What If Falling Objects Damage Your Car – Handy Guidelines

Damage Your Car

Car Accidents usually happen all the time and people often blame either themselves or other car drivers. Isn’t it so? However, nature can also cause immense damage to vehicles. For Example- a strong storm can make a tree fall on your vehicle and which further leads to the repair of thousands of dollars on the spot. In addition to this, several other natural forces can damaged your car such as hail, flooding, and even fallen meteorites. If that’s kind of incident happens with your vehicle then, what would be the first thing in your mind? Calling the insurance company…

If you don’t have any right protective policy then, it’s not an option for you. In case, you have such a policy, it might not be for your benefit. Because all the natural disaster and other outside events which are beyond the control of human being are not included in the basic car insurance plan. The car insurance will only protect you when you met an accident on the road.

But you do have some options if trees cause immense loss to your vehicle. For this, you need to read our blog completely to know what insurance plans will and will not cover. You will come to light who will be responsible for this and how much will be the repair costing.

Variety of Different Scenarios That Could Cause Vehicular Damage

When a wide range of different scenarios causes immense damage to the vehicle then, it’s not the fault of another driver. For Instance – a tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm can serve exclusive loss of broken windows and dents. Below mention are some outside events that are not in our control.

  • Vandalism
  • Fallen objects
  • Flooding
  • Animals
  • Fire
  • Riots

Who is Responsible for the Damage Your Car?

All events are that are beyond control are due to our mother nature and of course, we can’t claim from our surroundings. In case, you don’t have any insurance policy then, you will be entirely responsible for the whole repair. But if you do have an insurance policy for your car then, you can demand a claim for some of the expenses. Sometimes neighbor’s tree also damage your car but no matter, whatever the situation is. All you need to do is contact your insurance company and they will decide who is responsible for the situation.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Vehicle Damage?

There are different levels of insurance coverage options depends on the state or area you stay in. If you have bare minimum insurance then, it will only cover the cost of damage. In case you have comprehensive coverage, that’s a different part. Let’s check out the different types of insurance coverage by insurance companies such as

Liability Coverage:

It’s minimum kind of coverage and it will cover any damage your car. Liability Coverage pays for the damage related to another vehicle in a car accident.

Bodily Injury Liability:

It’s the kind of an option that indulge all injuries sustained by the other party in an accident in which you were faulted. These options cover medical bills, funeral costs, and physical therapy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

This option covers the cost related to an accident in which you met an accident with one that has either minimal or no insurance plan.

Property Damage Liability Coverage:

When you are at fault for damaging someone’s else property then, this option helps you to make payments for such an accident.

Collision Coverage

In this option, all repairs to your vehicle will be covered after the accident. Above all, insurance options don’t include any kind of natural occurrence loss to the vehicle. In such kind of situations, you can contact car removal company Adelaide although they will offer you the top cash price for the vehicle. You can take their free online car valuations and they provide you cash quote on the spot.

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