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Maui Sightseeing Tours | Stardust Hawaii

Utterly About Maui Sightseeing Tours

Had you set up your mind to see heaven on the earth? Don’t you understand what it means? It means that the Maui sightseeing tours that you had planned are just like a heaven. If you are here to know about sightseeing tours, Maui, then by anyhow you click the right tab. 

This could be considered as your landing page, since here you will get to know much more about Maui sightseeing tours as well as about different Maui land activities. Furthermore, after that, this post will offer you a suggestive way to warm up as well. 

Here we go!!

What Is Maui Known For?

Maui is the 2nd largest Hawaiian island, often known as “The Valley Isle”.  The island is best-known for its globe beaches, the holy Iao Valley, vistas of migratory whale sharks (during the winter months), farm-to-table meals, and Haleakala’s breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

Major Facts About Maui

As you are planning to explore Maui Sightseeing tours, then you must know the facts about Maui. Although there are several things to know about Maui, however, the vital things that you should know are listed below. 

Here they are!!

  • Apart from Maui sightseeing tours, this place is famous for pineapple farms too, if you are going there, don’t forget to eat pineapple there. Its taste is not like other pineapples, it has a much better taste. 
  • Living in Maui can increase your lifespan, how? It is generally seen that Maui has natural and organic production. Moreover, the environment of Maui is also very good. So, people live a healthy lifestyle there. The average life of Maui’s women is 85 years, whereas, men live approximately 79 years in Maui. 
  • You can find black volcanic beaches in Maui, as you know that Maui is famed for beaches also. So despite the natural normal waterfalls and beaches, you can get a chance to see black volcanic beaches over there. 
  • You can enjoy the free party there every Friday. In this party, you can dance there, furthermore, you can enjoy live music. You can get the chance to mix-up with local people there. This party is held in the below-mentioned five places.

    – Kihei– Lahaina– Lanai

    – Makawao

    – Wailuku

  • Maui is the third most populous island in Hawaii, Maui has the third-largest population among the Hawaiian islands. In addition to being Hawaii’s second-largest island. Maui has a population of 117,600 people with nearly 870,000 residents, Oahu holds first place by a wide margin. With a  population of little over 200,000 people, the Big Island is the second most boo populous of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Maui Sightseeing Tours

Maui is much more than just a visual treat. It’s nearly hard to see everything on your own. Because the island has so much history and such a diverse range of flora, flowers, and sceneries. 

We have some fantastic trips that will take you on some of Maui’s most pleasant and memorable excursions, like the iconic Road to Hana or the stunning sunrise at Haleakala. 

Certified local leaders will tell you about the things you’d never think to ask, all without having to worry about the road or getting there. So slack and enjoy the journey while the locals handle the driving. Let’s discuss the various Maui sightseeing tours

Road to Hana

It is considered as one of the best tours among all Maui sightseeing tours, since the Road to Hana is the crown gem of Hawaii’s road adventures. There are numerous waterfalls and ponds, as well as lush vegetation and breathtakingly beautiful and jagged ocean views.

This isn’t just a relaxing drive through Maui’s countryside. The vast majority of visitors rush to and from Hana with a list of sights to photograph. Taking a trip with plenty of windows, a skilled tour operator, and only visiting protected, legal, and magnificent areas is strongly advised.

Maui Private Tour Guide

In this, you can enjoy the local tours. There are several agencies who provide Maui private tour guide, you can visit any of them. A guide will help you to enhance your enjoyment at each and every spot. 

Moreover, he is a local guide, he has much knowledge about the place, he can guide you better, to cover up various places in limited time. What you have to do is, take a rental vehicle, and Maui private tour guide, after that you need to follow up his suggestions.

Full-Day Hana Waterfalls & Rain Forest Hike

This is the most done tour among all other Maui sightseeing tours. Because Maui is more known for waterfalls and beaches, so, mostly tourists come here to e boonjoy the waterfalls. It’s the Hawaii of your aspirations, a once-in-a-lifetime Maui adventure. 

Hiking, swimming, and sightseeing are all part of the itinerary. The National Park at Oheo Gulch is the day’s highlight, with a stunning 400-foot waterfall, beautiful bamboo forest, and lush jungle. 

On both the craggy coastal perimeter of the island and the fertile core of the rainforest, you’ll experience an awesome day with a plethora of postcard moments.

Combo of Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure and Segway Tour

Combo Package: Maui Treasure Hunt and Maui Ocean Center, Maui is the ideal destination for nature supporters and adventure seekers, as well as families who wish to play in the great outdoors. 

That’s why we’ve put together this fantastic combination of Hawaiian environment and Segway PT exploration of Maui’s royal city, Lahaina. That is why the Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure & Segway Tour was founded. You will learn something new while having ample time.

Various Maui Land Activities

Although there are a lot of things to do in Maui, however, if you are planning for a short Maui sightseeing tours, you must try the below described Maui land activities


Hiking is one of the famed Maui land activities, mostly people come here for trekking and hiking. Because there are a lot of beautiful places for hiking in Maui. Additionally, do not forget to bring hiking shoes with you, it is mandatory for hiking. Since it is very risky to go hiking with your casual shoes. 

Maui Trampoline Park

You’ll adore Maui’s new indoor trampoline park in the heart of Wailuku, which is sure to be a great adventure for everyone in your travel party. Take the children, your friends, or even Grandma to the park for hours of trampoline fun, as well as monthly events, games, and exciting foam pits.

Segway Tours

If you want to enjoy all the tiny spots of your Maui sightseeing tours, then you should go with segways, instead of any heavy vehicle. You can cover more ground with a segway as compared to traveling by walking. The best thing about segway is, it never harms the environment. 

Book Maui Sightseeing Tours Online 

Maui is a Tourist place, thousands of people come daily to explore that beautiful place. So, there are several places where you need to do pre-reservations. A number of agencies are there who provide online booking for tours.

 However, you can book your Maui sightseeing tours ticket through Stardust Hawaii. They not only enhance your tour’s enjoyment, but also allow you to participate in many different Maui land activities


In the end, don’t forget to take a meal with you on your Maui sightseeing tours. Since it is a tourist place, and somewhere the path is single way, so do not rely on outside food. Keep your bath costume and hiking shoes with you, there will be many places where you will need that. 

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