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root canal treatment

What is the procedure for Root Canal Treatment?

Sometimes bacteria penetrate the pulp of a tooth and render an infection. When this happens, root canal treatment becomes compulsory to save the tooth. The infected pulp is released during this process, and the tooth is filled to control reinfection. The expert dentist in Gurgaon will work to save your tooth through root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

The term “root canal” derives from the cleaning of the canals inside a tooth’s root. A few years ago, root canal treatments were often painful. With dental advancements and local anesthesia, most people have no pain during a root canal procedure. It’s likely more unbearable to live with a decayed tooth.

Root canal options possess extracting the damaged tooth, but with root canal treatment, you get to save your natural tooth.

It is an endodontic treatment that is a common practice in modern dentistry. The dentist in Gurgaon clears inflamed or infected tissue from inside a tooth. The pulp chamber and root canal are entirely cleaned and reloaded to protect the area from further damage.

When do you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is usually required when oral bacteria infest the pulp inside of your tooth. It generally occurs when a cavity settles on your tooth for a long time. It can also appear if your tooth becomes cracked or damaged.

What are some symptoms that show you need root canal treatment?

In some cases, you may not realize that you have an infected tooth. However, many people notice specific symptoms. You must not ignore these signs to have healthy teeth and gums. Symptoms that show you need a root canal:

  • Tooth pain that doesn’t go away: If you sense severe pain in the tooth while chewing or applying pressure. Toothache can be a part of many dental problems. You may need root canal therapy if you have pain inside your tooth. Discomfort may also emit to your jaw, face, or other teeth.
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold: Suppose you feel sensitivity when you eat warm foods or hot drinks or possibly when you eat ice cream or drink an icy-cold glass of water. It could mean that you need root canal treatment. This is particularly true if the pain remains for more than a few seconds.
  • Swollen gums: When you have an infected tooth, pus can accumulate in the area, which can lead to puffy, swollen, or tender gums.
  • Pimple on the gums: You may conceive an abscess or boil on the gums. Pus formed inside the infected tooth may exhaust from the bump, causing an undesirable taste or smell.
  • Swollen jaw: Sometimes pus doesn’t drain from the location of the infection, resulting in your jaw becoming visibly swollen.
  • Tooth discoloration: When the tooth pulp becomes infected, it can make your tooth look darker. It happens because of poor blood supply to the tooth.
  • Pain arises with pressure: If you have pain when you either eat or touch your tooth, it indicates the nerves around the pulp are hurt.
  • A chipped or cracked tooth: If you have a cracked tooth in an accident while playing sports or even by biting down on something hard, bacteria can go all the way into the tooth pulp.
  • Loose tooth: An infected tooth may feel loose. This is because the pus from the infected pulp can unwind the bone that supports the tooth making the tooth loosen from the location.

The procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Your tooth is harshly infected but can be protected, so your dentist in Gurgaon recommends a root canal. You do not like getting treatment without knowing what is going to happen. You want to know what happens during a root canal. A root canal procedure is moderately easy. The dentist requires to wash out the infected pulp and refill the trenches. Patients generally require a temporary crown after the method. Go over to know the complete procedure.

  1. Anesthesia: Initially, the dentist applies local anesthesia on the tooth and the adjacent gums. Dentistry uses medications such as nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or intravenous (IV) sedation to help you relax. The dentist may suggest sedation if you suffer from dental anxiety.
  2. Dental dam placement: After placing a small rubber dam over the area the root canal treatment begins. It helps in isolating the tooth and keeping it dry during the procedure.
  3. Access hole: The dentist creates a small opening in the crown of the tooth to reach the pulp.
  4. Pulp removal: Using small dental tools the dentist clears the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues inside the tooth. With the help of an antibacterial and antiseptic solution, the dentist disinfects the canals, eliminating the bacteria and treating the infection in the canals.
  5. Shaping the canals: Once the pulp is extracted, the dentist cleans, disinfects, and shapes the pulp chamber and root canals. The dentist here uses tiny tools to shape the canals, to make them ready to acquire the filling material. Once shaped, the channels are washed for a second time.
  6. Filling the canals: The dentist then refills the open canals with an elastic, rubbery dental object which is called gutta-percha. The dentist compresses it to fit against the walls. The dentist adds adhesive cement to fill the canals further. Appropriately filled canals keep bacteria out.
  7. Sealing the tooth. Next, The dentist must seal the hole made to access the canal. The filling controls bacteria from penetrating the tooth. The dentist also might need to place a dental post in a channel to support the tooth. It becomes compulsory if the tooth cannot sustain repair on its own.
  8. Healing and antibiotics: The last step before sending the patient home is providing him with some antibiotics. The medication destroys the rest of the infection. The patient will also have some post-care advice. It is usual to encounter some discomfort for a few days after the treatment. With time and proper medications usually relieves the discomfort.

Do you need a root canal?

If you need a root canal, it is essential to act fast, so your dentist in Gurgaon can save the infected tooth or teeth. Your dentist will prepare the location, access the canal, and clean it. Then, the dentist will shape the canal, fill it, and fill the access hole. You will need to go home to heal, and then you will return, so the dentist can place the crown.


Experiencing toothache or inflammation in the jaw can be dangerous. Fortunately, root canal treatment can remove the pus at its origin so you can feel better quickly. Call your dentist in Gurgaon instantly if you presume you have an infected or abscessed tooth. Quick treatment can prevent infection from extending and reduce your pain so you can get back to everyday life.

At Irvin Cosmetics, you can get the root canal treatment in Gurgaon, which might help you save your damaged tooth. Routine dental check-ups also play a vital role in lowering the risk of infection. During these visits, your dentist can detect problems before they worsen.

So visiting the dental clinic in Gurgaon can help you safeguard from any major dental problems and buckle up to book an appointment before it gets too late to save your infected tooth or teeth. It not only improves your oral health but also improves your aesthetic appearance and also saves you from major heart diseases.

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