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Venturing Into The ‘New Normal’ With Visitor Management System for Modern Workplaces

Ever since the pandemic forced humans indoors. It has been cancelling everything from the most elite sporting activities to offices, schools, etc. While most have preferred staying inside for their safety and that of their family members. Some have been forced to devise new means to continue their business and other official engagements. Such as, a superior visitor management system for offices. 

Nowadays, minimum contact is the need of the hour! We cannot afford to let our guards down, especially when outdoors. The spread of the novel coronavirus has ensured we develop new ways to proceed with our day-to-day functioning and by all means, the challenge is accepted!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is a Visitor Management System?
  • Why A Management System?
  • Virtual Prowess In 2021
  • Types of Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Access Control System for Welcome
    • Visitor Management System for Meetings 
    • Staff Combat Management System
    • Gate Access Control Systems
    • Desk Control Systems
    • One-Stop Management Software
  • Bottomline

What is a Visitor Management System?

To ensure all points of contact have been safeguarded and are in accordance with the social distancing norms. visitor management systems can be a vital cog in the wheel to fulfill all activities, without compromise, in this new normal.

To enhance safety, user experience, and productivity in your firm or organization, you need to install the latest visitor management system.

Why A Management System?

While looking for new employees, which ensures that a delivery to your workplace is safe and hassle-free, we need tools that automate the process. 

From the first time a person walks in your official premise to the point where he or she is directed to the person. they have been appointed to, everything needs to be safe, secure, and with zero physical touches.

Virtual Prowess In 2021

The unimaginable scenario, which forced us indoors in 2020 and 2021 has also enabled us to find new ways of conducting our businesses. Skype calls, Zoom meetings, more enhanced work-from-home offers, all of this has ensured that we carry most of our tasks online and in a virtual sense. 

Virtual sense? What we cannot avail in person, we can experience virtually in today’s advanced world.

From a guest check-in to a web check-in for flights, trains, and buses – the world has evolved drastically and is now majorly dependent on such visitor access control systems.

Types of Visitor Management System

Whether you’re a small circle of 8-10 people, or a company of 500 energized co-workers, looking for various types of visitor management systems can guarantee a contact-free workplace and minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

There are various types of integrated workplace management solutions and you can choose the one that’s suitable for all your organizational and employee-handling needs.

1.Visitor Access Control System for Welcome:

To begin with, let us end the confusion between a visitor access control system and a visitor management software

Where the former has everything to do with the visitor’s secure and safe entry into your office building or premise. The latter focuses on screening and tracking them once they’re inside. 

The Visitor Access Control System has one specific agenda – to secure access and to disallow anyone without proper access or card. This ensures that your bio-bubbles do not get compromised over a period of time. 

A reliable Visitor Access Control System will allow visitor configuration, allow contactless sign-in for visitors, and provide real-time analytics dashboard for facility and onboarding teams.

2.Visitor Management System for Meetings

Looking for idle meeting rooms can be a task, especially if the organization is a medium-sized firm. Why waste your precious hours mailing people about a meeting. When you can do all that with the simplest addition of a Visitor Management System for meetings and official brunches.

From seamlessly scheduling meetings, sending invites on G-Suite or Outlook, to tracking idle meeting rooms, you can do it all from this unique offering.

No wasting resources and time on finding space to conduct a meeting. Just be prepared in advance and never concede your space to someone else.

3. Staff Combat Management System

When you’re working with a whole group of staffers, having a security system to combat an emergency is a must. 

Apart from offering the right access control systems. The leaders in innovation have also devised a combat visitor Management System for all employees. 

Your transition from paperwork to everything digital should include the facility to scan faces, triple-scan for new visitors, thermal scanning, etc. 

These measures will enable you to have a secure environment inside your workplace and also prepare everyone for an undeclared emergency or uncertain development. 

It is also vital to have health declarations in place, so you don’t fall into a legal soup if, in case, the conditions go downhill. 

4. Gate Access Control System

Having security personnel in place just to secure your gates is always a good idea. But the pandemic has made it unsafe for such manual entry and exit screenings. 

Thus, it is advisable to have a Visitor Access Control System, which can create a secure & seamless environment for employees within the organization. 

Restricted movements can be controlled via a mobile-access control system, which works well and allows you to take proactive decisions.

5.Desk Control System

Going desk to desk, to measure progress is not the ideal way to maintain social distance within an organization. Then why not use technology again? 

One of the components with the latest Visitor Access Control System is that you can gauge your employee’s commitment, turn-around time (TAT), and have real-time analytics on what they’re up to. 

This Desk Control System can find out the actual usage of desks and can give you a real-time update about your employees and their set of KRAs.

6. One-Stop Management Software

Discarding the old-school way of interacting and functioning is an essential way to prevent the spread of the covid19 virus. 

Despite vaccination drives ensuring that we return to normalcy soon, the chances of things remaining the same are pretty realistic. 

To make the most of your desks, departments, and human resources – going for the One-Stop Management Software is the way to go! 

The software, one of the advanced Visitor Management Systems, is your one-stop facility management tool. This gives you unprecedented control on everything that’s taking place virtually and in your absence.

Bottom Line
  • From Pre-Entry to Arrival: The Veris visitor management system allows companies to make guest management smoother by digitizing the registration of on-site visitors and streamlining the check-in processes. It comes with Pre-registration to provide a red-carpet welcome to important guests.
  • Arrival to Contactless Access: Veris adds on a Facial Recognition based access system feature to check the visitor body temperature and the presence of a mask, eradicating any extra touchpoints.
  • Access to Indoor Movements.
  • Indoor Movements to Flexible Desking
  • Desking to Meetings & Bookings

Make sure all these steps are touchless and contactless. 

Ensure the people visiting your premise are thermal scanned and temperature-checked. 

Integrate it with your apps, such as the Aarogya Setu, and live without worrying about the damn virus! 

It is 2021. The world is progressing at a rapid rate and at the same time devising new means to get the best results even in these conditions. So why do you want to stay behind in your approach? 

Safeguard all your employees and yourself. Make new hirings, screenings, and interviews a virtual affair. 

Author’s Bio: The author is a writer who focuses on new technology and post-covid world integrations. Click here to check the latest Visitor Management Systems, at the best prices.

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