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What Are The Growth Strategies for Shopify Store?


What Are The Growth Strategies For Shopify Store?

Are you done with putting all your resources and efforts into building an online Shopify store that reflects your values and goals? Of course, now it comes to expanding the business. 

Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms with more than 1 million merchants worldwide. It is capable of satisfying the needs of experienced retailers. Besides, eCommerce business beginners can also utilise it to launch their venture idea. 

Also, Shopify earned $7.52 billion in 2021, and the count is only to rise in the coming years. However, with a lot of competition in the market, the question is how to get your offerings noticed.


So, here are useful growth strategies for Shopify to get your business the opportunity for sustainable growth and doubling traffic.

Successful Growth Strategies For Shopify To Boost Store’s Growth

Optimise the Store for Mobile

You use a desktop or laptop to design and determine the efficiency of your Shopify store. Everything may seem functioning perfectly. Here, the problems may occur with the users using mobile devices to browse your store and not any computer. This increases the risk of losing potential customers, lowering the company’s return on investment.

Hence, to ensure you do not miss out on the target audience, make your business mobile-powered. How? You will need to find out if your Shopify theme is mobile responsive or not. 

Consider all these below-given factors:

  • Keep the length of paragraphs right: Having too much content that is unorganised can appear to be cluttered. Hence, keep the paragraphs shorter and less complex. This will make customers spend more time browsing your offerings. Also, make sure customers get convinced to click the CTAs. 
  • Effective content flow: Check if your store is visually elegant or not. Look if the call-to-actions are easy to access or not. All of this is essential to improve the buyer’s journey. 
  • Ensure images load easily and are of high quality: Whenever making your store mobile-responsive, remember to keep the images and videos clear. Also, make sure they load quickly. 

These are some simple elements to analyse your Shopify store’s success, especially when the mobile is ruling the world. Once you’re done with the optimisation, you can sell anything you want, experiencing huge profits.


Focus on Customer Retention

The stats below clarifies the need for customer retention:

  • With a 5% improvement in client retention rate, a 75 percent increase in corporate profitability can be attained.
  • 65% of business is achieved from existing clientele. 

In simple terms, if you are losing your current customer base, it will impact your revenue which is what you do not want to compromise with. 

Hence, below are effective retention strategies you can perform. 

  • Email is the preferred medium to keep up with consistent communication. After all, no business can grow without customer engagement. Ensure you keep the customer informed and engaged with regular emails. Your emails can include special discounts and sale offers. It can alert the customers about new product launches, loyalty offers, advice on product choices, etc. 
  • In addition to communication, you can go with the packaging personalisation. For example, send funny and unique handwritten messages with each product delivered. 

This is because customising the services a little can help businesses prosper in the long run. Especially when the in-person interactions are minimal.


Sell Additional Products

Offering a plethora of products means increasing the chances of acquiring a new customer base. Thus, boosting sales. 

But the question is how to engage customers and make more sales.

  • To begin with, look for unique product options. Analyse how much it is in demand and can be sold worldwide. Additionally, think of complementary items to offer. All in all, don’t limit your store to specific items. 
  • Let us suppose your business deals with beauty products. You can add both organic and cosmetic items. When the business continues to grow, you can further add accessories complementing the beauty. For example, incorporate the goods like hair care essentials, fashion accessories, and so on. 

Furthermore, you can hire Shopify developers that have the expertise of what products are appropriate to your business niche. Overall, when you have earned a place in the market, always think of evolving and not standing still.


Utilise Social Media for Customer Engagement

Without a doubt, using social media to promote your Shopify business is a cost-effective and rapid approach to reach a large audience.

  • Run social media ads: Choose the target demographic and run the ad. The platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more will perform the rest. This is highly affordable and effective as well to connect with the large customer base. 
  • Upload engaging content frequently: Again, social media updates are a great method to promote your company’s passion, purpose, and vision. Content must be fresh and convincing. After all, content is the key to keeping customers informed and engaged. Thus, attracting traffic and new opportunities for increased sales and conversions. In addition to content,  upload elegant images. Visuals help in visitor engagement and promote the brand image you wish to portray.

Boost Your Store’s SEO

Another excellent strategy to grow your Shopify store is to improve its rankings on the SERPs. Below are some tips that you can follow to rank the store when any user searches for offerings relevant to yours. 

  • Register your Shopify store: Enlist your Shopify store with tools like Bing Webmaster and Google Search Console. This helps to determine any flaws hindering the rankings and optimise the site accordingly. Thus, improving the site visibility.   
  • Use relevant keywords: Research the most frequent and relevant keywords searched for your offerings. There are also several tools like Ubersuggest to search the keywords. Thus, moving towards attracting organic traffic to your business.   
  • Determine site’s loading speed:  The loading speed of your store is the main measure considered by Google and other search engines. You can compress the image size, use web-safe fonts, and eliminate unnecessary add-ons. This will make the site load quickly and enhance the customer experience.

Launch a Referral Program

Of course, your business and Shopify marketing efforts will both be incomplete with the customers. 

Many brick-and-mortar stores see customer traffic and loyal customers because of trustworthy word of mouth. But the question is how the same can be achieved for online stores. 

Here, referral programs come as the best alternative to the word-of-mouth approach. You can run it on your eCommerce store in the form of an event or can incorporate it into the store for long-term benefits. 

How to host such programs?

  • Begin with offering an exceptional shopping experience. People usually complain about negative or horrible experiences shopping with the brands. Thus, resulting in losing shoppers and brand image, eventually the revenue. 
  • Assure customer satisfaction: Do some extended research and find out how you can thank the customers or reward them to be a part of your store. 

Besides, promote the rewards or incentives on social media pages as well. To build trust, send the confirmation emails to the shoppers. With emails, the chances of gaining customers’ trust and loyalty become easier.


Summing Up

To conclude, there is no other way than to implement all these tips to keep the revenue flowing and the business flourishing. Stay active on social media. Keep your customer engaged and happy with discounts and rewards. 

All in all, it depends on how well you organise your store and what products you offer. After all, your business and clientele play a vital role in providing the opportunities to impact the store’s growth and revenue in the long run. 

In addition to these tactics, you can employ Shopify experts. They can assist you in learning more about why your Shopify store isn’t growing and how to resolve the issues.


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