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What Are The Top Characteristics of a Good Logo Design?

A Logo design is the face of a brand. It represents a whole company in front of people. Logos are responsible for connecting the brand’s values, mission and ideas to its viewers. If you want to create a perfect logo then it must have the characteristic that top logos have. Here, you will find out, the top characteristics of a good logo design

  1. Simple

Simplicity is the most common characteristic that you will find in every successful and famous logo. Whether it is Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s logo or Chanel’s, each one of them is simple and minimalistic.

Over time logos have been more refined and made simpler than ever. Guided by design trends and the need to update to a modern logo design, graphic design service providers have become helpful in creating simple yet impactful logo designs for companies. This helps the audience to remember logo design effectively. It can be easily recognized and remembered.

Next, a simplistic logo can effectively communicate brand identity and brand personality through itself. These types of logos highlight important parts of brand personality. As the design is simple, other things such as colours, fonts, etc are more focussed upon. These features are used to communicate as much as possible with the viewers. It is able to connect and communicate the brand’s values and ideas.

  1. Memorable

A memorable logo is one that you remember even after the first time you see it. It just fits and stays in your mind. A memorable logo connects with the customer and generates interest in the brand among them. When customers recall a logo design, they feel more comfortable in connecting with the brand. Memorable logos are easy to remember and have a strong impact on viewers.

A memorable logo should be simple and easy to understand. Also, it should communicate values and ideas of the brand through itself. This helps people connect with brands more effectively.

A memorable logo should be an attractive visual representation of a brand that sets a positive impression in the customer’s mind and makes them feel brand to be trustworthy.

  1. Timeless

The best logos are most relevant and stay best over long periods of time. They continue to attract consumer’s attractions and set a positive impression. A good logo must be timeless. It should be popular over a long period of time even with changing graphic design trends.

A great logo connects with the audience no matter what the time is. It can be 20 years from now or 20 years back, the logo should be attractive to its audience. It should be successful in portraying the brand’s values and its mission.

For instance, have a look at the famous McDonalds logo, it hasn’t changed for so long and is effective till date. Another example, Chanel’s iconic logo is the way it is for so long and still has such a luxurious impression like it had always.

For a logo to be timeless, it needs to be simple, without any unnecessary clutter on it. Plus, it should be memorable as well.

  1. Relevant

Top notch logos are relevant to the industry or market they target. It communicates similar feelings and ideas through itself. The main things to focus on to create relevant logos are colours in your logo.

The right use of colours can help trigger particular emotions in the viewer’s mind. It will help your logo look relevant to the market that it belongs to. It will clearly communicate identity and personality through itself.

Next thing that needs to be taken care of are fonts. Correct use of fonts can add a desirable look and feel to the logo design. For example, If you wish to give a sophisticated and professional look to your law firm logo design, go for serif fonts. While the logo is to be designed for cosmetic brands or women products go for softer cursive fonts.

Symbols or icons also show the relevance of logos to its industry. This is the first thing that a viewer notices in the logo design.

  1. Versatile

Next, one of the top characteristics of a logo design is its versatility. A logo that can only be used in one format or size limits its uses as well as makes it difficult for a brand to explore. While, if a logo can be resized, printed, placed on various platforms, animated, shown on various media platforms, then it is of much more use.

For creating a versatile logo, it is important to know that getting an image of the logo is just not enough. Instead get vector files so you can scale your logo and use it however you like.

To add to this, simple and minimalistic designs are easier to scale. Simple logos are versatile as they can be used on a variety of platforms easily. However, complex designs with lots of elements are difficult to handle and use. So, be minimalistic on colours, lines, patterns, fonts as well as symbols.

  1. Unique Logo Design

There are thousands of brands fighting with each other just to get seen among its target audience. You must stand out from the competition and be unique to let people know about your brand.

The design of your logo needs to be distinct inorder to be separate and get identified. It should be recognizable and should not look like any other logo especially not in your industry.

Design research is important to know about a competitor’s design. The worst thing that can happen is the viewer relating your logo to your competitor’s brand. To become a market leader, a company must own their brand identity.

Differentiation is important as it will make your logo recognizable and look unique to your target audience. A logo is one of all the important things that will make your brand memorable. So, it should be unique enough to distinguish it from your competitor brands.

  1. Targeted

While designing a logo, one of the things that needs to be kept in mind is that a logo should be targeted. The famous and iconic logos are targeted and specially created for this target audience and not just anybody.

For instance, if a company is into making toys, it will design a logo that looks attractive and playful. Things that appeal to kids will work in this field. While, the logo of a technology brand will look classy and modern.

Understanding the audience is so important. Figure out what your audience will like and design a logo that will target them.

  1. Legible

A great logo must be legible as well. It should be easy to read out the company’s name from its logo design.

Some famous brands who earlier used wordmark, have completely eliminated and go for the symbol only. People recognize it because of the popularity they have gained over time. But if you are starting out and not at that point yet, the logo design of your company must read out the company’s name to its audience.

Also, the name of the company should be easy to read from the logo. People must not get confused by alphabets and read to be something else.

If you create a logo and customers are not able to read the company’s name correctly out of it then you are making a mistake.

  1. Well Executed  

A successful logo is one that is perfectly executed with use of perfect lines, shapes and colours.

A logo should be an artwork created with circles, lines and shapes using a grid system perhaps. Symmetry is quite important in logos.

In most famous brand logos, you can easily find symmetry. For example, Nike’s swoosh, Mercedes logo, Chanel logo, they all are great artworks made using shapes, lines and patterns .


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