What are the Requirements to Study in Australia?

Study in Australia

Studying in Australia, one of the world’s most popular educational destinations for Indians and other international students, has many requirements. Australia is known for its renowned hands-on, knowledge-based education system and its focus on building world-class infrastructure. The country attracts a large number of international students due to its high standard of living, high quality of life, high future income, good research prospects, and relatively low cost of education.

Australia is one of the leading educational destinations for higher education where domestic degrees are internationally recognized. An international student’s entry requirements and eligibility criteria may vary depending on the university and the VET provider. 

To apply for an Australian student visa, you must know a brief about it. Let’s take a look below. 

Understanding the Student Visa (Subclass 500)

A student visa (subclass 500) allows you to live, work and study in Australia for up to five years, depending on your course.

This visa normally allows you to work up to 40 hours every 14 days during the school term and unlimited work during study breaks. However, the Australian government has temporarily allowed students to work more than the normal limit of 40 hours per fortnight in all departments during the academic year. Students can now start working once they arrive in Australia and do not have to wait for their course to start.

Academic Requirements 

Your application must provide information about your education, including subjects and grades. Students applying for admission must submit official transcripts from each institution or college they attended after high school, detailing all subjects studied, credits earned, and other information such as correspondence courses, diplomas, etc. need to do it.

Here are the academic requirements:

  • 10th Mark Sheet
  • 12th Mark Sheet
  • Provisional Certificate of your Bachelor’s degree with mark sheet

English Proficiency Tests

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): The IELTS Australia test is offered in over 35 countries. It is administered in over 800 testing centers and locations in over 130 countries.

Admission Requirements for Certificates, Diplomas, and Advanced Diplomas 

  • Diploma-level course candidates must have achieved 60% of the class XII exams.
  • Most courses require you to provide proof that you have achieved one of the following English proficiency levels:
  • IELTS: Overall score of 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 in any section. 
  • PTE: Overall score of 42 – 49 with no section score less than 40. 

Requirements to Study in Australia for Bachelor Degrees

  • Admission to an undergraduate program (bachelor’s degree) usually requires a secondary school diploma equivalent to an Australian Year 12 certificate.
  • You must prove that you have achieved one of the following levels of English proficiency:
  • IELTS: Overall grade 6.0 with no bands below 6.0 in any section. 
  • PTE: Overall grade of 50-57 with no section grade below 50. 

Admission Requirements for Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas in Australia

  • To be eligible for a graduate certificate or graduate diploma, you must have a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree.
  • The English placement test requires the following results:
  • IELTS: Overall grade 6.5 with no band below 6.0 in any section. 
  • PTE: Overall grade of 58-64 with no section grade below 50. 

Requirements to Study in Australia for Master Degrees


  • A bachelor’s degree, honors degree, or graduate diploma equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree is required for admission to a master’s degree program.
  • IELTS: Overall score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 in any section. 
  • PTE: Overall score of 58 – 64 with no section score less than 50. 

Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Degrees (Research Programs) in Australia 

Entry requirements to study in Australia for research programs include: 

  • A master’s degree by coursework with a research component;
  • An equivalent qualification from a recognized university

You must give evidence of achieving the following levels of English language proficiency:

  • IELTS: Overall score 6.5 with no band less than 6.0. 
  • PTE: Overall score 58 – 64  with no section score less than 50

How to Apply for Your Student Visa?

Applying for a student visa is the main part. Even if you start your studies online, applying for a student visa now can prepare you for your future studies on an Australian campus. A student visa also helps prepare for a work visa (visa subclass 485) after studying.

To apply directly to an Australian education provider, use the course finder tool and download the application form from the provider’s website.

The education consultant can help you in applying for the course. However, you must provide your agent with relevant documents that must be submitted along with the form.

Related documents include:

  • Certificates proving previous academic work, including existing qualifications.
  • Proof of your English proficiency.
  • Certificates or documents demonstrating previous study or work experience if you are pursuing academic achievement. These should be translated into English.

Visa Fees

In Australia, student visa fees start at AUD $650 per visa application. The student visa processing times varies from application to application. You can check the visa processing time on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, according to your file. 

Student Visa Requirements

  • Offer letter 

After your application is approved, the institution will send you the offer letter.  

Read the offer letter carefully before accepting it. This includes course details, registration requirements, and fees that must be paid if the offer is accepted. Make sure you understand all your rights, including the refund agreement. If you do not start or finish a course, the contract will be used to determine if you are entitled to a refund.

If you aren’t happy with any of the terms, do not accept the offer letter. Please keep a copy of the letter as well. This copy is necessary so that you know your rights and can claim them against the agency if necessary.

  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

A Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) is a document issued by an educational institution to confirm enrollment in a particular course. The CoE will be sent after you have accepted the offer and paid the deposit. A copy of this document must be included with your visa application so that the Australian Government can prove that you are enrolled in the course specified. 

  • Proof of English proficiency

Australian education courses are taught in English, so if you are not a native English speaker, you will need to provide proof of the results of an official English test. This certificate certifies to the Australian Government that you have met the minimum level of English required to be successful in a particular course.

You can only take certain tests that are approved by the Australian government, but they are all easily accessible around the world. Each level of education has different minimum requirements, and institutions may increase these requirements for specific courses. 

  • Proof of sufficient funds

To get an Australian student visa, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.

There are two ways to meet this requirement:

  1. Provide proof of bank statements, grants, or scholarships. This proves that you have enough money to cover all costs and expenses associated with your studies. Travel expenses, tuition, and rent. 
  2. Provide proof of your parent’s or partner’s annual income. Must be AUD$62,222 in the year immediately preceding the application. If accompanied by a family member, the annual income must be at least AUD $72,592. 
  • Health requirements

The Australian Government requires all international students to be in good health before entering the country. As a result, you may be required to undergo a medical examination and provide a medical certificate confirming that you meet these health requirements.

  • Character requirements

There are also certain personality requirements that must be met if you wish to study in Australia. The application requires you to answer some basic questions about your personality and past behavior. In some cases, you may even need to complete a police background check.


Therefore, you must choose the best visa consultant in Chandigarh, if you are planning to study in Australia. You should be prepared to benefit from cutting-edge education and diverse study and employment opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment. Contact VSmart Migration experts for visa and course applications.

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