What are the best book for Neet?

Books for Neet

Best Books for NEET: If you aspire to pursue a career in medical science, you fall into the category of lakhs of students preparing for NEET.

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a competitive exam that students have to clear to get admission to one of India’s top medical institutes. Every year, lakhs of students appear for the exam, making the race to the best medical colleges tougher. 

But don’t let your confidence plummet. With the best books for medical entrance examinations and a practical study plan, you can achieve a higher score and get admission to your dream college. 

If you are wondering what the best books for NEET are, you can either ask your teachers or seniors. Whatever books you choose, ensure that they cover the entire NEET syllabus and help you power up your preparation strategy. 

The NEET exam consists of questions from three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Combining all three subjects, the paper comprises 180 multiple choice questions, which you have to answer in 180 minutes. That means you get a minute to solve each question. But don’t rush into things because where every right answer will get you 4 marks, the wrong answer will cost you 1 mark. When your career is at stake, stay calm, and instead of focusing on answering the maximum number of questions, focus on answering them correctly. 

For performing well in the NEET exam, you must equip yourself with the right books for all three subjects. If you are skeptical about which books to go for, we are here to help. Below we are mentioning the books for each subject in which you can build your preparation strategy.

Best Physics Books for NEET

It’s difficult to wrap the concepts of physics around your head. To have a good hold of all formulas and theories of physics, you can go for the following books:

  • GRB Kota Question Bank Physics For NEET by Girish Gaur
  • GRB Perfect Physics For NEET (1st & 2nd Year) by Dr. Pramod Agarwal
  • GRB Objective Physics (1st & 2nd Year) For NEET by Dr. Pramod Agarwal
  • Physics For NEET (1st & 2nd Year) by G.C. Agrawal

Best Chemistry Books for NEET

Out of three, chemistry is considered the easiest subject. With the best chemistry books for NEET, you can clearly understand each topic and score higher marks. Here are some books you can rely on:

  • GRB A Complete Course Of Chemistry For NEET (Vol-I & II) by R.C. Grover
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Inorganic Chemistry For NEET by Ankit Agarwal
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Organic Chemistry For NEET by Dr. Sonal Rajora
  • GRB Kota Question Bank Physical Chemistry For NEET by Ankit Agarwal
  • Grip NCERT Easy Way Chemistry For NEET (1st & 2nd Year) by R.C. Grover

Best Biology Books For NEET

Biology captures 50% of the question paper, and this lays out the cruciality of the subject. Comprising 90 theoretical questions, the subject gives you the opportunity to get a higher score. Below are some of the books you can refer to for performing well in the exam.

  • GRB Kota Question Bank Biology For NEET by Amit Kumar. Aparna
  • Grip NCERT Easy Way Biology For NEET (1st & 2nd Year) by Singh / Kumari
  • “GRB Objective Biology (1st Year) (Part-I & II)” For NEET by Pillai • Malik • Sinha
  • GRB Perfect Biology (1st Year)(1st & 2nd) by Pillai / Malik
  • GRB Objective Botany For NEET by Kumar • Malik
  • GRB Objective Zoology For NEET by Dr. R. K. Pillai

After having the right books by your side, you need to make a workable and rigorous study plan. Here are a few tips you can use to outline an effective study plan:

  • Make a time-table and follow it: Managing your time well is all you need during your exam preparation. You can begin with creating a feasible schedule and follow it. Divide the syllabus into the studying hours accurately and spend more time on topics that are crucial. Understand your potential and create a study time-table accordingly.
  • Make practice a daily routine: Practice makes perfect. This quote holds true when it comes to solving practical problems in the exam. The books mentioned above have mock tests that you can practice daily to grasp all the concepts and formulas. This will also keep you updated about what topics you have studied well and what needs your attention.
  • Pay attention to your weak spots: During your preparation for the NEET exams, you will come across topics that will be difficult for you to understand. But try not to panic. With the help of the best books for NEET, you get a detailed understanding of each topic that will make it easier for you to study them.
  • Make revision notes: The NEET exam syllabus is quite vast, that you may not get enough time to revise. Therefore, make notes while preparing for the exam. Note down all important topics and concepts so that you can give them a last-minute look. Writing notes will also help you improve your memory power and retain things for longer.

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