Revolutionizing Online Shopping experience in Pakistan

With the success of Online shopping in Pakistan, WBM International has come a long way. We are constantly looking towards growing our network. Our Online shopping platform is designed to provide the most amazing shopping experience to our customers all this along with the ease of sitting at home. With our 24 hours customer services, we provide you an exceptional experience. This online shopping store connects buyers with sellers all around the globe. A virtual experience worth remembering opens the door of possibilities. After successfully launching our products in different categories for example Home and Kitchen, Health, Beauty, Bath and Body, laundry detergents, mosquito repellents, and disinfectants. The company’s goal is to invest in an innovative range of products that will create strong future growth. WBM remains fully committed to growing its International Activities in the World. With more than 600 different SKU products on offering our diverse ranges of products offer healthy options to every member of the family. For more details visit: (PAKISTAN’S BEST ONLINE SHOPPING MARKETPLACE FOR 100% NATURAL PRODUCTS)

About WBM:

USA based manufacturer of a wide range of products. WBM International is a popular name in the USA and Europe, mainly known for its Himalayan pink salt. We ensure that the highest quality products reach your kitchen. Our headquarters are located in Flemington, New Jersey where we distribute worldwide. We began as a small venture with few products related to home, kitchen, laundry, and detergents and have grown to a wide range of products. Because we did not stop at innovating new products success came along. We are the largest manufacturer, importer, and exporter of Himalayan pink salt. Our products are available at small stores as well as the biggest in the market. WBM has built a strong brand reputation in the market over the years through its constant struggle to maintain superior quality. We are continuously working to understand consumer preferences and new market trends.

Introducing for the First time in Pakistan a new Concept of Organic and Healthy Food by Himalayan Chef

Exclusive range of products includes Basmati rice, wheat flour, spices, and seasonings.

We at Himalayan chef are proud to announce the premium range of products from salts, spices, herbs, seasonings, cooking plates, and kitchen staples. Our salts and Spices will improve your culinary skills to a whole new level. The combination of our Himalayan pink salt, spices and aromatic seasonings with rice makes the finest dishes you have ever tasted. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life by contributing to a healthier future –for individuals and families, our community, and for our planet. Himalayan chef is a renowned name in the spice industry. With new products in the line, there are nearly 140 SKU’s for household and institutional buyers.

In addition to our online shopping platforms, we also sell our products through third-party marketers. Popular platforms like daraz.pk for Pakistanis and Amazon, E-Bay, Wal-Mart for international clients.

Our Team is constantly working on expanding our dealer network to increase our product availability worldwide. The new range of salts and spices has been launched after months of dedicated Research and Development. We ensure the unique taste and freshness of all blends of spices, salts, and seasonings. Our Basmati Rice is known for its aromatic smell and nutty flavor. Each rice grain is run through an automated cleaning process to maintain hygiene. Grocery staple of our household, our wheat flour is produced from whole wheat grains without chemical spray. It provides a fresh and healthy food option. The Online Grocery store’s most selling product is Himalayan Pink Salt with its different flavors. Top US chefs; use Himalayan pink salt in their dishes and claim to be the finest of its kind.

Pakistan’s best online shopping marketplace in Pakistan for buyers and sellers. Visit Himalayan Chef wide categories of products now!

Quality Products at Lowest Prices

We offer the same quality and standards of products as compared to other expensive brands. Premium quality products are a bit expensive, so we have broken this concept of our industry. Now, you can get standard quality products at low prices with 100% Natural ingredients. We will continue our growth strategy by introducing a new range of products.  Thus, in future Himalayan chef aims to move forward to a stronger marketplace. For more information on our list of products Visit our Website!


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