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What are the Things to do in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a small island nation located just northeast of the shore of Mainland China. Situated in the south china sea, Taiwan is more than just a small landmass. It is centered north of the Islands of Indonesia and Phillepeans and south of the islands of North and South Korea. In the pre-historic era, during the last ice age, the islands of Taiwan were connected to mainland China because of a drop in sea levels. What resulted was the mass moving of humans from china to Taiwan and further south to Indonesia and the Philippines. Hence, the people in the Southeast Asia region have similar facial features.

The island of Taiwan in the past few decades has been influenced by multiple countries and multiple cultures. However, the country still upholds its unique culture, which has developed through the years. You will see tall high-rise buildings touching the skies and breaking bigger records. There are many fine-dine restaurants to go to after a day of touring. The shopping boulevards are plenty and great other things to do in Taiwan. If you not one of those people who are in the metropolitan area, the natural reserves of the country are amazing. The incredible landscape is made prettier by the beautiful sun and the mountains. Go visit the many amazing national parks, natural reserves, and the original culture. 

If you want to visit the beautiful country of Taiwan and have no idea what the country is about, we suggest you go through our list. We have made this incredible article about what are the things to do in Taiwan. Read it once and try to make an excursion that is worth it. Save some money and have some great fun.

Fo Guang Shan

A temple is definitely a place you should not miss when in Taiwan. The temple is a hugely complex area that is open for the visit of the general public. The place is an abode for the international new religious movement, the Chinese Buddhist religious event. The sect deals with the concept of dharma and try to preach it to the general public. Dharma is the phenomenon in believing the power of good deeds and it’s maintaining the balance of order between one’s actions and the universal impact of them all. Tourists are allowed to a certain extent if they want to have a place for themselves to learn and practice Land pure Buddhism.   

The best way to explore the temple is through guided tours. However, you can end up spending a lot of money on booking one. The solution is to make Airline bookings that avail your tour packages to Taiwan and other places like these. Make Southwest Airlines Reservations and avail all the offers the Airline has to give away.

Rainbow Village

The village was an abandoned village ready to be demolished by the government. However, in the 20th-century artist, Huang Yung-fu decided to paint on the walls of the buildings here. This resulted in the village becoming a popular tourist spot. Huang Yung-Fu was a former soldier who after his ventures in the war became a very famous painter. Today, the village is a popular tourist attraction with people pouring in from all sides of the world.

Yushan National Park

The national park is situated in the Central Mountain range area. The tallest mountain in the area is the Yushan Peak, after which the park is named. The park is a famous spot to look out for mountains, beautiful green valleys, iconic canyons, and steeper hills than anyplace else. The park is a long drive away from most of the metropolitan area. Hence, this has helped the park maintain its natural unspoiled natural resources.  Although, as told earlier the place is very far from Taipei it is an extremely visited site. 

Kenting National Park

The Kenting National park is located on a peninsula. Hence, it gives away many incredible views of the ocean. The exact location is the peninsula in the southern end of the island nation. You will find everything in the park that serves as an abode to a wide variety of plants and an even larger range of animals. You can easily visit the national park as it is well connected by a network of Buses and even places.

Taroko National Park

The park is home to multiple treks that gives you a chance to see some of the most incredible things in the State. You can have some of the most amazing views and some of the best things to do in Taiwan here. Soothe waterfalls here, the Liwu river, and the Taroko gorge. One of the highlights of the park includes the Marble canyons. It is a very unusual place and truly something you won’t want to miss.

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Taipingshan National jungle reserve area is situated in the mountains of an enormous zone. There are possibilities of finding some of the most beautiful natural sceneries. You will find rivers, lush green forests, ridges, lakes. See certain sites that exude breathtaking pictures. It is truly one of the places you should definitely visit. There’s a wide network of trails that help the park become extremely accessible.

Orchid Island

Orchid Island is very easy to reach, you just have to take a boat ride offshore of the mainland to reach the island. The island serves as an abode for the Tao Tribe people. The moth Orchids that grow here are beautiful and cover the whole area while in blossom. It is after them that the name Orchid is given to the island. The Orchids grow in the valleys and hills here making perfect sceneries for picture takers. You will be able to see some incredible flora and fauna. People who love to surf and bath can come to many beaches here and take a chill pill.

Kaohsiung, one of the best things to do in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung city is situated on the coast of River love. The city is the second-largest city in the entirety of Taiwan. The river has blessed the city and has seeped into the lives of the people here. The city allows you to see the incredible art scenes of the city, which you can take a full day off to see. The city provides everything from vibrant nightlife and great shopping boulevards to different architectures. Once you are done and dusted with your visit to Taipei go here and relax.

A trip to Taipei is one of the things to do in Taiwan, Trust us on this one.

Taipei is the main city and the capital of Taiwan. The city has taken its influence from various cultures in the world. You will find Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch influences in the streets of Taipei. The architecture and spirit of Taipei scream this fact and hence, it is accessible to everyone from across the globe. If you are foody, then this is heaven for you. The city is known for good food, different styles of cuisines, many fine-dine places, and markets to eat in. If you see a long queue you should understand that it must be a bar, club, or an eatery.

If you want to visit Taipei, we suggest you look out for Airlines bookings. These Airline bookings help you in getting the cheapest accommodations, great rental services, and free parking spaces. You can make American Airlines Reservations and end up with some of the most amazing offers available here.

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