youtube Mod Apk Without Ads 2021

This ad-free YouTube mod apk has actually been around since 2014, but there are still many Android users who don’t know about the youtube application that can remove these ads.

At least we are here to share only two premium YouTube applications that can remove ads that appear on YouTube Premium Free Apk.

What are the android applications that can remove ads on youtube…? The following is a list of premium youtube applications without ads:

1. Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced Apk Mod View Without Ads

The first is the name of the YouTube Vanced application without root. This means this premium youtube app without ads can be installed on various androids, both rooted and non-rooted.

In addition to being able to be installed on an unrooted Android, this Android Vanced Youtube mod apk also has a very small application size when compared to other YouTube mods.

How to Install Youtube Vanced Without Root

  1. Download the Youtube Vanced first > Here
  2. Install the Vanced YouTube application
  3. After successfully installing (Don’t open it yet) > Continue to install Og Vanced > Here
  4. If there is a notification > Give access to install non-market applications.
  5. Select “Install”
  6. Open the advanced youtube application.
  7. and now your youtube is no longer advertised
  8. Done

Next, we will move on to the latest youtube mod apk developed by youtube.

2. Og Youtube Mod Apk

Furthermore, there is OG Youtube which is a pioneer in the presence of a variant of the youtube mod apk application without ads, especially for android users.

Og Youtube has been around since 2014 and has been proven to be 100% able to block ads on the YouTube application.

How to install and use it is also very simple and different from other youtube mod applications.

How to Install Og Youtube Mod Apk Without Ads

  1. Download Og Youtube > Here
  2. Install Og youtube like any application in general
  3. Next, also download the Micro Og application > here
  4. Install micro Og
  5. If all the steps above have been completed
  6. Just open YouTube and enjoy the features
  7. Done

2. GB Youtube

For GB YouTube itself, unfortunately, it is no longer updated by the developer. So for users with the GB version can use one of the two options above.

The application is still an old version, when run on android 9 or android 10 many features are no longer supported. So, we decided not to share this GB Youtube application.

Youtube Mod Apk Features No Ads

  1. Block all ads on the youtube app
  2. Turn youtube videos into MP3.
  3. Play youtube videos behind the scenes.
  4. Listening to YouTube music with the screen off.
  5. Play videos with the highest level of original resolution
  6. Download videos that are automatically included in the HP gallery.


By using the Youtube mod apk application without ads, you can enjoy all the videos on YouTube freely without having to be disturbed by the ads that appear.

The youtube mod apk application without ads that we share has been tested by ourselves using the Samsung Galaxy A51. The size of the file size is also relatively smaller when compared to the original youtube play store.

If there are questions or requests for other mod applications, please provide your comments below the comment column of this post

How to See Trending Youtube in Different Countries

How to See Trending Youtube – In modern times like today, Youtuber is arguably one of the most popular professions. No wonder because being a Youtuber allows us to make easy dollars. Just make an interesting video, then upload it on your personal Youtube channel. If it meets the specified requirements, the Youtube channel will display ads and from here the dollars will flow.

How to View Trending Youtube


Youtube itself is the number one online video watching platform in the world, where many people spend their time just watching Youtube. Especially in Indonesia, starting from children, teenagers, and even adults, many like to watch videos on Youtube. The reason is that on Youtube we can find various interesting videos to watch. Starting from comedy videos, horror, romantic, educational, and many others.

On Youtube, there is a term trending Youtube, where on this page we can see what videos are being watched a lot within 24 hours. However, this trending status varies in each country. When you access Youtube in Indonesia, what appears is a video that is currently trending in Indonesia, as well as in other countries. So, is there a way to see trending Youtube in various countries in the world? Of course, there is. For more details, you can see the information below.

Understanding Trending Youtube Today

Before proceeding to how to see today’s trending Youtube in all countries, you need to know first what Youtube trending is. Youtube provides a special page called trending. Where the videos displayed on this trending page are the most-watched videos in the last 24 hours.

However, the trending videos displayed will differ from country to country. This is because the calculation of the number of views on a Youtube video is according to the server of the accessing country.

The list of trending videos displayed is divided into several categories, ranging from trending now, videos, music, movies, and games. You can adjust which category of Youtube videos you want to watch and be used as inspiration for making new videos.

How to See Trending Youtube in Different Countries


How to See Trending Youtube in Other Countries

Sometimes we want to know what videos are trending today in other parts of the country. This is very important especially for Youtubers who want to target their videos to other countries. Or maybe you can also use trending videos in other countries as inspiration to make new videos.

Unfortunately not many know how to see Youtube trending in all these countries. No need to worry and be confused, because in this article I will discuss how to find out what Youtube is trending in these various countries. The following are the steps to see Youtube trending in certain countries in the world via Android in full, namely:

1. Using a VPN App

The first way to find out which videos are trending today in certain countries is to use a VPN application. This application is usually used by many users to access sites blocked by KOMINFO. The way it works is by manipulating the IP Address by hiding the real IP address of the device being used.

Here the device will be read using an IP Address from another country as selected by the user. In the VPN application, there will usually be several choices of country servers, and you can choose them as you wish. However, in some types of applications, the user must subscribe to a premium to enjoy all the available service options.

For steps to see trending Youtube in other countries using your own VPN, namely:

  • The first step is to install the VPN application on your Android smartphone.
  • Then run the VPN and select the country server you want to see trending Youtube. For example the United States server, Kadana, Singapore, or other countries. Also, make sure the internet connection on the cellphone is active to be able to access the VPN.
  • If so, now you just have to open the Youtube application or visit Youtube via a browser.
  • Then you go to the Trending menu. Then there you will immediately see trending Youtube videos in the country that you have selected the server in the VPN application.
  • Done.

There are many choices of VPN applications that you can use to view the trending Youtube. Some are free and some are paid, you can choose your own as you wish. However, if you are still confused about choosing, here are recommendations for Android VPN applications that you can use, including:

2. Setting Location in Youtube App

If you don’t like installing VPN applications on your Android phone, then this second method can be used as an alternative. Here you don’t need to install additional applications on your Android phone, just make a few settings in the Youtube application. The method is also very easy, namely:

  • The first step is to open the Youtube application on your Android phone.
  • Then click the Profile photo in the upper right corner, then enter the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Next, you go into options General or General.
  • Select the Location option, and you just have to choose which country you want to see trending videos from.
  • If you have, you save and return to the main page or Home, then select Exploration.
  • Enter the Trending menu, then there will be displayed trending videos in the country you selected earlier.
  • Done.

With the method above, you no longer need to install additional applications, the article on Youtube has provided special features for that. You just need to set the location of the access country you want in the way described above.


Those were two ways to see Youtube trending in all countries in the world via an Android phone that you can try to apply. Don’t forget to share this article on your personal social media.

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