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What Is The Purpose Of The WIC Program?

What Is The Purpose Of The WIC Program

Malnutrition is a burning problem these days. Women and children have a deficiency of nutrition in their body due to different reasons. Their nutrition risk should be solved with proper observation. There are several nutrition programs based on this purpose. The WIC program is one of the most famous nutrition programs. For example the WIC program in Brockport. 

What Is WIC?

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. It is a supplemental nutrition program specially organized for financially unstable women, infants, and children. The Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service leads this program. The WIC program arranges nutritious food, healthy eating, and health care reference to compensate for the nutrition deficiency.

Purposes Of The WIC Program

The sole purpose of the WIC program is to provide supplemental and nutritious food, nutrition education to women, infants, and children. There are some other purposes of this program and these are mentioned below.

Nutrition Risk

The most essential purpose of this program is to reach the women, infants, and children who are at nutritional risk and have financial disadvantages. Their nutrition deficiency is solved in this program. 

Nutrition Education

Many women and children suffer from malnutrition due to a lack of knowledge. Here comes the necessity of nutrition education. WIC program provides nutrition education to the clients through counseling.


One of the most important purposes of the WIC program is to educate people about breastfeeding. It is supported, promoted, and increased in duration and incidence through the program. 

Health Status

Staying healthy is essential for everyone. One of the most vital purposes of this program is improving health status. In this program, the health status of the clients is checked and improved through different activities.

Health Problems

To improve someone’s health status, preventing health problems is essential. The program clients are provided with different instructions to prevent their health problems by precaution. Generally, nutrition-related health problems are prevented in this program.

Infant Mortality

There is a high risk of life for infants under one year. They suffer from different health problems and become weak WIC day by day. The WIC program decreases the mortality rate of infants by their awareness activities for parents.

Who Is Eligible For the WIC Program? 

An applicant of the WIC program has to meet the following eligibility criteria.

WIC Services

There are some specific things served in the WIC programs. The clients are provided with financial help to buy nutritious foods such as milk, eggs, dry food, butter, fruits, etc. They are trained with necessary health and nutrition information to improve their health status and prevent diseases. They are provided with the details of some health care professionals and medical centers.  


The WIC program in Brockport has done a great job for the nutrition of women, infants, and children. The WIC service includes nutritious food, nutrition education, nutritional health care services, etc. Many finally unbalanced women, infants, and children have overcome their nutritional risk and are benefitting through the services of this program.

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