What are the top Play to Earn Games you are missing out on?

Play to Earn

The recent trend in the gaming industry suggests that undoubtedly the Play to earn gaming model is something that is gaining a lot of “clout”. Many game developers or gamers are preferring to turn to this model in order to get the maximum out of the gaming industry. The idea is simple to create an immersive universe that can interact with the user and the user can win as many rewards as are on offer. Creating a mutually beneficial element backed by blockchain. 

Why are Games addicting?

Since we are deep inside the world of gaming, it is of grave importance that we understand the addiction people have. This will not only help the gamers but also potential developers to understand what really is missing in their game and how they can actually improve. There are a few reasons that these games or in this case video games are actually addicting for the masses. Same is the case with P2E.

We are going to look at some of the finest reasons for it. Every game in this model is firstly highly interactive and immersive; the users can interact with their surroundings in several ways having endless possibilities. This provides us with our first and foremost feature of any video game and especially for the top play to earn games ; interactive and immersive atmosphere. The second most needed feature in any immersive universe is the story line, the story line or character arc must not only be complex but also interesting the users must feel one with character hence resulting in a more engaged user base. 

The game developers have quickly adapted to this trend so that they could capitalize by creating an immersive  universe of the digital realm. This has grown ten folds since its inception. Creating digital verses backed by blockchain coupled with play 2 earn models. 

What can you earn from Play to Earn Games

Since we have mentioned the top games it also raises the question of how you actually earn money from this platform. This is a very valid question, so here is how you can actually earn money from Play 2 earn platforms. These games usually provide rewards in form of some coins which can be use within the games itself. The most famous method of earning through P2E gaming is farming, the rewards that the user can reap could go up to around $20000. 

Since the trend is not new and it is only going to get bigger and better. In case you are looking to turn towards the Play 2 Earn games, here are a few that you can miss out once start with this niche. Here are a few games that you cannot afford to miss out on. 

Choose the right play-to-earn game

Each p2e game offers players prizes in various structures. Most games will payout awards in a blend of NFTs and in-game digital money. Which can be exchanged and offered to different players or outer dealers. When you see how play-to-earn games work, you can begin searching for one (or a few) that turns out best for you.

While beginning, it’s vital to see how you will acquire compensations for interactivity, and how long it will require to procure them. While some require basic errands to acquire NFTs, others need a greater speculation to get compensated. Cryptocurrency earned from play-to-earn NFT games comes with inherent risk and no guarantee of return. Only invest what you can afford, on the understanding that it may take a while to get a return (and you may never profit at all).

Play to earn games consolidate the fun of computer games with the chance to acquire real rewards for your time. In any case, similarly as with any monetary item, there is no such thing as a “normal” profit, and your profits might change. While play to earn crypto games can be money-making term. They often come with both an initial monetary investment and a time cost to learn the game and grow your investment. By doing your due diligence and preparing to go long in your GameFi experience, it’s possible to have fun and earn valuable cryptocurrency rewards for your time.

Play to earn gaming

Get your cards ready

Remember the solitaire from your windows PC? Same thing but different approach, now you can play to earn with one of the most played games: Solitaire Cube. If there is a card fanatic in you, that person might just be a click away from getting the most out of every shuffle. This is a real test of your card skills as well as your memory. 

Battle for glory

This is a game that many live for the battle of guardians is a real-time multiplayer PvP game. Battle it out against real players, test your skills and resolve. It basically emerged as a PC game but later on it devised itself into a cross-platform hit with it being compatible with iOS and Android. 

Defend the Future

One of the most immersive platforms that you could hope to hop on is the universe of Idle. Unlike the name suggests we are looking at a universe set in 2088. This is as immersive as it gets. The project on the whole is a real work of art and the potential is sky high, so do not wait for it to get “overcrowded”. 

Let there be kittie

Crypto Kittie is one of the most famous games and one of the first games that was launch on the Ethereum network. The kitties are more of a commodity that can be turned into assets and sold or bought as an NFT. Not only this the kitties can be bred into two providing potential for the owner to raise more capital or digital assets. The game broke on to the scene as a major win for the Play 2 earn games. And it is still one of the most known games out there. So if you are looking to jump ship when it comes to your gaming habit this one is certainly the best one you can hop on too. 

Build your Deck 

The Play 2 earn gaming model has given life and a new edge to every game it touches, one can even describe it as a metamorphosis. Talking of which here is a game that is a complex card game. In which the main purpose is to build the deck. Splinterland is a tactical card game having an automated sequence. Where the users are thrown into battles so it is a quick response game with higher rewards. This is a truly enjoyable game with many hidden features which are waiting to be explore. 

The launch of metaverse and its impact on the user base

Ever since the launch of metaverse has been announced. Many game studios have gone head over heels to cash in on the metaverse. The rush to own and cash digital cash has provided netizens. And other investment enthusiasts to adjust in the ever changing digital scenarios. Several upcoming metaverses such as the cloud city and others are launching their own digital verse creating an immersive platform with higher rewards on the principle of play 2 earn gaming models. The possibility of metaverse has inspired and triggered many but only few have acted upon it. 

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