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Uses of Rigid and Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Most of us have Rigid Boxes sitting on the dresser or in our Custom Printed Wholesale Rigid Boxes, which are about to finish. This article discusses how these Rigid can be used. The scent remaining in the bottle may not be enough to wear on a special occasion, but, in most cases, it is enough for alternate uses. Let us read on about some ways to use this remaining perfume. Have you looked at the recent packaging of perfumes available in the USA? Rigid packaging is strengthening with time to introduce reliable and sturdy; designs, layouts, and materials. They are as attractive as the perfume vials. I never seem to get rid of perfume packaging even after the Rigid finishes. Because of this reason, I have two or more custom printed perfume boxes, which I now use for storing jewelry and other minor items.

We designed the Wholesale Rigid Boxes according to the target market that a respective Rigid brand aims for. Because of this reason, Custom wholesale Rigid Boxes that target women come in colorful bottles. The themes for men are usually darker and monochrome. Colors like solid grey, blue, black, silver, and gold are common in men’s Rigid Boxes. These boxes are powerful enough to protect the glass bottles placed inside. Boxes also include cardboard-based inserts that add internal protective layers and making the box shocks and affects proof. These boxes look like elements from their theme. A renowned brand that makes a fruity berry perfume for summer for its younger target audience packages its perfume bottles in boxes that look like strawberries. The boxes are easily identifiable on the shelves because of their distinct looks.

How to put two leftover Rigid Boxes

We used the Rigid Boxes made from sturdy cardboard for;

Over time, we have used the boxes I have collected in many DIY projects for my home. I use fabrics, crafting paper, decorative paper, and other items like beads, dried flowers, pearls, and other such accessories to adorn these boxes and change their looks. We used empty bottles of perfumes around the house to nurture water-based plants. I love decorating my terrace using these bottles and often hang them for a more sophisticated look.

There is so one can do from the few drops of perfumes that remain in their bottles. Make your air freshener by adding these drops to boiled water. Now add the mixture to a diffuser and use it in your room and surroundings to make it smell good. If you wish to create an air freshener for your cars then, mix these perfume drops with distilled water in a spray bottle. This mixture also works as a linen spray or mist on linen. The right way to use it is by spraying on the bedsheets and ironing them. When ironing bed linen, pour the mixture on them. It will set the scent into the fabric nicely. We all love getting into bed when the sheets are clean and crisp; adding our scent to this makes it a next-level pleasure.

Benefitting from the custom printed rigid boxes

Manufacturers of Rigid Boxes in the USA have composed versatile designs and layouts. These custom printed perfume boxes are available in all sizes and keep the bottles safe from any damage. They ensure the safe delivery of the product and monetary gain for the respective business entity. The business entities use Rigid Boxes to create the brand identity for themselves in the retail world. If you are a perfume brand looking for the same, sift through options created by ClipnBox, a Californian-based packaging company.

Most perfume brands make the mistake of underestimating the potential of custom perfume boxes. They consider these hundred percent customized boxes as ‘boxes’ and nothing more. This approach kills their perfume brand. The benefits of custom perfume boxes in the current world are not limited to covering, ease of transport, convenience in storage, and protection anymore. They can give an impressive display of the products packed inside. The creative and exciting show of the perfumes will provide them with more retail visibility on the shelves. It will even grab the attention of more customers sifting for products through the aisles of the stores, giving them more brand exposure.

Both the e-commerce perfume brands and those who stock their products in the retails can use creative designs and impressive printing techniques to create custom printed perfume boxes for their products. We can customize packaging using different sizes, innovative shapes, and using various materials. Although e-commerce brands and businesses cannot share their products on the retail shelves, they can take pictures of perfumes in custom printed perfume boxes and share posts about them on various social media platforms.

Custom Rigid packaging boxes help curb shoplifting

Besides this, custom perfume packaging boxes can play a significant role in curbing shoplifting from retail outlets. One of the primary concerns of perfume retailers in the current times is to prevent shoplifting and theft. The retailers often install cameras, ink tags, and other such tools to protect their stock and stop such mishaps from happening. But not all retailers can afford such a setup. A few packaging techniques that the product developers and manufacturers can keep in mind when designing the custom perfume packaging boxes will help control these mishaps. Let your custom printed Rigid Boxes make some noise. Explore customization options in packaging to outshine the competition with ClipnBox.

The companies that are experts in developing custom perfume packaging can help businesses come up with options in packaging that are difficult to open. Sometimes, the design may involve destroying the original packaging to open it up. Sometimes premium packaging of the products also has openings that provide the ideal gaps for the shoplifters to steal. Customized stickers seal these openings.

Using larger rigid packaging boxes for pocket-sized items,

The easiest perfumes to shoplift or steal are the ones that are the smallest. We can pick these items up from the shelves in less than a second, with no one noticing at all. The companies producing smaller SKUs in perfumes, which are easy to fit into apparel pockets, will need to refocus on their packaging to prevent its loss because of theft. An ideal way to go about it is to select larger boxes with inserts and trays placed internally. Larger perfume packaging boxes discourage shoplifters. In the same way, we used rigid packaging boxes with long backboards for the items on display. Learn how custom rigid boxes can prevent theft and shoplifting at retails. Control losses by designing creative packaging with ClipnBox.

What they printed on rigid packaging boxes? 

The cardboard-based perfume packaging is printed with essential details like;

  1. Warning (explosive, etc.)
  2. Notifications
  3. Best before dates,
  4. Barcodes
  5. Mobius Loop
  6. Ingredients
  7. Country name
  8. Company name and details
  9. Branding
  10. Storage instructions, etc.

This information answers many questions of the customers in the absence of sales reps.

Ordering the best custom rigid boxes

Brands and Rigid marketers in the USA can get;

  1. High-quality
  2. Functional
  3. Innovative
  4. Durable
  5. Custom design
  6. Affordable Price
  7. On-time Shiping,

Custom Wholesale Rigid boxes from the Californian-based printing and packaging company ClipnBox. These affordable custom Rigid boxes are firm enough to protect the product inside during transport, delivery, display, and even shipping.

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