Using the virtual platforms to stay connected during lockdown – 4 strategies to follow

The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 disease has shaped our lifestyle in a different pattern. While we are being forced to stay in our homes to combat the disease passively, we have already started finding adaptable strategies to continue working on our purposes. But evidently, isolation can be more dangerous than coronavirus for the addicts in recovery. Suboxone treatment doctors, Woonsocket, have found useful tactics to stay connected with loved ones during this lockdown while using virtual platforms.

With more than 21 M people having at least one addiction, suboxone treatment centers Woonsocket report that the number is only going to increase if recovery gets interrupted before its completion. Suboxone doctors today believe that potentially there is a growing number of addiction victims during this lockdown. But due to lack of communication and in-person visits, we are not getting the exact figure. Still, for the people who are currently undergoing treatments or who want to start a new medication, there are several ways to contact suboxone doctors near me and stay connected with whom they need the most.

Video calls and conferences 

suboxone treatment centers Woonsocket

Teens do love to make conference calls once a day with their friends. Suboxone treatment doctors Woonsocket believe that the day has come for the addiction victims to return to their teen practices. Social media portals like Messenger (Facebook chat integration), WhatsApp, Google Duo, Skype, etc. all are there that people can use to stay linked with their friends and doctors.

Video calls are much more essential these days because it is the only way to have the same feeling of in-person communication. Addiction recovery includes family interaction and warm acceptance of any conversation as the two most essential parts of the treatment, and video calls are the best possible way to contemplate those. Addicts shouldn’t feel isolated at any cost; otherwise, they will face failed relapses even more.

Celebrating occasions together

Celebrating occasions together

Victims have several concerns, but the major problem is the prospect of living alone. Sublocade treatment always includes some personalized community meet-ups to boost the patient’s confidence and make him feel better. But being more or less caged under lockdown in-person celebrations may not be possible. Suboxone doctors suggest the victims remain engaged in every possible occasion and celebrate virtually via social media platforms. Whether it is a birthday party or a small treat from friends, they can join and participate in their activities via virtual media platforms. While this type of interactive session would make them meet with their beloved ones, they would also feel the support and acceptance.

Considering text-based chat

Considering text-based chat

Text-based chats have their own importance. People may not always be available to receive calls. But in such situations, the victims might feel disrespected or unattended. Any negative stance like that could hammer the patient’s confidence and push them to start consuming drugs again. Regardless of any turmoil like COVID-19, doctors have often suggested the drug devotees use virtual chat platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, etc. in their treatment for suboxone addiction. Text-based chats usually consume more time than just a phone call and make the victims engaged for a longer time.

Joining a Netflix party

Joining a Netflix party

It could be hard in recent times to find some reputed sublocade doctors near me or suboxone centers near me. Though they are doctors, they are also bound to the governmental rules. Still, as they always suggest the victims and their families find some different ways of amusements so that the patient can forget the regularity of drug consumption, the Netflix group watch could be a great option to consider.

Movies are something that can effectively dilute all stress and anxiety of a human mind. Netflix offers the addict and his beloved ones, to organize a group watch and invite as many people as possible to enjoy some movies together. The addicts shouldn’t be let alone any time, the more they get connected with their close ones, the more they feel confident of a successful recovery. Movies would push them to share their emotions within the group, and the last laugh together at the end would make the patients happy for hours.

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