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What are the benefits of using an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a software solution used to manage all recruitment needs, including hiring processes. These systems allow for communication with candidates, screening, and shortlisting candidates based on features such as interview scheduling, assessment generation, and comparison, message distribution, and universal search. The ATS platform is available to businesses of all sizes, whether they need it for enterprise, midsize, or small businesses. In addition, organizations can also choose differently. 

ATS requirements

Deployment formats are based on their specific business needs. Until recently, it was difficult to find a tailored solution to fit your particular needs, budget, and growth plans. Consequently, you would have had to choose a one-size-fits-all solution. However, today’s organizations have multiple options to choose from in a market that offers a wide range of products for their most specific requirements. There is no urgent need to hunt for a specialized, customized solution as the challenge now lies in finding the solution that best fits the requirements. The tendency of one size fitting all when it comes to selecting an ATS means there is no “best” solution for all situations.


A few of the best features of (ATS)

  • Data about candidates can be accessed and managed easily.
  • Records can be enriched with notes.
  • You can easily track all emails sent to a particular candidate.
  • Record update in real-time.
  • Recruiting team progress can be tracked and managed effectively via reporting options.
  • Access to LinkedIn records within the system.

Prepare for success by analyzing and strategizing.

Analyzing, tracking, and strategizing your talent acquisition processes are better with the right demo ats. Having reviewed our secondary research, we discovered that Oracle Taleo and Bullhorn are some of the best applicant tracking systems, while SmartRecruiter excels due to its collaboratiInterview scheduling is a strong suit of Jobvite, 

In addition to removing bias from the decision-making process, an applicant tracking system in combination with AI will allow you to select more qualified candidates since you have a greater pool of candidates and greater flexibility for candidates.”

An ATS’s function describe here

ATS automatically parse and screen resumes according to keywords in earlier versions based on applications submitted on the career site. By sending an email or in-app notification, the ATS alerts the recruiting team of qualified candidates.

All key documents, such as a candidate’s resume, interview answers, video interviews, and a video interview recording, are accessible through an integrated interface. In addition to reviewing the assets at their convenience, posting notes, up- or down-voting the candidate, and sending email or text message alerts to inform the candidate of their progress toward employment, hiring managers. Can also monitor the applicant’s progress.

Employers should improve their branding

The applicant tracking system can customize and designed to match brand identity, which is one of the best characteristics. The inclusion of logos, photos, videos, and paragraphs with a personal tone help in presenting a site that is consistent with the company’s DNA. 

Employer branding is an effective way to show people the company values and motivate them to join. Additionally, it could incorporate into the official website of the company.

The ability to store resumes in a robust manner

An applicant tracking system is a great tool for storing and accessing resumes. Candidate data and applications are readily accessible and can analyze to make better decisions. 

Rich filters allow you to track applications easily with an ATS. In addition to posting open positions on job sites and social media, it saves companies time and allows them to reach a larger number of potential candidates.

Employers can reduce their costs of hiring

As an ATS decreases the amount of time spent on administration and management and automates its most time-consuming tasks, it can be a highly cost-effective solution for recruitment firms looking to streamline the hiring process.

When recruiters use a modern applicant tracking system. They can devote their time to more valuable tasks rather than spend hours adding or updating resumes, manually sifting through hundreds of profiles, and posting jobs on different job boards. 

Invest time and effort in building your talent pool

By building and cultivating a talent pipeline in advance, an ATS can significantly cut sourcing time.

You can compile candidates or applicants over time and store their information in your applicant tracking system. By qualifying and categorizing them based on their skills, location, and work experience, you can create a candidate database from which to draw when the time is right. We don’t want to discard highly qualified, quality candidates just because they might not be the exact match we’re looking for to fill a current position. If a role that matches their profile and your candidate profile opens up, you can re-engage them using an ATS. By sourcing from an existing pool of “warm” candidates, your chances of finding the right candidates will increase.

Ensure your career page has a unique branding strategy

An applicant tracking system is not just a tool for managing applicants but attracting them as well. Previously, we discussed how employer branding can attract the most qualified candidates. Employer careers pages can make or break a candidate’s first impression.

You can use ATS systems to create fully optimized, branded, and customized careers pages. That will encourage candidates to apply and provide an enjoyable candidate experience for them. Job seekers are confronted with a lot of dull career pages. Your career page and individual job postings can showcase your organization’s personality when you use an ATS. You will be able to set your company apart and inspire applicants with a glimpse of your company’s identity. 

Managing candidate applications has never been easier

As a final note, ATS systems enable you to manage and track your applications as stated on the label. A candidate tracking system’s main purpose is to simplify the process of tracking and managing candidates. Features such as the ATS dashboard provide information about open positions.

Incoming applicants can also rank by assigning them scores based on their information. Saving you time from having to sift through an overwhelming number of applications manually. Additionally, you can import scores from candidate pre-assessments to narrow down your list of applicants to the most likely candidates for your open position.  You can also track KPIs, applicant sources, and recruitment marketing efforts by using ATS dashboards to understand how successful your recruitment process is. 

A software program used to track applications

Organizing and standardizing the hiring process is possible with applicant tracking systems. Team members post job descriptions to the job board with the approval of the hiring managers. Hiring teams evaluate candidates directly by comparing resumes, cover letters, and other relevant documents.

By matching keywords or parsing resumes with artificial intelligence, applicant tracking systems (ATS) remove unqualified candidates from the candidate pool. It allows you to review applications, take notes, send messages to others, and record candidate feedback all within the software. After approvals are received or rejected during the hiring process, HR teams automatically send follow-up emails, offer letters, and contract documents to candidates.

Hiring software that allows teams to work together

It’s never been easier to recruit thanks to BambooHR’s platform. Stakeholders and team members can participate at any stage of the project with custom permissions. Candidates can access centralized data directly from their desktops and mobile devices through automated alerts and in-system messaging, which ensure smooth communication without slowing things down.


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