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Utilise Glass-Front Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Glass-front cabinets is a favourite of the architects and designers and are a refreshing addition to any kitchen. And do you know why? Glass-front cabinets not only break the monotonous look of the solid cabinet faces, but the glass doors also add a form to the cabinets, and increases the functionality.

Glass cabinets can be used to show off the beautiful collectibles and dishware. With it you can display seasonal and the holiday décor or might do so to amp up your kitchen’s colour scheme. Glass cabinets create an illusion of depth by increasing the area visually. This trick works great for smaller kitchens. These can also play up the power of light.

Tall Display Cabinets

Creative Ideas for Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Now that we have briefed you about the usages of glass-front cabinets let’s check out how we can use them in the most stylish ways and change the kitchen layout drastically.

Use Glass-Front Doors in Upper-Cabinets

Most often, the glass cabinet doors are used in the uppermost cabinets. One can either in one cabinet, in alternate cabinets, or in all the cabinets. If you decide to install cabinets on the ceiling, a horizontal, thin glass pane can break the monotony and adds interest to the upper-upper cabinet.

Creating A Transparent Peninsula Barrier

Open kitchens are an amazing concept. It is classy, modern and stylish, yet sometimes the homeowners require a border or barrier between the kitchen and the dining space or living room. And cabinets can be the prefect, stylish barriers. Depending on which space has the most access to sunlight, position your glass cabinet, as any available light would shine through the glass.

Window Cabinets That Are Picture Perfect

Do you have more windows at your house than wall space? It isn’t really a problem. Window cabinets are picture perfect that give you two-sided glass cabinets storing everything that you require. And the best part? You do not require solid walls and also can maintain the natural night and the outdoor view. Its just that this won’t be a great option for homes with kids and glass panels highlight smudges and fingerprints visibly.

Opt for Stained or Decorative Glass Pieces

If you like the content of your cabinets to be hidden, and do not want to have the stacked utensils on display, go for tinted or decorative glass panes. Not only do these glasses look luxurious and elegant, but also minimises the view of whatever is stored behind the glass panes. Decorative glasses also make your display cabinets look exciting.

Think About Adding A Little Glass to Base Cabinets

Glass doors can be added to base cabinets too. To protect the glass from kids, pets or your own feet, we would suggest you to use end-caps, with which your glass doors would remain protected yet display your favourite collectibles, cookbooks and delicate kitchenware.

Open Shelving or Tall Display cabinets

Do you like the idea of open shelves but not really sure if the contents would be secure as the shelves with door? Tall Display Cabinets or full-length glass doors would be a good solution that would elevate the scape of your kitchen instantly. These will not only stylise your kitchen but also keep your kitchenware or collectible safe and sound. This also creates a clean, lean look, especially if you go for the designer glass panes.

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