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Ways to Get Instant Webpage Google Index


If your webpage isn’t in Google index, there’s no chance that it will receive the organic traffic. Instant Google Indexing, in an oversimplified in brief, is step 2 in Google’s ranking process:

  1. Crawling fetch as Google
  2. Google Indexing
  3. Google index checker for ranking

This article will focus on the Ways to Get Instant webpage Google Index. Besides, we recommend some Top SEO Training Courses Online 2020.

Google Indexing:

A webpage is indexed by Google if it has been visited by the Google crawler (“Googlebot”), analyzed for its web content and meaning, and stored in the Google index. Indexed webpages can be shown in Google Search engine results, only if they follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. Whereas most pages are crawled before indexing, Google can also index webpages without access to their content.

Checking your pages are indexed by Google:

The first step in ways to get the Instant webpage Google Index is to understand what your website’s Google indexing rate is. Indexing rate = # of pages in Google index / # of pages on your site

You can check how many pages your website has indexed in Google Search Console which is a sort of Index Coverage Report. If you see errors or a large number of WebPages out of the index:

  • Your website sitemap might have URLs that can be non-indexable (pages set to blocked via robots.txt or require user login)
  • Your site might have a huge number of low quality or duplicate pages that Google deems worthless.
  • Your site would not have enough authority to justify all the webpages.

You can dig into the specific tables available on the web (a lot of awesome new features available in Google’s updated Search Console).

Get pages on your website indexed:

You need to deliver the right experience to get Google’s attention. If your website doesn’t meet Google’s guidelines regarding trust, authority, and quality then these tips will probably not work for you.

With that being said, you can use these strategies to improve your website’s indexing rate an Instant webpage Google Index.

1. Use Fetch As Google:

Google Search Console has a feature that allows you to make a URL for crawl fetch as Google. After submission, the Googlebot will visit your page and index it.

Here’s you can do it:

  • Log on the Google Search Console
  • Search for the Crawl Fetch as Google
  • Paste the URL you’d like to index into the search bar.
  • Click on the Fetch button
  • After Google would found the URL, click on Submit to Index

Assuming the page is indexing, it will be done within a few hours.

 2. Use internal links

Search engine crawl from page to page through HTML web links.

We can link the authorized webpages on your website to push equity to others.

This report tells you the most authoritative pages on your site plus you can simply add an internal link to a page that needs equity.

It’s also important to note that 2 interlinking pages have to be relevant; it’s not a good idea to link unrelated webpage together.

3. Block the Low-Quality Webpages From Google’s index:

While content constructing a high-quality website, the wrong content can be your termination. Too many low-quality webpages can reduce the number of times Google crawls, Google indexing, and ranks your site. For that reason, try periodically “prune” a website by removing the garbage pages.

Webpages that give out no value should be:

  •       NO INDEX. When the webpage has value to your web users, but not search engines (think thank you webpages, paid landing pages).
  •       Blocked via crawl by Robots.txt file. When an entire set of webpages has value to your users, but not search engines (think archives, press release).
  •       301 redirected. When the page has no value to your website users or search engines but has presented traffic or links (think blog posts with links).
  •       Deleted (404). When your webpage has no value to your audience or search engines and has no traffic or links.

4. Include the page in your Web sitemap:

Your sitemap is a directory to help search engines and understand which webpages on your site are important. Having a webpage in your sitemap does not pledge indexation, but not having included important pages will decrease indexation.

If your website is running on WordPress, it’s extremely simple to set up and submit a sitemap using a plugin. Once your sitemap has been built and submitted is GSC, you can review it in the Sitemaps report for it.

Don’t forget the Double check to make sure all the webpages you want indexing are incorporated. Triple check to make sure all webpages you don’t want indexing are not incorporated.

5. Share Your Webpage on Twitter:

Twitter is a powerful social network that Google crawls frequently (they index Tweets, too). It’s very simple to share your content on social media, but it’s also an easy way to give Google a push.

6. Share Your page on High Traffic Websites:

Reddit and Quora are popular websites that allow you to share links. Make it a usual practice to promote recently published pages on Quora and Instagram, it not only helps you with indexation your site but also can drive a ton of traffic.

If you’re feeling lazy then you can buy “social signals” on freelancing sites like Fiver.

7. Secure external links to the page:

As mentioned before, Google crawls from page to page on the internet through HTML links. Getting other websites linked to yours is not only a vast ranking factor but an immense way to pick up the indexation of your website.

8. “Ping” your website:

Websites like Ping-O-Matic that send “Pings” to different search engines to notify them that your blog content has been updated.


So here were some main points for the Ways to Get Instant webpage Google Index. So by applying these simple and easy SEO tips you can optimize your website to an extreme level.

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