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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure used to reduce the size of large breasts that can cause pain and discomfort in some women. Depending on your unique needs, the surgeon can perform breast reduction with or without an accompanying breast lift. Women who have undergone breast reduction surgery often describe feeling better about their bodies and more confident about their appearance after surgery. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, it’s important to understand all the risks and benefits of the procedure before you decide if it’s right for you.


How Is Breast Reduction Performed?


Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. This means you will be asleep for your procedure. During breast reduction surgery, a surgeon removes excess skin and fat from your breasts to reduce their size and improve their shape. The skin from each breast is then rearranged to cover as much of the remaining breast tissue as possible. Finally, any remaining breast tissue is lifted up using stitches or implants to give your breasts a more perky appearance. Breast reduction can also include liposuction if needed, particularly if you have significant fat deposits beneath your skin in addition to excess tissue around your breasts. Afterward, bandages are applied over your incisions. These are changed daily until they fall off on their own. You’ll wear a bra after breast reduction surgery to help support your new breasts while they heal.


How To Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery?


In preparation for breast reduction surgery, there are some preliminary steps you should take. While nothing is mandatory, it’s important to gather some information and be certain that you want to go through with having your breasts reduced. Breast reduction surgeons recommend doing your research so that you can select a board-certified plastic surgeon who’s an expert in breast reduction surgery. You’ll also want to consider what life after surgery will look like—both physically and emotionally—because recovery can be challenging. Understandably, deciding on breast reduction surgery is no small decision; however, once you do, it can help ease physical pain and discomfort as well as boost your self-confidence levels even higher than they were before. If you have any questions about breast reduction surgery or would like to schedule a consultation, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon today.

How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take?


Breast reduction surgery is a big procedure and generally takes between 3-5 hours to complete. If you’re having breast lift or reduction surgery in addition to liposuction, you can expect your surgical session to last closer to five hours. This might feel like a long time, but remember that a breast reduction will take care of all your size concerns at once, which can be an enormous burden off your mind. It’s also important to note that Dr. has performed more than 100 breast reduction surgeries, so he knows how best to minimize recovery time and get you back in shape as quickly as possible! Breast reductions are typically done under general anesthesia, so prepare for around three hours of in house surgery before being moved up to one of Dr. private suites. Once there, you’ll rest comfortably until fully awake.

You may experience some pain after surgery—particularly if your breasts were large to begin with—but it should subside within a few days. Your bandages will need to stay on for about 10 days, but after two weeks you’ll be able to shower without removing them and remove them completely by week four. You’ll want to avoid strenuous activity until six weeks post-op (so no running marathons!) but otherwise there aren’t any major restrictions during recovery. Most patients return to work within two weeks of their procedure; however, if your job requires heavy lifting or physical labor we recommend waiting until six weeks post-op before returning to work full time.


Is The Breast Reduction Procedure Painful?


Breast reduction surgery cost differs depending on your surgeon, your location and even on whether you’re having breast lift or breast reduction. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all price. You should expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per surgery, including anesthesia and follow up appointments with a plastic surgeon. However, some surgeons offer financing plans through CareCredit so that you can receive care now and make monthly payments later if you need to do so.


How Much Does A Breast Reduction Cost?


A breast reduction can cost between $3,000 and $10,000. There are two types of surgery used to reduce breasts: breast reduction or mastopexy. Cost depends on several factors, including location and type of surgery. The final price may also vary based on how much excess skin needs to be removed and whether a nipple is re-positioned or moved as part of the procedure. In some cases insurance covers all or part of breast reduction costs. Speak with your surgeon about what you will need to pay out-of-pocket for your breast reduction. You should also check with your health insurance provider to see if they cover any portion of your surgery.


What Do I Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?


After breast reduction surgery, you should wear an elastic sports bra 24/7 for six weeks. This not only helps with proper healing. But also gives your breasts a chance to adjust to their new size and shape. There’s no official way to do it, but basically: Make sure your nipples aren’t squished and you can breathe normally. After that point, you’ll be free to roam braless as much as you like – which will likely feel so good! It will take about six months before your breasts. Stop changing significantly in size or shape, so don’t rush getting into bras.


When Can You Wear A Regular Bra After Breast Surgery?

If you’re thinking about breast reduction surgery. There are a few things you need to do before making an appointment. With a breast reduction surgeon. The first step in scheduling a breast reduction is getting your mammogram. And diagnostic tests done at least three months prior to your breast surgery consultation appointment. You’ll also want to schedule your mammogram and any other tests you need on an empty stomach. Which means breakfast or lunch instead of after a full meal or snack. It can take up to three months for all results of your diagnostic test to be back. So make sure you get them out of the way before booking. An appointment with a breast reduction surgeon near me.


Breast Reduction Before And After Pictures


Breast reduction surgery is a common cosmetic procedure that many women seek to help ease discomfort caused by large breasts. To learn more about breast reduction, visit a breast reduction specialist like Dr. Andrea Lissette in New York. If you’re interested in learning more about breast reduction and are looking for advice. On finding a trusted surgeon schedule your consultation today. You’ll be able to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC. Who can guide you through every step of your recovery. Contact us today. If you are searching for breast reduction near me or breast reduction surgery near me. Make sure to look into all of your options before settling on one clinic over another.


What Do I Need Before Scheduling A Breast Reduction Appointment?


Before you schedule a breast reduction appointment, you will want to make sure that you have obtained some important information. For example, you should have already scheduled. An appointment with your primary care physician. To discuss your personal medical history and any other health concerns. They can offer their support throughout your recovery period. In addition, you should schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in performing breast reduction procedures. Your surgeon will conduct a consultation so they can go over all of your options. With regard to treatment methods and available surgical techniques.

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