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What Is A Beer Fob? Uses, Benefits Cost Explained

FOB stands for foam on the beer. These are specially designed for long draw beer systems to prevent the beer line from filling with air when the keg kicks. After using FOB you can say goodbye to the pitcher after pitcher of the wasted beer after the keg is changed. The use of the FOB is that it shuts off the flow of beer at the faucet which allows or lets the keg for little or no wastage of the beer. A beer fob is a mandatory equipment that one should definitely have in the bar for several reasons. 

This equipment is designed to keep the lines filled with beer and only beer. The FOB detects an empty keg and shuts down the flow of the beer that eliminates the foam that you get from an empty keg. Without the installation of this equipment, when your keg goes empty your tap will start spitting and spraying the foam. With the installation of this equipment, you will see no foaming when the keg gets empty, and also when you will tap the new keg, your tap will instantly pour new beer. Thus. no foam will be wasted and thus there will be no serving downtime for your customers and also no extra cost of labor will be wasted in cleaning up the cooler where a blown empty keg has created a mess. Let us have a look at hoe does this equipment work. 

How does a beer fob work?

The beer that passes through the beer line and FOB lifts a float ball to the top of the froth on the chamber of the beer detector. As the keg starts to empty and the beer flow reduces and the float ball drops inside the chamber. This leads to the seal being placed on the FOB outlet port, removing loss of beer by cutting off the flow into the beer line when the keg empties. This equipment for its long life demands maintenance and for the maintenance of this equipment, one needs to make sure that the cleaning of the equipment is done nicely. Let us have a look at the cleaning and maintenance of Beer FOB.

Cleaning and maintenance of beer fob 

This equipment must be cleaned and maintained properly on a regular basis just like the beer lines. Well, on one hand, where the beer line cleaner is excellent for taking care of all the organic waste buildup in your FOB, it is not considered effective at removing any minerals that might have accumulated. You will look for other ways including acid beer line cleaner for the reason that the cleaner is acidic. This cleaner will be easily able to remove and eradicate the beer stones and deposits of minerals. This is all about the cleaning and the maintenance process of the fob. Now let us have a look at the uses of this equipment. 

Uses of beer fob

  1. This equipment is mandatory and is needed as it eliminates the foam that you get on an empty keg. 
  2. The beer fob helps to keep the lines filled with the beer and only beer. 
  3. It is used to detect the empty keg and it also shuts down the flow of the beer instantly. 
  4. It is used to eliminate the need to refill the lines with beer and remove the air from the system. 

These are the uses or the ways by which this equipment can be used. Let us have a look at the benefits of this equipment. 

Benefits of beer fob

  1. Bartenders will need less time to change the keg because the supply lines do not need to be cleared of gas and foam to get to clear beer. Thus it will save time and the servers will not have to wait to get their orders filled. 
  2. It will help to avoid the wastage of foam. Wastage will result in creating mess and it will also require extra money to clean the mess and will require extra money or funds for the laborers. 
  3. This equipment will help you to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide or beer gas used because it longer fills up the supply line and also escapes out of the trap. 
  4. Another benefit of using this equipment is that it will reduce the risk of contaminants such as beer scale and sludge. With a consistent supply of beer, contamination will be avoided and the beer will taste fresh. 

These are the benefits of a fob beer. Now, you must be wondering about the cost of this equipment. Well, this equipment can range up to $75. For the loan life of your beer bar and also if you yourself are a beer lover then you totally should get this equipment and slay your business with the help of it.

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