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Vital solutions to sustain in the grocery delivery industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Every business has had a huge watershed after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery business owners are facing several challenges in this season and are on the lookout for potential solutions that will lend a supporting hand in sustaining in the online grocery market. 

Before the outbreak season, most of the people in the US did not even download an online application for grocery delivery, stated Gallup news article, which has been covering the story of the impact of the Coronavirus on grocery delivery industries. But, after the spread of the virus, Tech Crunch, in its report, said that the number of downloads and the growth rate of several established brands in the market had spiked suddenly. Instacart is expected to grow by 218%, Walmart grocery will have a 160% increase in growth, and Shipt will have a 124% growth in the year 2020. 

Crucial hurdles faced by grocery business owners in the pandemic season:

The grocery delivery app development solution owners are facing many hindrances after the Coronavirus started spreading in many countries  around the world. A few such challenges and its quick fixes are discussed in this blog. It will help you develop and survive in the market amid the outbreak. 

Stock availability:

Grocery stores, at present, are running out of stock in a jiffy. This is majorly due to the panic buying that users indulge in. People do not have any idea about when a lockdown might be imposed or when there will be no stock in any of the stores. So, they buy all their products or commodities in large quantities. This leaves out other users with fewer or no products at all. In such a situation, it is the store owners’ responsibility to provide users with the required products. They can tighten their supply chain, create awareness about panic buying, ensure users about stock availability, etc. 

Redefine your supply chain:

The pandemic has also left many grocery delivery brands with terrible supply chain management. As an online grocery store owner, you can reorganize your supply chain and make it an efficient one. You can get in touch with several new suppliers to provide for your high demand during the outbreak season alone. This will help you fulfil the increasing demand of your users, and they won’t turn back disappointed as well. Also, a robust supply chain for your business will make your users lean towards your brand for their complete grocery needs. 

Lag in app performance:

This is a crucial obstacle that needs to be addressed in order to excel in the on-demand grocery delivery market. It is a  well-known fact that the demand for grocery and number of users have both equally increased in this lockdown season. So, app owners out there will need to fine-tune their app to provide better performance to every user without lag in any aspect. If your app does not offer a smooth experience, then customers will prefer other brands over yours. So, speak to an experienced grocery delivery app provider and work on your app in this lockdown season. 

Level up on your safety protocols:

Safety is a vital concern for people in this pandemic season. More than everything, they are worried about the safety of their groceries and do not want to contract the virus. So, you can add a few safety-ensuring features to the grocery app development solution. To avoid total contact between your delivery executives and customers, you can include the contactless delivery attribute. You can allow your customers to upload a picture of the spot where the delivery agents should leave the groceries. Create awareness on cleaning high-touch surfaces such as boxes, cover handles, etc. Provide sanitization kits to your delivery agents and check their temperature and oxygen levels on a regular basis. All these safety measures will help you offer safer services to your users and earn their trust instantly. 

Insufficient delivery agents:

Due to the lockdown that was imposed in various regions, people were out of jobs and went to their native places to survive and stay safe. Many people are stuck in their locality without proper access to safer modes of transport at present. Therefore, grocery delivery owners might face a shortage of delivery executives to fulfill user orders. During such situations, you can hire gig workers to deliver groceries to all your users. This can be a temporary solution until you have your entire workforce with you. 

Do not disappoint your customers with misinformation:

In the pandemic period, you might run out on several products or items. So, update your app regularly on what is available and what is not. If the products come to be in stock, mention that as well. Failure to update regularly will mislead customers into thinking that the product is available, and they might end up disappointed if they come to know that it cannot be delivered. So, manage product information efficiently and also make sure that only the items that the customers’ orders are delivered to them. Interchanging items will create a not so good image for your grocery delivery brand. 

Invest in the ever-growing online grocery delivery industry:

If you are an avid businessperson, do not worry about the ongoing global pandemic. In fact, there are high chances that this outbreak season will help you launch a successful and revenue-generating business in the market. With the increasing demand, the need for multiple reliable grocery delivery brands has also increased.

It is obvious that, with the right app solution and highly safe service in this season, you can build your grocery delivery brand in the market. Analyze the market thoroughly and fix high-quality customer service as your focal point. It will take your grocery delivery business to greater heights in no time. So, go ahead and invest in building an online application with the best grocery app provider in the market and introduce your brand right away! 



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