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What is Potato Diet?

At the point when you need to get more fit, it is regularly encouraged to not take sugars in your eating regimen or limit them to arrive at the ideal weight objectives effectively at the same time. We are disclosing to you that you need to live just on carbs for 5 days to get more fit! Truly, believe it or not! It’s an ideal opportunity to acquaint you with another craze diet called ‘potato diet’. We should peruse progressively about it.

Indian cooking is fragmented without potatoes, we put potatoes in pretty much every dish since it works out in a good way for nearly everything! However, do you know the focal points and burdens of having potatoes?

We’ll let you know! Potatoes can reinforce your bones, diminishes aggravation, improves heart wellbeing, helps to process and lifts invulnerability. Then again, potatoes have a high glycemic file.
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This can cause your glucose to increment and they contain a high measure of potassium, which can put you in danger of kidney harm, whenever taken in an abundance sum. By and large, we can say that potatoes are beneficial for you on the off chance that you have them with some restraint.

How Does The Potato Diet For Weight Loss Work? 

The potato diet for weight reduction picked up footing after American producer, humorist, entertainer and creator Kevin Smith followed a system that permitted him to eat only potatoes for two entire weeks, before acquainting vegetable stews with his eating routine.

The system is point by point in the New York Times’ hit ‘Voila!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear’ by Penn Jillette. Prior to him, previous Australian sportsperson Andrew Flinders Taylor professed to have followed the eating regimen for a whole year and said that he lost 50 Kgs on it!

The potato diet is really easy to follow and includes the health food nut expending the tuber for each of the three dinners of the day. Taylor expended a wide range of potatoes and devoured low-calorie potato dishes like pureed potatoes, prepared and herbed potatoes for his suppers.

First of all, we should consent to the way that potatoes are staple and solace nourishment, all folded into one. In addition to the fact that potatoes are a necessary piece of the Indian kitchen, they are likewise incredibly adaptable and change effectively into mouth-watering treats relying upon your taste.

Instructions about fries and chips:

This implies, on the off chance that you are not an enthusiast of fries and chips, you can generally decide on moment pureed potatoes prepared with salt and pepper. Presto!

This eating routine was only a striking articulation to remind individuals that there is a ton of nourishment in a potato.

“My primary care physician is intrigued to see the conclusive outcomes, and he presumed I would be okay toward the finish of 60 days.”

While nutritionist Sue Todd wouldn’t suggest such an eating routine, she says it has more letting it all out than a few – particularly on the off chance that he was insensibly acceptable wellbeing, to begin with, and doesn’t proceed past 60 days.

“Mariners on long ocean journeys used to get scurvy, since they ate for the most part starches from grain, which contained no nutrient C. Potatoes are a not too bad wellspring of nutrient C, in spite of the fact that they are not high in it.

However inquisitive simultaneously. 

In the wake of exploring the root of the eating routine, in addition to seeing the input and results from genuine individuals who had attempted it, I figured why the hell not give it a shot and see what occurs.

(incidentally, I don’t have the foggiest idea whether there are any genuine logical examinations done on this eating routine. Normally prevailing fashion consumes fewer calories like this won’t get subsidizing for exploring. So no, it’s not deductively demonstrated to do anything for you. Just FYI. Again I need to be totally straightforward with you here.)


Eat just potatoes for 3-5 days. Prepared, cooked, squashed. Your decision. Just not singed (duh). What’s more, no enjoyment stuff on it, similar to bacon, cheddar, margarine, cream. Gracious and no potato vodka. (who might have thought?)

Quite basic, isn’t that so? All things considered, as long as you can imagine potatoes.

The time span you do it relies upon how a lot of weight you need to lose. So it’s up to you. (A great many people normal 1lb/day) Here’s the cool thing… You can eat the same number of potatoes as you like!

The proposal is 3-5 pounds for each day, contingent upon your craving. Yet, you need to quit eating when you’re full. So no fasting or starving on this eating routine. (Yippee!)

Side note and ninja stunt: Make sure you cook enough potatoes for the 3 days before you start.


It’s a transient eating routine arrangement that encourages you to shed pounds quickly. These plans follow the procedure of potato diet rule. Right now, I can presume that you need to eat potato alone without including some other nourishments.

These plans are the most ideal approach to get thinner, yet it tends to be hard for your body. This is the explanation the vast majority don’t want to follow this eating routine arrangement.

As we as a whole realize that potatoes are the best wellspring of supplements, that implies on the off chance that you need a solid way of life, at that point these plans are best for you.

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