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What is Quantum Computer? Quantum Supremacy Explanation

What is Quantum Computer? Quantum Supremacy Explanation

All currently used computers use bits to store information, which can store 0 or 1 at a time, but the quantum computer.allows all information to be quantum bits (qubits ), It also operates on 0 and 1 logic, but it can store both (0 and 1) once in the case of 0, 1, or superposition.

September 2019, a research paper leaked on NASA’s website, this research paper was from Google, shortly after it was leaked, it was removed from NASA’s website, but in such a time this paper was already downloaded many times in that research paper.

It was claimed that he has achieved quantum supremacy. This news created panic in the whole world of science and technology.

Quantum supremacy definition

Professor John Presskill coined the term “quantum supremacy” in 2011. Quantum supremacy refers to an experiment in which a traditional (currently existing) computer will take several hundred or thousand years to solve a problem or calculation solved by a quantum computer. It is related to the speed at which the quantum computer works.

The Specialty of Quantum Technology

What is so special about a quantum computer is that it also performs calculations that even our powerful passbook supercomputer cannot do, first of all, let me tell you that a quantum computer is completely different from a normal computer.

To understand the difference between a computer and a quantum computer, let me give you an example
You have a candle, the light of the candle, no matter how big you take, the electric bulb will not be able to make. Both the light bulb and a candle are different things and it basically works on different technology.

just like our normal computer our phones, tablets. , Laptops, even supercomputers, even the technology on which you work, you can advance them to quantum computers because the basic technology of quantum computers is different.

Normal computers, laptops, desktops, smartphones depend on very small pieces of the formation to do these things, these pieces are called bits.

In today’s time, all the computer technology in the world, all this technology works on bits, the special thing about a bit is that it can have only 2 values ​​at a time, either its value will be 1 or it will be 0. You can solve Complex Complex Problems by taking bits 0,1.

Quantum physics does not follow our reality law, so it is a little difficult for us to understand them. Google claimed that their computer took Summit supercomputer 10000 years to solve a very complicated problem so that their same problem was solved by their quantum computer in just 300 seconds.

This science was very big news for computer technology. So after the news came, there was a panic in the whole world about the quantum computers of Google.

Google’s Claim that they have achieved quantum supremacy, this Claim was challenged by Google’s Competitor IBM Interestingly, the world’s most popular supercomputer is named Summit, it has been created by IBM.

So when Google announced that their quantum computer had surpassed IBM’s supercomputer and Google has achieved quantum supremacy.

At the same time, IBM published a report on its website, in that report, IBM denied Google’s claim. IBM said in its report that the quantum computer of Google took 300 seconds to solve the calculation.

Solving the summit i.e. IBM’s supercomputer will not take 10000 years but only 2.5 days.

Although Google’s computer is much faster than IBM’s computer, the Gap which is 300 Second and 2.5 days is not much. So that you can say that Google has not achieved quantum supremacy.

You can say that you have achieved quantum supremacy when your device solves any problems so quickly that it takes many years of existing technology to solve.

So here IBM says that Google did not achieve quantum supremacy that if seen, IBM is right, but this invention of Google proves that quantum technology is not far away.

And not only Google, but big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, the world are already ready to make a commercially quantum computer as soon as possible.

The truth is that it will still take many years to become a fully functional quantum computer, and even if a computer is built, it will take time to understand how to use commercial scientists and researchers believe that using a quantum computer such Can do things we never imagined.

Quantum computing is still a few years away, but it would be fair to say that at this time with this announcement, Google has proved that Google is currently leading in the race of quantum computers.

Quantum computer in India

Quantum computer in India India has given a lot of attention in its budget regarding science, technology.

And India has announced to release 1.2 billion dollars for the quantum computer. It is also being said that if this is executed properly India will become the third powerful country in the world.

Quantum Computers are used in:
  • Medical field
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Weather Forecast
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Industrial revolution
  • Military intelligence
  • Financial market/share market
  • Improving chemical simulations
  • Boost machine learning
  • Mission scheduling
  • Detecting exoplanets

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