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What are dab rig accessories?

In recent years, dabbing has evolved to be quite popular, from being arcane art, practiced by only hardcore stoners to being a mainstream branch of smoking with customized accessories and gear.
Pros and Cons of Vaping in Your Lifestyle

So, what are dab accessories? These are ancillary products used for dabbing. In this article, we will discuss some of the best dab rig accessories. 

Quartz bangers 

They are dan nails that come in different forms depending on the material they are made of. Many bangers are made from quartz rather than glass. Glass may break or shatter under extreme heat when heated. Quartz bangers do not need to be seasoned; this means you do not need to heat test them before using them. They are made to sit at an angle, so your glass does not heat too much and get damaged. 

They come in varied sizes, both male and female bangers. A male banger is smaller and with a more tube-like base that attaches to your dab rig, while females have a broader, more bowl-shaped end. Both female and male quartz bangers come in different diameters, and lastly, they come in various angles, which signifies how far out the banger sits on the dab rig itself. 

 Carb caps 

This is a small tool that enhances the dabbing experience. Carb carps allow you to control airflow and take the dabs faster if you wish. They are usually made of glass or quartz but can also be made of titanium. Carb caps allow you to get the most out of your dab supply and keep dab rigs clean. They are usually unbelievably cheap and come in many creative and beautiful designs that accentuate your rig. Carb caps can typically run you up to $15 to $30; the intricately designed ones cost more. 

 Dab torches 

A torch is a dabber’s best friend. It is used to heat your quartz banger or dab nail. When looking for the best torch, here are some of the most important things to consider 

  • Quality – everyone will want to look for a torch that is of high quality, one with a solid ability to regulate temperature exactly right so that to not over or under heat your bangers or nails. 
  • Reusability -torches can be pricey. Find one that you do not need to refill with fluid every time you need a bit more gas to heat your dabs with.  
  • Pricing- Luckily, most torches are priced competitively in the market, allowing consumers access to exceptionally low prices. Find something that is within your budget that still has high quality and dependability. 
  • Heat- torches have maximum heat output capacity as well as a maximum recommended gas output. There are degrees in which dabs can be taken, typically between 315F (157C) and 900F (482C). You must remember that the temperature you heat your nail dramatically affects your dab’s flavor, harshness, and potency. Find a torch that can handle the ideal temperature 

Nail attachments 

They can be made of ceramic, quartz, or even titanium and are divided into different categories depending on their function and form 

  • Domeless nail- This category of nails is defined by the fact that they do not have a dome, as the name suggests. The difference between domeless nails and domed nails is easily noticeable and unmistakable. 
  • Domed nails-they are relatively rare in the dab smoking community. Their shape maximizes the smoke that comes from your dab. This allows the heated vapor to rise and be sucked around the dome to ensure that more of the smoke is not lost in heating the dab. 
  • Wryneck nails – are domeless and primarily made of quartz 
  • E- nails- These are electronic nails that can continuously keep your dab hot for non-stop vaping. They allow you to have more control over your dab temperature. 

Dabber tools 

Dabber tools come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Typically, they are cheap and easy to come by and will last you a long time if you treat them well. A dabber tool can cost anywhere from $5 to about $40, depending on the type you are interested in. 

 Concentrate containers 

They are sealed and waterproof. The containers are also safe and smell-proof for your oils and concentrates. On average, they cost between $5 to $15. 

 Reclaim catcher 

A reclaim catcher allows you to take that extra dab concentrate pooling in your banger or nail and reuse it later, rather than scraping it off after it has hardened. They allow you to conserve massive amounts of dab concentrate over time and help you to keep your dab rig significantly clean over its lifetime.

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