What Are Clear View Fume Hoods? What Are They?

Clear panel Fume Hood

A fume hood is necessary for a laboratory which deals with dangerous chemicals. This particular laboratory machine filters the air and prevents malicious gases or particles from harming the workers inside the lab. If it is used properly it can easily protect the workers and even the environment inside the laboratory.

A clear panel fume hood is a transparent fume hood. It offers the workers 360-degree visibility so that you can easily see everything while experimenting. This machine filters the harmful particles or dust particles using strong HEPA or ULPA filters.

These fume hoods are usually made with see-through polycarbonate. Hence, it is resistant o chemicals and most of the damaging fumes. This material is also very durable. The powder-coated stainless steel body frame makes it stringer and the structure can easily resist a lot of things. Since it is non-porous and non-damaging, it can be used in any industry, even on food technology laboratories. These fume hoods are also great for educational purposes. A common clear panel fume hood can tolerate heat till 80 degrees C.

Clear panel fume hoods are for a lighter load. So, if your laboratory deals with heavier workloads, it is better to avoid the clear view of fume hoods. It comes with a see-through vertical sash that can be closed or opened with quick-release pins. The sash comes with three different position settings for user comfort. It comes with two six inches exhaust ports that are connected to the main exhaust system of the laboratory. This machine requires an external exhaust blower with a power of 200 cfm.

Some safety tips and maintenance tips for clear view fume hoods:-

  1. Try to place everything at least half a foot back inside the fume hood while you are conducting experiments. This method allows for more safety. And the exhaust and the filters are placed m the backside of the fume hoods, Hence, placing items a little backward increases the filtration power.
  2. It is better if you close the hood sash or place your face outside the sash for protection. Hood sash should be opened at a minimum height during the experiment.
  3. If you have a clear view fume hood then it is better if you do not use it as a place to dispose of waste materials on a large scale. In general, fume hoods can support up to 10 ml volume for waste disposal.
  4. You need to avoid using the fume hod top as a storage place at any cost. The machine should be free of any obstacle.
  5. Often increased foot traffic affects the airflow inside and outside the fume hood. So, try to minimize foot traffic near the opening of the hood to maintain a constant airflow.
  6. You must use proper safety gear while working with a fume hood. So, make sure to wear goggles, gloves and mask to protect yourself, This safety measure comes handy if there is an explosion or eruption or spills.
  7. If you are using larger equipment then make sure to place these things son special blocks. The blocks allow airflow under these apparatus to keep things balanced.
  8. Quick motions or fast movement in front of the hood may cause a sudden increase in airflow. So, you need to avoid fans, quick running or air-condition near the fume hood for efficient performance.
  9. Always keep the sash closed if the machine is closed. It increases the performance rate of the hood. Additionally, it also helps you to conserve energy and cut down your electricity bills.

Maintenance tips:-

  1. It is better to examine the fume hood regularly after experimenting. If you see any visible blockages then you need to take necessary steps to remove the blockage.
  2. If your hood comes with a digital panel then you need to check if the panel pos working properly each day. If the indicators are separate from the fume hood then always make sure to place a tissue paper of size 1’x6’ on the hood opening. Check the direction of the airflow after placing the tissue paper. If the airflow is in the right direction then the machine is in working condition.
  3. Make sure to go for a professional examination of the hood at least once in a year. A technician can help you in maintaining the fume hood properly.

These are all the information you need to know about a clear view fume hood. You can visit the site of Global lab supply to buy a clear view fume hood at a reasonable price.

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