Waste paper, waste plastic – how and to whom to sell


Waste paper, waste plastic – this is a large part of the garbage that is formed on the planet. Very often, the source of this waste is the activities of different companies. The types of waste paper can be different. For example, it can be DLK waste paper – corrugated board scraps.

Large enterprises in the course of their activities are faced with the problem of the formation of a huge amount of garbage. The activities that generate waste can vary. For example, if this is trade, then as a result of such activities a lot of waste paper is generated. In particular, these are used cardboard packages in which various goods are packed.

How and to whom to sell paper and plastic waste? For many enterprises, this is a rather serious and difficult issue. It is difficult for them to independently find a consumer of secondary raw materials. The situation in the world is such that not all states have support at the legislative level. Companies have to find ways to solve their problems on their own. Many would like to send the resulting garbage for recycling. But since they cannot find a consumer, accordingly, they have even more global problems. Garbage occupies usable space. It is necessary to solve the issues of its export, which requires the availability of the necessary transport. It is necessary to pay salaries to those who are engaged in garbage collection. As a result, the company incurs high costs. But all these costs can be quickly reduced if you find a consumer.

What should be done?

You can contact a waste broker. Among his clients, he has those companies that are interested in the supply of secondary raw materials. These companies are engaged in processing production. They are located all over the world. It is clear that it is very difficult for companies from a particular country to contact an enterprise located in another country, but this is not a problem for a broker. He establishes relations between the supplier and the consumer, independently performs a number of works that are associated with the export and supply of secondary raw materials to the final destination. Both land and sea borders are crossed, all customs issues are resolved, all necessary documents for the corresponding cargo are drawn up. As a result, the supplier of waste paper and waste plastic receives money, and the company that is engaged in processing receives the secondary raw materials that its production needs.

It has already been noted that the waste recycling market today is quite promising. There is equipment that can process different types of waste paper, including OCC11, and many types of waste plastic. From all this, new materials are obtained, which are sent to the production of new products. The market of goods is replenished with new goods. Moreover, their cost is much lower than the price of those products that are made from cellulose obtained from new trees. It is recommended for any type of business to support the recycling market, because in this way a very global problem is solved – the environmental situation in the world is improving. The volume of garbage on the planet is reduced, production works almost without waste.

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