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What Does A Dot Net Developer Do?

.NET or Dot Net is actually a composite of two popular languages which are, C# and VB.NET.  The Dot Net Developers can learn any of these languages to easily start their career by working on this platform. Both the languages can perform the same specific functions and the developers can choose any of them as per their own choice.

.NET is a framework of Microsoft, that allows the developers to create various applications, online software, and interfaces. Though .NET is just one of the frameworks from Microsoft but it is one of the best solutions for the Windows servers both on local networks and in the cloud.

.NET supports both the applications like web-based and desktop applications and a maximum number of the clients prefer web-based applications as they are supposed to be easier to start, scale and build.

About .NET developer and their responsibilities


A  Dot Net developer has to do the work like, designing, tailoring and developing the software applications according to the needs of a business. In addition to the growth and analysis of prerequisites for software, his job responsibilities also include proper support and continuous development.

The actual job of the dot net developers, is about the development and execution of appropriate application programs as well as specified products, programming languages, technologies , frameworks, and tools which are either directly or indirectly merged with the collective term  called the “.NET.”

Developers of this framework are primarily employed in  the systems and software houses, in information technology and telecommunications companies, in engineering offices for  doing the jobs like technical planning and also in computer service providers. Moreover, engagement is possible in the IT research and development facilities as well as in the departments of IT related companies in different types of sectors of the economy.

Tasks of a Dot Net developer


.NET developers are actually responsible for the works like, design, corresponding implementation and the development of software. Moreover, a .NET software engineer is also responsible for the analysis of specific problems, and also provides or develops the appropriate system requirements. These system requirements are next implemented in the design mix of the required components and interfaces.

In some cases, they work on some concrete projects. Normally, this includes the development of software solutions based on different types of technologies. In addition, hire .NET developer also programs .NET applications, support – depending on the field of activity – and also takes over the management of software projects. They can complete a variety of tasks, from simple things like bug fixing on an already existing app, to completely building a new app from scratch.

Works of Senior Dot Net Developer


  1. Works like developing, designing, testing, maintaining and supporting custom mobile and web applications
  2. Properly evaluate and research the required products and technologies related to software
  3. Collecting the software requirement by customer and developing the application as per their needs
  4. To write the high-quality code to meet the  requirement of the customer
  5. Designing and developing the required procedures related to activities and maintenance
  6. To designing, developing and implementing the critical applications for the .Net environment
  7. Alienate the project work as per the requirement and budget of the client


Works of the Dot Net Software Programmer


  1. Developing the technical interfaces, specifications and architecture
  2. Developing and testing the software prototypes
  3. Creating the client displays and user interfaces
  4. Properly coordinating with the other developers and software professionals
  5. Offering assistance to the software personnel in handling project related work and other requirements


A good Dot Net developer can also work as a Software Analyst. In that case their job responsibilities will be:


  1. Maintaining, modifying and managing all software applications and systems
  2. Performing complex programming, designing and analysis to meet the requirements of the business
  3. Properly communicating  with software consultants and end-users
  4. Providing support and coordinating with software professionals in analyzing and installing tools and applications.


Apart from the roles mentioned above, other roles for software professionals of Dot Net platform can be a software architect, software consultant and also a software designer


Background of the developers

It is almost a rule that, a Dot Net developer needs a degree or some form of formal education in the software engineering, , mathematics, computer science , cybernetics or information technology (IT). Holding any kind of certification within the fields of software and database development can also be an advantage. The same thing is applicable to those developers who hold some years’ experience in this field of work. These are all the experiences that any company will consider when making the hiring decisions.


What is the required skill set of a .NET Developer?


One should also have sound experience in dealing with various code structures and system design.

  • Good experience with at least any one Dot Net Language:
    • VB.NET
    • C# (“C sharp”)
    • F# (“F sharp”)
  • HTML, JavaScript  and CSS– Client-side technologies: By knowing about this the developer can successfully  build and understand both sides of the application, and thus can become more versatile.
  •  .NET stack and Libraries – ASP.NET MVC is continuously becoming very popular in the field of .NET development. As a skilled developer, one should master the skill. It’ll definitely be able to help the developer to build the fast and secure web applications.
  • Various Databases – .NET is compatible with many types of databases but actually SQL Server or Oracle are those two, that are mainly required in job descriptions.

A Dot Net developer need to be interested in the theoretical-abstract, commercial-organizational and in organizational-testing activities. Moreover, one should be able to be creative, work independently, be flexible and always be eager to learn various new things.

In addition, being a customer-oriented person and possessing proper mental resilience should be part of one’s soft skills set. Also good are the abilities like, around abstract-logical thinking, computational thinking or arithmetic skills , memory ability and spatial imagination as well as both the commercial and organizational abilities.

What does a good Dot Net developer require to know?

  • Development of various platforms, frameworks, stacks, and also the required tools
  • Programming the required languages ​​and paradigms and their code structure, architecture, and also system design
  • Databases and their versioning
  • Thinking analytically
  • Good communication
  • Testing process
  • Resilience


Which sectors are looking for .NET developer?

Actually, .NET developers are in really good demand, and various companies are finding it hard to find this professional profile for assisting their projects and businesses. The problem could be that demand has exceeded supply but that’s not the only reason.

In many cases, there is no clear answer to what exactly makes a good .NET developer and what specific skills are actually required, so it’s important to check out exactly the skills which are actually needed to work confidently in this field. Like, some years of experience in working with WinForms, or practical experience in working with VB.NET, etc.

It can be said that though various new technologies are coming in the market but still the future of. Net is very bright and shiny. Even since its birth, the technology has advanced a lot. Microsoft is also concentrating tirelessly on the .NET along with its other technologies and so, all company need to hire PHP developer. So, it is always a good choice to work as a professional Dot Net developer and become successful.

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