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Useful tips to make your move a breeze

Moving isn’t as easy as it might seem to be. It requires skill. And not a lot of people know exactly what it requires to have a stress free move. But as somebody with a lot of experience, I can tell you exactly what you need to know in order to make your move a breeze. Here are some of my most useful tips that are going to come in handy the next time you relocate your home.

Nothing is possible without a plan

Planning is very important. Because not having a plan can just lead you to a lot of stress and doing everything last-minute. A plan keeps you well-organized and most importantly, you will know each step ahead of you in advance. This allows you to have full control over if you feel stressed-out or not. Last-minute action never turns out to be easy to handle and that is why you have to make sure that you are planning your move months in advance. I would say that the optimal time to organize a house move would be for three months.

Your moving plan should contain all the information related to your relocation. Start from the addresses, useful telephone numbers, and stores. dates, packing order, as well as the unpacking order. There are so many things that you need to think through before you do them and this is why planning is important.

Plan your move a couple of months in advance

Hiring movers by your side is the smartest move to make

Moving on your own is possible but you would have to either know a lot about moving already or spend a lot of time reading about it. And not everyone has the knowledge or the time. This is why having professional movers helping you relocate your home is the best thing you can do. If you don’t know where to find them, you can check out usmovingexperts.com for recommendations.

Hiring reliable and experienced movers is important when you are moving is crucial. Even if you aren’t having a long-distance move. Short distance moves can be hard to handle as well. And having movers do most of the physical work for you is the best thing to do.

Packing services exist and they are very helpful

A lot of us are very busy on a daily basis and we simply don’t have a lot of free time on our hands. And when you have to relocate you have to pack. But packing is such a long process. And many would think that the only way to making packing possible is by taking a few days off. And if you are moving on short notice, not even that is going to be enough time to get everything done.

But in reality, having a team of professional home packers doing this task for you is a much better way to handle this situation. This isn’t an expense. This is an investment. By hiring professional movers, you are assuring yourself a stress-free moving experience. You will have so much time to finish all your other obligations while a team of professionals handles packing your home. I suggest packing yourself only the most important items but everything else can be left for the professionals. But hiring packers surely is the easiest way to make your move a breeze.

packing box
You don’t have to waste your time on packing.

What are you using as packing supplies?

If not hiring packers, you have to think about packing supplies. And you need the most basic supplies for sure. You will need boxes, plastic bags, wrapping paper, bubble pack, packing tape, tape dispensers, plastic foil and packing peanuts. All of these are going to come in handy and you will use them while packing. Having supplies is important if moving long distances such as when moving from the US to Europe.

You packing had to have some kind of order to it. You shouldn’t just walk around and pack random things. This order has to be logical. That is if you want to finish packing as soon as possible. And from my experience, the best order to pack is to pack the rooms that you don’t use as much first and then move onto the rest of your home.

In most cases, the rooms are usually attic, basement, guest room, laundry room, dining room, or the garage. After packing all of these rooms if you have them in your home, it’s time for you to move on packing your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and any other room in your home.

Know how to pack

You can’t just begin packing and expect everything to be perfect on your first try. packing boxes is a serious task to have to handle. Not everyone knows what is the best way to distribute the weight of the things in the box. Overloading a box can lead to it breaking open during the relocation. And this means possibly having your belongings damaged.

If you are packing boxes, i suggest avoiding using bigger boxes. Books are heavy and packing them in medium size boxes is the best way to goo. Carrying the books without having to worry about whether your box is going to split open is possible this way only.

thumbs up
Here are some of my moving tips.

You also need to label your moving boxes. You can do it the old fashioned way – by writing on the boxes. But I would approach this task rather modernly. Print out sticky labels where you will write what’s inside as well as which room to put the box in. This is helpful for both your movers and yourself.

Relocate when the weather is nice

One of the things that also influenced how stressful or smooth your move is going to be is the weather. Moving in good weather will make your move a breeze to handle as you will be able to finish all tasks without bad weather stopping you from doing that.

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